Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1493

Chapter 1493: What Happened

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"Thank you, Senior!" Zhao Yuande easily incorporated the Orb of the World into his body, and inserted it into the remaining drawer grid according to what the old man with white beard taught.

Now his inner world has become three layers, the first layer is his other world, the second layer is his condensed inner world, and the third layer is the world inside the present world orb!

Among them, the space in the worlds orb is the most extensive. Although Zhao Yuande cannot fully control the world because of insufficient cultivation, he still feels that the space is already comparable to Baihezhou!

The second largest is the other side of the world, which integrates Zhao Yuande's internal world before the explosion, the copper furnace world and the eternal tower world, and its area can be one tenth of the size of Baihezhou.

The smallest nature is his inner world, only a million miles away.

"Are you going to the second level, or are you going to leave?" the ancient voice asked.

"I'm going out first!" Zhao Yuande was a little worried about Sun Yang, so he offered to leave.

"it is good!"

The next moment Zhao Yuande appeared in the security zone.

But as soon as he entered the safety zone, Zhao Yuande suddenly saw a scene that made her unbelievable, and the Emperor District even returned to its previous appearance!

The originally turbulent waters have receded, and the trial palace sinking to the bottom of the sea has also resurfaced.

Some testers are the same as Zhao Yuande, and at this time they are a bit dazed.

"Hello, brother, how is this going to happen?" Zhao Yuandela asked over a tester.

At this time he changed his appearance and was not afraid that the other party would recognize himself.

"Just now, the world was violently oscillating, and the sea water seemed to have been summoned, and they all retreated! Those places that had been washed away were miraculously restored as before..." The man is still a little silly, as if I can't believe what happened just now.

Zhao Yuande nodded, his figure disappeared in an instant, and appeared in the sky next moment.

He looked down at the ground below and suddenly found that everything was restored to its original state. Even those cities that were washed down by the sea are now intact. Countless indigenous people are still busy in the city as if nothing has happened.

Zhao Yuande was secretly shocked in his heart and the magic and power of the large array of stars and stars, but this is the terrifying power of going back in time!

What level of terrifying existence is the Great Stars Formation? That ancient voice will not be the spirit of the large array of stars!

"Forget it! None of this is what I can guess. I'll go to the World Zone to see it!" His figure flew towards the World Zone.

World zone, safe zone!

A disciple of the Han family walked out of the first hurdle at this time, showing a ranking of 198,7621!

But the face of this Han family disciple is full of endless doubts!

"What's the matter? What happened?" Han Wentian saw the disciple stepping out and had a bad complexion, and immediately asked.

"Oh! Young Master, I just cleared the first level just now, but... why didn't there be any rewards?" The disciple touched his head, wondering, "Is it because my ranking is too late? ?"

"There is no reward at all?" Han Wentian couldn't believe it. "Even if the ranking is worse, there will be rewards. At least they are all concerned by the stars. You will not feel it!"

"No! Really not!" The disciple shook his head.

While the two were talking, one of them came out of the first hurdle, still a disciple of the Han family.

"Have you... been rewarded?" Han Wentian looked at the Han family disciple.

"There is no reward!" The disciple still shook his head, his face also filled with confusion.

"What the **** is going on!" The people in Baidi Palace and Tian Yizong also surrounded them.

At this time, the light flashed in front of the eighth palace not far away, and a figure appeared in front of the palace.

"It's the Linhai of my White Emperor Palace!" Dong saw this figure during the day, and suddenly his face showed a happy look, and he hurried forward.

This Linhai is a paradox immortal body, and its position in the White Emperor Palace is very detached, and it is not inferior to their descendants of the White Emperor.

"Brother Lin, you're out!" Dong looked at Lin Hai's blank expression on the face during the day, and he also felt a sigh of relief.

"Brother Tiandong, why are you here?" Lin Hai saw Dong slightly stunned during the day, his face showing a difference.

This is the trial area of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom, and the powerful people above the emperor simply cannot come in.

"I'll talk about these later. What's the reward for you through the eighth level?" East Day asked anxiously during the day.

"I... didn't seem to get any rewards!" Lin Hai was stunned, and there was also a difference in his face.

During the day, Dong's face was suddenly puzzled. A few disciples of the Han family did not receive a reward, but Lin Hai had already passed the eighth level!

He subconsciously looked at the ranking of Yubi, and saw Lin Hai's ranking of 203!

This ranking is enough to shake the world, enough to shake the fairy world, but even this ranking can not get a reward!

What happened in this trial palace, is all the treasures distributed?

its not right! The large array of stars and stars no longer absorbs the power of stars from time to time, and it can be justified to infuse a power of stars!

"Will it be related to the violent shock just now? Is it that the power of the rules contained in the trial pass is shocked at once?" someone speculated.

"Impossible! The rules are the basis of the entire trial. If they are really shocked, I am afraid that people who enter them will be strangled directly by the power of the disordered rules!" Some people retorted.

"Someone came out again!"

As one person after another came out of the trial pass, their faces were either puzzled or confused.

Everyone's heart cooled down at once, and the Trial Palace had no reward!

"You guys, should we go to the Emperor District to see if there is a reward for the Trial Palace there?" Suddenly someone suggested.

"Yes! Go and see, if all the rewards are lost, we can only give up the Trial Palace and concentrate on going outside to explore this endless world, maybe we can get some benefits!"


There were hundreds of people in a large group. They rushed out of the security zone and drove towards the Emperor District.

And the Han family, Baidi palace, and Tianyizong three family members, at this time, his face was hesitant!

There is a killing **** hidden in the dark outside, but they dare not guarantee that they will be directly beheaded and killed on the spot.

"We're not in a hurry. We're waiting here. Those people should be able to hear the news as soon as they go." During the day, Dong's face shook, but he didn't dare to step out of the safe area and buy a smart helpless shook his head.

"What happened to Brother Tiandong? Why didn't you dare to go out?" Lin Hai not only showed doubt on his face.