Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1490

Chapter 1490: Silver Fox

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"Good! Clear! Your time is nine breaths! Ranked nineteenth! You can enter the eighth floor of the Void Treasury to choose a treasure!" The voice of ancient majesty sounded.

"What! This time is ranked according to time? Why didn't you say it early!" Zhao Yuande was a little regretful. If he didn't play fancy, he directly broke out the strongest force to urge Kunpeng to be real. I am afraid that up to five breaths can solve the problem.

"You didn't ask!" There was a hint of ridicule in the ancient voice, which seemed to have human emotions, "but the nineteenth place is already good. Do you know how long it takes to rank in the top ten?"

"It won't be five breaths!" Zhao Yuande guessed.

"Within three breaths! There is a trace of pride in the ancient voice," so it is useless to advance a few more places if you cannot enter within three breaths! "

"Oh! All right!" Zhao Yuande shook his head silently, and asked curiously, "Senior, then do you know those princes who entered the top ten, and how heavy their holy body has been cultivated?"

"Oh! have also practiced the Huntian Eucharist! Is there still someone in the Huntian Immortal Kingdom?" The ancient voice was full of surprises, it seemed to see some kind of hope!

"Yes! Do you know Xia Mingyu?" Zhao Yuande felt that there was no need to hide the other party. He felt that the other party should also be a strong man in the Heavenly Kingdom.

"Xia...Ming...Yu!" The ancient voice seemed to be caught in memories. After hundreds of millions of years, many things could not be remembered in a moment and a half.

"Yes... it was the prince who was sent into the trial space, and he...has he already fallen?" There was a trace of doubt in the ancient voice.

"Actually..." Zhao Yuande speeded up everything Xia Mingyu encountered.

"Okay! Very good! Very good!" The ancient voice was full of joy, "I am the heavenly kingdom without dying, and I am the heavenly kingdom without dying! It seems that my hunky heaven will have a day to rise again! Its not a waste of my life for billions of years!"

"Then... Since I am one of the only remaining surviving royal families, should I give me a little more benefit?" Zhao Yuande's eyes were bright, there were countless treasures in the Void Treasury, and there was a Time Immortal Hall in the ninth floor. That is a powerful immortal treasure that can accelerate the time two hundred times!

"This will not work! There are rules here, and you, as the royal family of the heavenly kingdom, I will demand you more severely! I will increase the difficulty of each level of you accordingly!" The ancient voice is full of Severe.

"Uh..." Zhao Yuande is full of black lines. "In this way, I'm not as good as an ordinary cultivator! With so many treasures left to do, don't you wait for outsiders to come in and plunder?"

"This... this is the rule of the trial space, I can't violate the rule!" The ancient voice was obviously asked by Zhao Yuande!

"What rule! Is the rule to let the invaders come to plunder the treasures of my heavenly kingdom?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help revealing a gloomy color. According to his understanding and hearing many legends, it was more upwind and Xia Mingyu's story, He knows that these big family forces in Immortal World are basically manipulated in the Central Immortal Palace in the Central Immortal Realm!

Behind the Central Immortal Palace, there is a shadow that deceived the Chaos Giants to invade the heavens and the powerful world!

Calculated in this way, in these hundreds of millions of years, the Huntian Immortal Kingdom Trial Field has always been the enemy!

"The aggressor you said is justified?" The ancient voice trembled slightly, seeming to suppress anger.

"Is there any basis for what I said, do you know if you listen?" Zhao Yuande will know everything he knows immediately, including how Feng Cang invades the heavens and the world, how Dao Tian encourages, the existence of the universe... everything All told to the other party.

"Damn! Damn! Damn!" The ancient voice seemed angry.

Zhao Yuande only felt that the whole world was trembling, and the void above his head suddenly became bright, and a bright starry sky appeared!

"From now on, the Huntian Fairyland Trial Field will be closed! No one can get in without my permission! The stars and stars form a large array for me!" The ancient voice seemed to be filled with endless power of terror.

Zhao Yuande only felt a violent shock in the void, as if the entire starting boundary flew at once. Zhao Yuande's body suddenly lost his balance and flew involuntarily.

And at this moment in the outside world, in Baihe Daze.

Many immortal emperors gathered outside the ruins of the Heavenly Kingdom of Immortals, and were madly paying attention to the force against a thick void crack. In this void crack, the endless sea could be seen vaguely, and a seabed ruins exuded. White light.

Just as that void crack was getting bigger and bigger, hundreds of young people from Divine Emperor Realm and Emperor Realm rushed directly into the crack.

"Haha! Our three families now control the Huntian Xianguo trial field. It seems that many young people will rise in the future!" An old farmer wearing sackcloth, like a field farmer, laughed excitedly!

"This is also thanks to Han Tianxian Emperor, otherwise how can we have the ability to suppress the healing of the void cracks!" Light waves flow.

In particular, her eyes swept over the Yuqing Immortal Emperor who was not far away, and the proud color flashed by.

The emperor Yuqing frowned in disgust, but secretly sighed.

Many strong men around heard the beautiful woman talking, watching her twist her waist, as if enchanted by the magic sound, and in front of her it seemed that there were countless beautiful women with red fruits scratching their heads at them.

Suddenly a few guys were extremely hot, and their eyes were almost spitting fire. I wish I could rush up and wave this beautiful woman's clothes.

"Cough!" At this moment, a light cough came.

Suddenly it seemed that there was a cool heavy rain in the summer, which made everyone wake up instantly.

"Okay Silver Fox, don't release your charm, there are still many juniors here!" A middle-aged man exudes a strong cold, his mouth slightly smiled.

This cold-hearted middle-aged man is extremely cold, and the people who have been swept by him can't help but bow their heads one after another, even some fairy emperors are no exception.

There is no way for this Han Tianxian Emperor to be a strong mid-term immortal emperor, but also the mid-peak peak of the Xian Emperor and one of the two strongest Han families. This is basically the highest fighting power in Baihezhou.

Although there are many immortal emperors here, such as Xuanji Sect's imperial dust immortal emperor, Sun family's black demon immortal emperor, Shen Tujia's Yuqing immortal emperor, but they looked at this cold heaven immortal emperor, but they dared not speak out.