Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1494

Chapter 1494: Chopping Day East

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He has been cultivating alone to find opportunities, and continues to be strong. He has no idea about how the three major forces besieged other forces and then frightened by Zhao Yuande into the safe area.

"This..." Dong Yu felt a stopper during the day and didn't know how to speak.

"Brother Lin, this is the case..." A disciple of the White Emperor Palace who was able to speak well and tell the story for Lin Hai did not arbitrarily distort the facts, but said the matter as it was.

"Brother Tiandong, you... you have done too much!" Lin Hai couldn't help but change his face when he heard this disciple's words.

He had a glimpse of Zhao Yuande at that time, when he felt that the other party should definitely not be his opponent, but did not expect that in just a few months, the other party had grown to this point!

"This is the order of the ancestors, and we have no way!" There was helplessness on Dong's face during the day, and he didn't want to be pushed into the safe area, as if the dog was locked in a cage!

"Forget it! This matter has nothing to do with me, I'm gone!" Lin Hai shook his head, turned around and walked out of the safe area.

"Brother Lin, be careful of someone assassinating!" During the day, Dong Dong saw Lin Hai walking out of the safety zone. His face changed suddenly. He wanted to pull him, but he dare not take steps!

But Lin Hai's figure went farther and farther, as if no one was ambushing at all.

Soon Lin Hai's figure had disappeared into everyone's sight.

Everyone you look at me, I look at you, suddenly a look of excitement on his face.

"That Zhao Yuande must have left! Otherwise, Lin Hai, a disciple of the White Emperor Palace, why wasn't he assassinated?" Han Wentian watched Lin Hai's figure disappear and suddenly pointed to the few Han family disciples around him. Go out and see!"

The few Han family disciples pointed to by Han Wentian suddenly looked pale for a while, and were crowded and waved at Han Wentian: "No! Young Master, we don't want to die!"

"Go out! Otherwise, I'll kill you now!" Han Wentian's indifferent voice seemed to be a bayonet, stabbing fiercely in the hearts of these disciples, causing their bodies to tremble instantly, as if they were sieve chaff.


Several people hesitated, but still walked out of the safe area step by step under Han Wentian's murderous eyes.

They went farther and farther, but did not take their lives away from the sudden sword light!

"Brother Bai, Brother Yu, how many of you will you send?" Han Wentian turned his head to look at Donghe Yuhe during the day.

"You guys go out too!"

"A few of you..."

During the day, Dong and Yu He also sent a few disciples.

The number of the three parties added up to a total of thirteen people, some of whom were standing in the same place.

After the time of the tea, the thirteen people were still fine, and they didn't have the terrible assassination they had imagined.

"That kid should have left. There are countless encounters here. He shouldn't be stupid enough to be guarding us all the time. He should only be a deterrent to us!" Seeing the situation during the day, Dong was relieved.

"Let's go! We go out to look for opportunities, but it is better to be a group of 20 or 30 people, and it is best to enter the Emperor District, where our combat effectiveness can be increased several times, he should not have so many scruples against him! And in the Emperor District, if the three of us join forces, maybe..." Han Wentian's body exuded a cold breath, and his eyes gleamed with a poisonous light.

"It's good to ask Brother Tian, as long as we get to the Emperor District, we don't have to be afraid of him!" Yu He's soft face also showed a trace of excitement, and the corner of his mouth even showed a cruel smile.

"Go! Let's go out!" Dongyi took the lead during the day and walked directly out of the safety zone, with an excited expression on his face.

But just as he stepped out of the safety zone, a lightsaber directly penetrated the void and pierced his eyebrows.

"Emperor Divine Armor shows me!" East during the day instantly felt a crisis of death came down instantly. He did not hesitate to summon the life-saving sixth-grade battle armor on his body, and he threw one after another. Pieces of clocks, tripods, furnaces and other defensive treasures!


However, no amount of Xianbao, no amount of protection can stop the sharpness of the Black Rock Sword, Jianguang directly penetrated all the protection, and suddenly penetrated into the eyebrows of the east of the day!

Jin Guang penetrated into the eyebrows, did not directly break the opponent's consciousness, but directly penetrated into the opponent's consciousness to crush the opponent's soul.

During the day, the Eastern God soul annihilated, and the body would fall to the ground as soon as it became soft.

At this time, the big hand protruded from the void and directly grabbed his neck, and then the big hand and the body of Dongdong disappeared into the void at the same time.

Zhao Yuande killed Tian Dong in one sentence, but he did not damage his knowledge of the sea. That is because the white-bearded old man who needed a physical body was a little anxious. He saw that Xia Mingyu had obtained the physical freedom. He also urged Zhao Yuande, early Help him to find a new body, and the requirements have been reduced.

Zhao Yuande didn't say much. He directly threw East's flesh to the old man with a white beard. The old man with a white beard happily took the flesh and took it back to study.

At this time, everyone in the outside world couldn't believe the place where the east disappeared during the day. Han Wentian and Yu He, who had just taken a half-step just now, were scared.

As for the thirteen disciples who had stood outside, the calf trembling at this time scared, and almost couldn't even stand.

The more cultivated people are, the more afraid of death, the more genius the more afraid of death!

Because they know their longevity is long, because they know that their future prospects are infinite, they do not want to be in such a place.

"Come back!" someone shouted loudly.

"Come back soon..."

Thirteen people remembered this and rushed towards the safe area.

But the next moment, two golden lights illuminate the void at once, the bodies of thirteen people separated, and Gudong crashed to the ground.

Zhao Yuande and Xiao Jin stood in the void, sneering in disdain.

"Fuck! This shit! Let's go out together, all urge the power of the world to block the void!" Han Wentian's face showed a terrible color.

"Yes! Let's urge the power of the world together!" Yu He finally couldn't take it anymore.

Zhao Yuande frowned when he saw this.

If this group of guys really do this, there is no one to be with everyone, and there are a hundred people blocking the void, he will not break!

After all, his strength is still too low!

Since he could not suppress this group of people, he simply ignored it, anyway, his own deterrence already had a huge effect.

The destination of these people should be the Emperor District, and they never dare to relax halfway, or search for Sun Yang's whereabouts.

This is enough!