Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1491

Chapter 1491: Star Gates

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"Silver Fox obeyed!" The silver fox of Qian Jiao Bai Mei bent slightly, and the white flowers on her chest shook so many people could not open their eyes!


Just when the voice of the Silver Fox just fell, a burst of roar burst out of the earth, and at this moment it seemed that the entire Baihezhou was shaking violently.

In front of this group of immortal emperors and emperors, the huge crack was closed at once, and the three people maintained the immortal power injected into the crack as if the tide was pouring back into the body. .

The Hantian Immortal Emperor is better. The remaining two Fire God Immortal Emperor and Silver Fox Immortal Emperor seem to be slammed into the chest with a heavy hammer. The blood in the chest rolls, and a mouth of blood spews out of the mouth.

"This... what's going on? Why is this happening!" Han Tianxian Emperor is a middle-aged Emperor Emperor. Although he didn't spur blood, he was sullen in his chest for a while. He looked extremely ugly and felt a while. Incredible.


Just when he was puzzled, the somewhat broken, thousands-foot-long gate began to tremble, and began to fall into broken bricks.

"That' possible!" The old peasant-like Fire God Emperor's eyes widened inexplicably, looking at the gate.

It was only an instant that the gate had shaken off the ruin brought by years, and a magnificent golden gate was exposed.

The shining stars in the gate flickered, as if only leading to the endless ocean of stars.


The gate pulled up from the ground, and the golden gate exposed to the outside world was only a small part of the gate. As it slowly pulled up from the ground, everyone saw the whole picture of the gate.

"Hiss! What the **** is this?" The Silver Fox Fairy Emperor no longer had time to scratch his head, and his charming eyes were full of horror.

"This is the real eye of the large array of stars and stars, and also the real passage into the large array, the star gates of the stars!" Han Tianxian looked at this star gate and his eyes showed a strong desire for greed and possession.

"Don't the stars and stars form Baihe Daze? How is this possible?" The shock in the eyes of the Silver Fox Fairy Emperor could not be suppressed. She seemed to suddenly think of something, exclaimed, "Is someone in control?" A large array of stars in the sky? Otherwise, how could the space crack be forcibly closed, how could...

"Quick! Stop it! Stop it!" Han Tianxian Emperor heard the words of Silver Fox Fairy Emperor, as if she remembered something suddenly, her face changed suddenly.

He raised his hand and flew out with a large yellow flag, a little star gleaming above the big flag, depicting mountains and rivers, ocean rivers, and a huge golden dragon roaring upwards.

The yellow flag rises in the wind, but it covers the sky and earth in an instant, and it is pressed against the slowly rising star gates.

Especially the huge golden dragon that roared upward in the sky, came to life suddenly, and suddenly pressed above the star gates of the heavens.

Although the Golden Dragon is only aimed at the Star Gates, there is still a terrifying power constantly rippling in the void.

The elves of the fairy monarchs were unable to dodge, were swept away by these remaining forces, and suddenly flew out of the body, spitting blood in their mouths, and their faces were pale and scary, and they had obviously been hit hard.

Feeling the horrible power of this yellow flag, everyone's face can't help but change.

"Bapin Xianbao Jinlong Zhentian Banner!"

In particular, the three immortal emperors, Zhuchen Immortal Emperor and Juqing Immortal Emperor, saw this yellow banner and couldn't help but take a breath, their faces showing shocked expression.

Fortunately, they chose to compromise at the beginning, otherwise if this eight-grade Xianbao Jinlong Zhentian Banner was suppressed against them, they would simply not be able to resist!

However, although the Eighth Grade Sapphire Golden Dragon Zhentian Banner is powerful, the golden dragon is terrifying, but the Star Gates seem to feel nothing at all, and they are still slowly pulled out of the earth at the original speed.

"What are you still doing, don't hurry to help!" Emperor Hantian released the Jinlong Zhentian Banner, feeling that there was no movement around him, and suddenly his eyes swept coldly. I am afraid that all the disciples who enter the trial will never be able to come out!"

"What!" Everyone's face suddenly changed when he heard the news!

Especially the Fire God Immortal Emperor and the Silver Fox Immortal Emperor, the two of them sent almost all the genius disciples of the Divine Emperor Realm Emperor Realm into it. If this one is gone, I am afraid that both will be seriously hurt. An extremely long period of time will be gone.


Immediately behind the silver fox fairy emperor, nine illusory tails appeared. The nine tails swayed, and turned into a long whip directly entwining the sky gates still rising slowly.

An unspeakable vicious force emanated from the body of the silver fox, which was very different from the enchanting fox.

Even if the weakest one is the fairy, they all feel a little creepy.

This silver fox fairy emperor was originally a nine-tailed fox. When he was weak, he was rescued from an animal's mouth by an ancestor of Tian Yizong, and he always accompanied him.

Now this ancestor is the true power of Tian Yizong, and the strongest mid-level power of a fairy emperor, and the nine-tailed fox has gradually grown up and became an early power of the fairy emperor.

The Fire God Fairy Emperor shook out a long whip, and the flame above the long whip appeared. The temperature of the entire space increased several times in an instant, making people instantly feel an unspeakable heat.

The long whip, like the nine tails, entwined the star gates.

Many other immortal emperors can only shoot one after another. Although there are not many people who enter the immortal country for trial, they are still the elites of the elite. If the loss is unbearable!

Especially Zhumo Demon Emperor, at this time, his complexion is also very dignified. Sun Yang and Zhao Yuande went in this time!

However, no matter how hard these immortal emperors tried, no matter what kind of powerful immortal treasures they brought out, the gates of the stars were still pulled up in a hurry.

"Not good! It's completely out!" Han Tianxian Emperor's eyes were split, he watched seven or eight Immortal Emperors, and dozens of Immortal Monarchs. Not good.

It was at this time that the last point of the Star Gates was pulled out of the earth and turned out to be a huge gate.

As soon as the door was pulled out of the ground, it seemed to feel that the body was being pressured by many powerful people, and suddenly began to oscillate slightly.

This shock, everyone suddenly felt an irresistible force of terror, which came from the stars gate.

These immortal emperors seem to be a little ant crawling on the elephant, and all fell down with the elephant shaking.

Han Tianxian Emperor took the lead, and the body of the golden dragon lying on the stars gate was shattered by the shock, and there was a burst of tears on the golden dragon Zhentian flag.