Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Turns Out I Was Already So Powerful

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"Hey! Boss, this barbarian must want to grab the kid before us. He has a lot of money. Since we are still taking risks, let him go and grab it!" Hu, with a smirk on his face.

"Huh! Yes, if there is any danger in it, let him suffer!" Ba Zihu suddenly angered when he heard the charming woman's words. This young man was too greedy for money. It can also make him remember long.

Zhao Yuande was lurking in the cave, but he found a black man rushing in.

As soon as this guy saw himself, his glasses lit up!

"Boy, don't hide it, hand over all the babies on your body, and Grandpa Li will let you go, otherwise Grandpa Li will kill you now!" Black Dahan patted the black stick in his hand and looked at Zhao Yuande with a smile.

Zhao Yuande saw that the other two didn't come in together, and he couldn't help but look overwhelmed. Was it a fool who came in to find death?

Pretending to be frightened, he took off the storage ring on his hand, and pulled out a storage bracelet from his arms. Some shuddered and pinched in his hand: "You, are you talking about true? You let me go if I give you?"

"You bring it to you!"

As soon as the **** man saw the item in Zhao Yuande's hands, his eyes were bright, and he rushed towards Zhao Yuande!

Zhao Yuande's body seemed to be bending and trembling in fear. In fact, he had already accumulated energy. When the black man just fell down and reached for his hand, Zhao Yuande's body was straightened, and his breath was instantly controlled by a lamb to be slaughtered. Turned into a horrible ancient beast.

His body turned into a black shadow and hit the black man fiercely.

At this moment, Hei Dahan felt a horrible crisis that he had never seen in his life. He wanted to dodge and struggled, but all this was in vain under absolute power!


The black man seemed to be hit by a highly Mercedes-Benz train. The whole body was instantly shattered by this terrible speed. The whole cave was suddenly shrouded by blood and flesh and turned into a **** hell. Zhao Yuande's body was slowly upright Like a **** of death returning from hell.

"No..." A scream of the soul sounded on the spot, and a slap-sized **** wore appeared in front of Zhao Yuande and was grabbed by him.

"Chopping the grass must eliminate the roots, otherwise endless troubles!" Zhao Yuande sneered, the palm of his hand slightly squeezed the fetus.

Shen Fei turned into a grudge reverberating in the cave, seeming to be the curse of Zhao Yuande's grudge.

"It turns out that I'm already so powerful! The yin and yang unity in my body is like a weak chicken in front of my eyes. It seems that I have to reassess my fighting power!" Zhao Yuande shook the blood on his body and strode toward Walk outside the cave.

His appearance changed from walking to walking, and he was somewhat similar to the **** man.

Two people outside heard the sound of the hole.

"This youngest man is really anxious, so he started to do it so quickly! This man is so concealing that he may have a great identity, we just killed him like that, there will be no trouble!" The charming woman Liu Yaoyi twisted to herself 'S boss leaned on.

"It's okay, only the three of us know this. Who do you and I don't know who knows? It's just that you have to be careful when you shoot something on him!" Hu Zi shook his head, letting the charming woman rest assured, and then he saw the black man's The figure came out of the cave, "Come out! This guy is like a butcher again, which is really disturbing!"

"The third..." The charming woman just wanted to say something sarcastic, but felt something wrong in an instant, "No... he is not the third!"

The body of the seductive woman backed off again and again, and she had withdrawn several tens of meters away in an instant without any stopping to go away.

But it was too late at this time, and Zhao Yuande had already approached Ba Zihu. He didn't even notice that Hei Dahan had been replaced and was suddenly stunned by the seductive woman.

But at this juncture, Zhao Yuande's hand has been stretched out!

A brilliant electro-optical light in the palm of the crystal-like jade was shot directly on the body of Ba Zihu!

Ba Zihu was instantly wrapped in a terrifying electric light, and his entire person lost his ability to act in an instant!

Zhao Yuande didn't care about the seductive woman who had already flown to heaven, and her body had already come to the front of Ba Zihu, and she slapped her hand **** Ba Zihu's head!

"Boss!" the charming woman shouted in horror in the sky, but she felt a feeling of powerlessness in her heart, the other party was too powerful, and killed the third man silently, the grandpa changed instantly The fish on the sticky board is slaughtered.


Zhao Yuande's palm fell and directly patted Ba Zihu's head into a paste. The terrible power continued to work, and the entire body of Ba Zihu was directly shattered into a pool of flesh and blood.

A **** fetus flew out and wanted to rise into the sky. Unfortunately, Zhao Yuande had expected this. The finger flicked and a thunderlight flew out and directly hit the **** fetus.

"Ah! I won't let you go when I'm a ghost!"

Shen Fei issued a painful howl that only the soul of the **** could hear, but it couldn't shake Zhao Yuande's mind.

"Don't you go yet?" Zhao Yuande looked up at the charming woman in the sky. At this time, the other party was too far away. He had no way to leave it, he could only helplessly watch!

The enchanting woman in the sky looked at Ba Zi Hu died in the hands of Zhao Yuande, and her soul was flying away! I saw the other party's gaze turned to himself, and he was terrified, and turned and flew desperately towards the direction of the windy city.

"Hey! It's a pity that I can't fly yet!" Zhao Yuande shook his head and couldn't fly, which greatly restricted his fighting ability, otherwise this woman could not escape!

Solved the matter in front of him, he changed his clothes again, changed back to the image of a black skinny boy, and walked towards the sunset canyon.

Not long ago, he and Jiang Tianyue and several others came to the sunset canyon, but the direction of the last exploration was different from this one. The last time was outside the sunset canyon, and this time he was going to the depths of the sunset canyon. A forbidden place where everyone is afraid!

Along the way, Zhao Yuande has been very careful, bypassing many places where cultivators often haunt.

Three days later, he appeared in front of a huge swamp. When he saw the swamp, Zhao Yuande let out a long breath.

This is the Demon Swamp. Passing through this huge swamp is the Demon Forbidden Land!

Zhao Yuande was about to enter the swamp, and suddenly heard a fierce battle sound not far away.

He opened his eyebrows and looked in that direction.