Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1488

Chapter 1488: Corpse Separation

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"" Yu He pointed to Zhao Yuande and you didn't say anything for a long time.

"What are you! Did you think that when you were maiming my friends, you thought you would be forgiving and forgiving? No... So you also stayed in the safe area for me! I will kill one if I go out!" Zhao Yuande said indifferently. His voice seemed to be a curse, which had penetrated into the ears of the people and made their fears more and more intense.

A person who can freely travel through the void is the unstoppable **** of killing in the place where he can only exert the power of the world!

Everyone can only bow their heads in silence, now they only hate that they are the three major forces!

"Draw up grandma! Lao Tzu don't believe it! Lao Tzu is out! Who is going to kill me with this arrogant boy!" At this time, a strong man with a big beard appeared in the White Emperor's Palace. The body is strong, the breath of the body is almost not weaker than the east of the day.

"This man is a daytime tyrant, and the White Emperor Palace is second only to the strongman of the daytime east. It is said that his physical body is stronger than that of the daytime east, but he is too irritable, so he has not been entrusted by the family!"

"I have heard of him, if he leads the organization..."

"Yes! We must not lie here, we must not be so useless!"

"I go"

"I am coming too!"

"And I!"

Suddenly more than a dozen people stood up, and with the great man of the Baidi Palace striding out of the security zone.

I don't know when, Zhao Yuande's figure has disappeared into everyone's eyes.

At this time, everyone's eyes are focused on the dozens of figures outside the security zone!

These eyes are full of anticipation and hope!

"Laozi are out! Boy, if you have the ability, you will come out and do a real job!" Although the day tyrant is crazy at this time, he has raised twelve points of energy, and the powerful Divine Emperor radiates out. The power of the world is to firmly suppress the void in a radius.

"Since you want to die like that, I will fulfill you!" A cold voice rang out from the void, and a long sword made of white brilliance protruded from the void, and chopped towards the sky.

"Hum! Want to kill me, it's not that simple!" Ba sneered during the day, and a bronze clock appeared immediately above his head.

The big clock trembles slightly in the void, a wave of invisible ripples continues to spread outward, and a powerful power instantly covers the range of the square, and the entire void suddenly solidifies.

Many people only feel as if they are stuck in a quagmire, the more they move, the more they fall into it.

"This is the sixth-grade Xianbao Promise Clock in my White Emperor Palace. This kid can't escape now!" Seeing this scene during the day, a golden light flashed in his eyes, and his body disappeared into the safety zone. The next moment appeared in a place where they were within a hundred feet of the day.

"What! The Sixth Grade Sapphire Promise Clock of the White Emperor Palace! This is a very powerful Xianbao. It is said that it was once a Xianbao of a Xiandi strongman. After the blessing of this Xiandi, it is now powerful Seventh-grade Xianbao!"

"The void was blocked by this fairy treasure, this Zhao Yuande is in a disaster!"

"We all went out and surrounded this area so that he could not escape!"

"Zhao Yuande, you are dead!"


However, when there was a lot of discussion and thought that Zhao Yuande was mortal, the sword composed of white brilliance burst into an extremely dazzling light.

"Click!" Just as everyone closed their eyes, they heard a slight cracking sound at the same time.

"No... this is impossible!"

Immediately afterwards was the screams of the terrifying screams of the day tyrant.

The people opened their eyes together, and they instantly saw a scene that made them stunned.

The six-grade Xianbao Wuji Clock was actually split in half by a white light, and a blood mark appeared in the eyebrow between the daytime master under the Wuji Clock!

At the next moment, the body of Day Pa was divided into two at once, and blood, internal organs, and even the white brain ran out of the ground!

A six-grade Xianbao was split into two halves in a living way, and almost everyone was stunned!

"That sword light...what is it! Why is it so terrible that it can directly split the six-grade fairy treasure with one sword! Is it the seventh-grade fairy sword...or the eighth-grade fairy sword!"

"No... Even the seventh-grade fairy sword can't split the sixth-grade fairy treasure so easily! At least the eight-grade fairy sword!"

"This... how is this possible, no... absolutely impossible, even if the Eighth Grade Immortal Sword is not an immortal emperor, how could he get it!"

"This is unrealistic, absolutely unrealistic! We are not dreaming..."


"No!" Seeing this scene in the daytime, his eyes almost split, he snarled and wanted to rush up to kill Zhao Yuande.

"Don't be impulsive!" Just at this moment a voice made him sober from madness.

Suddenly, his sudden voice suppressed this idea. Instead of rushing up, he returned to the safety zone in a flash.

The dozen people who had just walked out with the day tyrant, their terrified legs tremble, and they no longer had the courage they had just made, and even rushed towards the safe area.

"I want to escape, it's too late now!"

A very cold voice sounded in their ears.

Two golden lights rushed out of the void at an incredible speed, and rushed towards the dozen people who were scared away.


Heads flew one by one, a body fell to the ground, blood was splattered everywhere, and all the people in the safety zone were dumbfounded.

More than a dozen people had their bodies separated, and when their heads were flying in the air, they all shattered one by one!

This did not stay alive, even their souls were exterminated, even if they wanted to be reincarnated!

A figure appeared in the void, and on the shoulder of this figure, an abnormal golden-winged Dapeng bird of Shenjun was glancing indifferently at the people below.

"That was Kunpeng's real body just now! That speed is terrible!"

"That bird is the blood of Golden-winged Dapeng, almost faster than Kunpeng's true body!"

"It's over! We can't even put their palms in their hands!"

"You must never leave the safety zone, as long as we don't leave the safety zone, we will be fine!"


Everyone is already desperate at this time.

"If you are acquainted, just stay in the safe area and don't come out, otherwise..." Zhao Yuande stood in the void and looked down at him, as if he was a heavenly **** looking down on a mortal.

Everyone came into contact with his eyes and couldn't help but bowed his head deeply.