Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1487

Chapter 1487: Injustice Has A Debt

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"You give up, I'll come!" The silver-haired youth pulled the person aside and strode into the first trial palace!

But the light and shadow flashed and the silver-haired youth reappeared at the entrance of the Trial Palace.

"Damn! How could there be such a rule!" The angry flames in the eyes of the silver-haired youth almost burned the entire trial palace.

"Young Master! Maybe this is full, it is because the number of people who are trying at the same time is full. If someone comes out of it... maybe!" At this time, someone suddenly reminded.

"Huh?" The silver-haired youth's eyes lit up, nodded and stood in front of the Trial Palace.

"Ask Brother Tian! What happened?" At this time, all the youth headed by Tian Yizong and Baidi Palace also came to the first palace.

"It turned out to be Brother Bai, Brother Yu!" The silver-haired youth turned his head and looked at the two. He nodded gently to them, but his expression was a little cold. "The trial palace is full, we can't enter temporarily!"

"What! How could there be such a thing!" The young man in Baidi Palace showed a shocked and disappointed look on his face, but he did not doubt the other party's words, because he would never lie in his capacity.

The young man in the White Emperor Palace is a Chinese character face, his eyebrows are like swords, and his nose is tall, and he seems to be a decent and majestic person, but his eyes are flashing cold cold light. Flashing a red light, it seems to have the mysterious sky eyes in his eyes.

"Ask Brother Tian, taking this opportunity, let's discuss how to deal with the kid named Zhao Yuande!" Tian Yizong said.

Tian Yizong's man looks very feminine. His eyes are like poisonous snakes. When he shoots on people, he feels a cold rise from his body, and his body can't help but feel a creepy feeling.

"Alright..." Han Wentian nodded.

Then the three of them came together and began to negotiate secretly.

Three hours later, a child from the Han family walked out of the first hurdle, with a strong expression on his face.

When Han Wentian saw this scene, his eyes stepped into the first palace in one step.

But at the next moment, a ray of light flashed again at the entrance of the First Palace, Han Wentian stood a little dumbfounded in the light.

"Damn! Damn! Damn!" Han Wentian wished to smash the first house with a slap at this moment. The flame of anger in his heart almost ignited his whole person, and a pair of vicious eyes almost burst into flames.

"Haha!" Just when many people stared at Han Wentian coldly, and the atmosphere did not dare to come out, suddenly a loud laughter came over.

A sturdy, handsome young man came out step by step, his face covered with a smile, looking at Han Wentian's eyes full of ridicule and gloating.

" are Zhao Yuande!" Someone in the crowd suddenly recognized the identity of this young man, and all the talk stuttered.

"What! Zhao Yuande!" Everyone's eyes looked at Zhao Yuande in full, with both anger and fear.

"Zhao Yuande! You finally came out!" Han asked Tian Hanzi, who was extremely cold. The excited emotion suddenly calmed down. He stared at Zhao Yuande, seeming to want to see through his details.

"You're so cold to ask!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile, his mouth showing a taunt.

"What the **** do you want?" Han Wentian's tone was low, but anyone could hear the coldness in his tone.

Anyone who is familiar with Han Wentian will know that at this time he is already extremely angry, and it is a precursor to an outbreak!

"I just want to kill all of you!" Zhao Yuande looked around. Although there was no killing intention in his eyes, all the people who had swept his eyes felt the body tremble.

"Why! Why is this! Our Han family doesn't seem to have any hatred with you!" Han Wentian's voice became colder and colder.

"Han Family... Hey! You and I have a deep hatred against the sea, and dare to deal with my Zhao Yuande's woman, your Han Family will have the consciousness of being annihilated!" At this time, Zhao Yuande would not mind exposing this matter, he already Endless death with Han Family!

"Your woman..." Han Wentian was stunned, "Who is your woman?"

"You don't need to know this, you just have to remember that it was me Zhao Yuande who killed your cold family!" Zhao Yuande smiled coldly.


"Arrogant and ignorant villain! Do you know what kind of force our Han family is? You dare to be so dauntless!"

"Young Master, let me kill him now!"

"Little Lord"

Although Han Wentian didnt think that Zhao Yuande could destroy their cold family, he knew that the other party was now the biggest threat. There is no spare time to explore everywhere, looking for opportunities!

"Since it is our Han family's fault, then we will admit it, but the grievances have the head, and the debt has the owner, do you really want to make trouble with our Han family? Tell us who caused the woman, I'll call him to you!" Han Wentian said all the Han family could not help but stunned, this is already a bow.

Han Wentian was who, but Divine Emperor Realm broke into the 91st place in the list of people, but it is a truly peerless genius, and he is also arrogant. He did not expect that today he lowered his noble head!

"Oh! Can you call the shots?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with contempt.

"You said!" Han Wentian's voice showed a bit of fierceness.

"It's the ancestors of the fairy emperor of your cold family, you hand him over!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other disdainfully.

"You... too deceiving people!" Han asked the weather trembling, if the person was not in the safe zone, he had already rushed to fight the other side.

"Zhao Yuande! You little man who hides his head from the head, do you dare to fight me right?" The Baidi Palace youth on the side stepped out during the day, less than one foot away from Zhao Yuande, and exuded a strong murderous intention. .

"Fight with you? You are also worthy!" Zhao Yuande glanced east during the day, all eyes were contemptuous.

"Good!" Zhao Yuande's face turned purple during the day, and he turned away.

"Zhao Yuande, you must be forgiving and forgiving. Although you are in the middle of the trial palace, but after going out, there are countless strong men. If you come to a strong man in the fairy realm, you will be crushed by the Tsing Yi, why is it all!" A young man with a breath of breath, Yu He, a disciple of Tianyi's strongest God Emperor Realm, came out and looked at Zhao Yuande coldly.

"Really? But that will be the future!" Zhao Yuande sneered and said, "But now it's me who crushes you, makes you fear, and makes you howl!"