Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1495

Chapter 1495: Wait For Me Here

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Zhao Yuande watched the figure of nearly a thousand people gradually disappear into his sight. A ridiculous smile appeared in the corner of his mouth, and flew towards the sense of Sun Yang that he felt.

When Sun Yang saw Zhao Yuande in front of him, a smile appeared on his face.

Sun Yang has been followed by a dozen or so testers at this time, all of whom are disciples of various forces. These people were chased by the three forces and run around everywhere. Now they are persuaded by Sun Yang. Revealed the look of expectation.

"Brother Zhao, how are the guys now?" Sun Yang asked with some expectation.

"Dong was slaughtered by me during the day. These people now seem to be the dogs of the bereavement family and headed to the Emperor District!" Zhao Yuande smiled on his face and nodded slightly at the person behind Sun Yang.

"What! Kill Daytime East!" Sun Yang exclaimed in disbelief.

"Why? Brother Sun doesn't believe me?" Zhao Yuande's face deliberately ridiculed.

"No... no... how can I not believe Brother Zhao! During the day, the grandson of East is finally dead, and then call him arrogant!" Sun Yang waved his hand hurriedly, but there was an excited expression on his face.

"Great! These **** guys are finally gone!"

"We can finally go back, and I reached the third hurdle, I have to work hard!"


"Don't you just feel that there has been a change in the trial area?" Zhao Yuande said with a helpless expression on his face. "Maybe because of the change just now, there is no reward in all the trial palaces!"

"What... no reward! How is this possible?"

"It's over! It's over! All my plans are broken..."


Many people have unbelievable expressions on their faces, but they are not enough but they do not doubt Zhao Yuande's words, and the other party has no reason to deceive them.

However, Sun Yang was not disappointed in his face at this time, because his artistic conception rushed to the eighth level. He didn't have any self-confidence to pass through the following levels, so this has basically no effect on him.

"Okay, let's go find other people!" Zhao Yuande waved his hands and took these people to another direction.

Soon Zhao Yuande's team increased to more than 100 people, most of whom were trialers who had been persecuted by the three forces, and of course there were An Yunlan, people who were not used to the three forces.

Zhao Yuande quickly brought the crowd into the safe area.

"You still have seven months, I don't know what you plan to do in the future." Zhao Yuande looked at these people, but he sighed slightly.

The remaining seven months are totally useless to these people, and if they have been here, they will be wasted!

"We..." An Yunlan looked at Zhao Yuande and said helplessly, "There is no reward for the Trial Palace. For us, the most important meaning has been lost. In fact, we really want to leave here!"

"Yes! There are people from the three major forces here, even if you want to go out to find opportunities, you must be trembling. Brother Zhao, you can't deter them all the time, so... you can only sit here and wait for seven months to send us Teleported!" Zheng Yu seemed to be hit because of the girl's death, and his face was not pretty.


Many people have expressed their opinions, which probably means that.

"Actually, I actually found a mysterious channel that seems to be able to go directly to the outside world. I don't know if you dare to take a trip with me?" Zhao Yuande sighed in his heart, but decided to help these people leave here.

Especially his friends, he would not watch this friend sit there for seven months and delay his true practice.

"Oh! Since Brother Zhao dare to go, we naturally dare to go!" Shen Tu Yingjie heard Zhao Yuande's words, his eyes lit up suddenly, and the first spoke to support Zhao Yuande.

"Go! Must go, we can't consume here!" Someone suddenly began to agree.

"Yes, it doesn't make any sense here..."


"Okay! Since everyone said so, then I will go to the Emperor District first to pass those barriers first, and then we will leave here together!" Zhao Yuande nodded, looking at everyone's eyes with a little dignity.

He actually didn't know if he could persuade the senior, and he didn't know if the other party would agree to send them all out.

He needs to solicit each other's opinions, and needs to persuade each other.

"Well, Brother Zhao, just go! We have nothing to do with waiting here for a few days." Sun Yang nodded to Zhao Yuande, beckoning him to rest assured.

"You don't have to go out, just wait for me here!" Zhao Yuande asked again, and when he saw everyone nodding, he also left the security zone without hesitation.

"Brother Sun, do you say that Zhao Yuande can really take us out?" Seeing Zhao Yuande's body disappear, some unbelievable expressions appeared on the face of the practitioner, and he couldn't help asking Sun Yang.

"Relax, there is absolutely no problem!" Sun Yang nodded affirmatively, "Brother Zhao and I have intersected for such a long time, as long as he said, no sentence has not been realized! Without certain certainty, Brother Zhao will not take this Say it to us!"

"That's right! Brother Zhao's words are very good, and he has a lot of feelings. He has no reason to deceive us! Especially here is Brother Sun, who is Brother Zhao's best friend, as long as we keep up with Brother Sun. There will be nothing wrong with your footsteps!"

"Your remarks are too heavy!" Zhao Yuande heard everyone saying this, and there was a trace of pride in his face.

"We just have to wait here quietly! I don't think it will be long before we can leave this place!"

"Yes... we don't believe anyone, but also Brother Zhao!"


Zhao Yuande doesn't care what these people think, but he wants to get them all out. The enemy of the enemy is the friend. Since these people are surrounded by the three forces, they should be friends for the time being.

What's more, although he doesn't know these people, Sun Yang should know.

Zhao Yuande quickly entered the Emperor District.

In front of the Trial Palace in the Emperor District, the safety zone was filled with disciples of the three major forces. They all looked down at the Trial Palace in despair, and the number of trial palaces was already full!

Zhao Yuande changed his appearance a little, showed his figure in the safety zone, and then strode toward the second pass.

"Who is that person?" Han Wentian looked at Zhao Yuande's figure and always felt a little familiar.

"It seems to have been seen somewhere!" Yu He's face was also full of doubts, he even felt familiar.

"Yes! Zhao Yuande...He appeared here!" Han Wentian's figure flickered and disappeared, and he suddenly remembered the guy who was hiding in the safe zone like a dog!