Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1492

Chapter 1492: World Beads

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Han Tianxian Emperor's body shocked, blood spewed out of his mouth, and flew out directly.

"Give me!" Although Han Tianxian Emperor vomited blood and flew back, but he did not dare to hesitate, he hurriedly shot a trick and landed on the Jinlong Zhentian Banner.

The Jinlong Zhentian Banner fell into his palm just now, but at this time a big tear was ripped open on the flag, and the golden dragon on it also became bleak, which was obviously hit hard.


What was even more miserable at this time was the Silver Fox Fairy Emperor. Under the shaking of the Star Gates, the nine illusory tails wound around the Star Gates shattered. At the same time, there were nine real tails behind her.

Immortal Emperor Silver Fox seemed to have been hit hard, and blood spewed on the spot. His body fell to the ground like a meteor and smashed into the mud of the swamp.

"Sir Emperor Immortal!" An immortal monarch in Tianyizong's face suddenly changed when he saw this scene.

He hurried into the mud to rescue the Silver Fox Fairy Emperor, but he saw that the Silver Fox Fairy Face was like gold paper, and his eyes were closed, as if he had been seriously injured by several wounds, and he passed out!

Only the seemingly old peasant Fire God Emperor seemed to have sensed all this long ago. As soon as they stepped back the flame whip, they were still shocked and flushed.

The other immortal emperors and immortal kings have also been hurt to varying degrees.

All methods of suppressing the Star Gates have lost their effect. The Sky Star Gates tore the void and shuttled away.

"How can this be good!" The fire **** fairy emperor's eyes showed a panic color, hundreds of geniuses disappeared from the sect door, and there were seven white emperor's descendants, how he would explain to the sect door, how to Baidi explained!

"It's over! It's over!" At this time, Han Tianxian Emperor, an immortal emperor's mid-peak peak power, almost showed a silly expression on his face. This time, he not only got into hundreds of genius Han family disciples, but also made the family treasure Jinlong Zhen Tianqi was badly hit, how to go back and explain to his elder brother, how to face the many scoldings of Han family.

The Han family will definitely fall from the super-owner because of this loss, and it is conceivable that it will be in vain in the next ten thousand years!

If it is a poor grasp, maybe the Han family will be destroyed in the near future!

The thought of Han Tianxian Emperor's body shivered constantly!

The other immortal emperors who were oppressed by the Hantian immortal emperor, although they also distressed the loss of their family genius, but at this time there is still a very happy feeling in the heart, with a gloating state of mind.

"Hey! How can this be explained to the family, Sun Yang and Zhao Yuande..." Zhu Moxian Emperor's face looked sad.

This time throughout Baihezhou, at least one-third of the genius disappeared with the Star Gates!

As soon as the news spread out, the whole fairyland was turbulent.

But at this time, there were many powerful faces showing excitement, and the large array of heavens and stars can surpass the horror existence of Xianbao, if they can be found...

At this time in the first hurdle, Zhao Yuande felt the shock of the whole world stopped silently, and inexplicably gave birth to a bad hunch.

"Senior! What happened just now?" Zhao Yuande tried to ask.

"The great array of stars and stars broke away from Baihezhou, and now wanders in the endless void!" The ancient voice was full of exhaustion, and obviously the action just made it consume a huge amount of power.

"This... Senior, can I still go out?" Zhao Yuande asked with some concern.

"Don't worry! I can send you anywhere in the fairy world!" The ancient voice had strong self-confidence.

"Hoo! That's fine!" Zhao Yuande let out a breath.

"From now on, apart from the royal blood, no one will get a little reward from the trial palace! The trial palace will only be prepared around the royal blood!" The ancient voice said slowly.

"Then..." Zhao Yuande was suddenly dumbfounded. In this way, wouldn't it be that Sun Yang wouldn't have any reward when they went into the trial palace again?

However, listening to the other party's tone was simply firm and unquestionable. He felt that even what he said would be useless.

"Okay! I will take you to the eighth floor of the Void Treasure." The ancient voice fell, and Zhao Yuande suddenly appeared on the eighth floor.

He had been on the eighth floor. The original twelve treasures were selected by him as the chaotic tri-color fruit. This is a sixth-grade fairy fruit. Find enough accessories and the huge energy provided should be able to open the fifth star!

And the remaining nine pieces of eight-grade Xianbao, a yellowish ancient rune, and a nine-treasure glass tree!

The yellowed ancient rune is a name called'Zhenyu Rune'. If this rune was used to suppress the earth's luck during the establishment of the school, the Zongmen's luck will be guaranteed for thousands of years, but it is not for Zhao Yuande. What's the use!

The nine-treasure glazed tree is both a pottery material and an alchemy pill, but Zhao Yuande took a look at the recipe. This thing is not currently available to him. I am afraid that it can only be used in the realm of fairy monarchs. No.

And in the end, there were only nine pieces of eight-grade fairy treasure!

One green and one red, two fairy swords, one hearth, one quaint big clock, one exquisite pagoda, one colorful ropa, one golden shining armor, one earthy yellow sword, one crystal round pearl!

Zhao Yuande's gaze swept through these fairy treasures, and every time he swept through, he was deeply shocked by his terrifying power and powerful effect.

After sweeping all the fairy treasures, he fell into contemplation.

With weapons, he already has a black rock that can be changed, and with furnace tripod, he has a gluttonous true spirit tripod.

The big bell and the pagoda are all treasures of one offensive and defensive, but they can be considered.

The colored ropa is obviously a treasure used by women, and his eyes are not passing by.

The Eighth-grade Xianbao Battlegear, the defense is absolutely terrible.

However, the armor is only a defense against the body, but it cannot defend the soul. In case the other party uses a powerful spirit to suppress itself, it is still a dead end, so the armor is temporarily abandoned!

Knife is not your favorite, give up!

The last orb turned out to be a treasure of the world, with vast space in it, and even many indigenous people living in it.

If this treasure is integrated into one's own body, the power of one's own world inserted into the reserved drawer grid will increase several times, and the combat power will naturally increase.

"Okay! I choose this world bead!" Zhao Yuande finally pointed his finger at the crystal round pearl.

"As you wish!" At the same time as the ancient voice sounded, the orb fell into his hands.

As soon as Baozhu started, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that a force of immense vastness came toward him. His face was slightly happy, and the other party even helped himself to refine directly, eliminating the painstaking work he needed to refine. !