Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1496

Chapter 1496: Come Back

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"Damn! What does this guy want to do?" Yu He's cold light flashed.

"Zhao Yuande, you stop me!" Han Wentian knew that this was a safe area, and Zhao Yuande was too big to dare to do anything, so he did something unscrupulous.

"Oh! Did you recognize me?" Zhao Yuande stopped and turned to look at each other with interest. His appearance also changed back.

"Zhao Yuande, don't be complacent, but this is the Emperor District, not a place where you can spread the wild." Han Wentian saw Zhao Yuande turned his head, and the teeth that he hated suddenly tickled, and he gritted his teeth to say this.

"Really?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with interest, and finally shook his head contemptuously, "So! Is it better than you and me to walk outside the security zone?"

"You..." Han Wentian clearly felt that the other person's eyes seemed to cause a general piercing into his own heart, giving him a feeling of splitting his liver and gall.

"Shut up for me if you dare not!" Zhao Yuande sneered, and suddenly a strange smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. "Here, you will become an aborigine here, and you will live forever!"

"You...what do you say!" Yu He on the side heard Zhao Yuande's words, and his face changed suddenly, and the cold sweat on his head flowed down.

This passage reminded them of the passageway when they came in. They just went to see the passageway and disappeared completely!

Coupled with the violent shaking of the entire trial space not long ago, the restoration of the Emperor District gave them a bad feeling in their hearts.

"I said that you guys can't do without the trial space. You can only talk for the rest of your life here!" Zhao Yuande didn't mind telling them a little bit of truth at this time, which caused endless despair in their hearts.

And he doesn't bother to kill these people anymore, they are destined to become the indigenous people here, and even become slaves in the reconstruction of the heavenly kingdom!

"You... you talk nonsense!" Han Wentian shivered, "This is impossible! We can't get out, don't you want to go out, there are others who will be trapped here!"

"Haha! We can go out naturally, because we entered in a proper way, but you sneaked in!" Zhao Yuande laughed and walked into the gate of the second pass, and ignored these people again.

"Young Master! Young Master! What he said will not be true!" Someone in the Han family suddenly panicked.

"Impossible!" Han Wentian looked extremely ugly. He looked at the Han family and said, "This kid has entered the second hurdle, we don't have to worry about being killed, we immediately went out to find Zhao Yuande's friends in the same door, all of them Take control!"

"Yes! It's all under control, I don't believe he can talk to us like this! At that time I will let him kneel down on the ground to beg me!" Yu He's soft face showed a greasy smile.

"Leave a team of people watching here, and everyone else will follow me back to the World Zone!" Han Wentian turned his eyes to the people in the White Emperor Palace and said to them, "You follow too!"

At this time, the strongest in the Baidi Palace is a young man called Daytime Harmony. This daytime Harmony is the brother of East during the daytime. His own brother was killed alive in person, and his anger is more fierce than everyone else!

"Okay! Let's go to the Baidi Palace too!" During the day and wave, all the disciples of the Baidi Palace set off.

Since Zhao Yuande's deterrence is absent, they do not have to dodge dodge, and their speed is fast!

They only appeared in the world zone in tea time.

Someone in Lao Yuan saw this group of powerful men coming from behind, frightened and flew back to the security zone.

"What's wrong?" Sun Yang everyone saw a tester, and fled back to the security zone as if to escape, with a doubt on his face.

"That group of people came back again, and they came back!" The tester's face was scared pale.

"I'm afraid of what they do. This is a safe area. They have great ability and don't dare to do it!" Sun Yang looked at the black crowds not far away, and there was a sneer in the corner of his mouth.

Thousands of people were stunned by Zhao Yuande's own being in the safety zone, so they dare not go out. They are still arrogant and arrogant.

"Don't go out everyone, we are in the security zone, they can only stare!" Shen Tu Yingjie's voice also sounded in the ears of everyone.

An Yunlan looked at this group of men coming from the menace, but Daimei frowned slightly. Although she was not afraid of these people, she did not want to ignore them.

Han Wentian came in a mighty crowd, and looking at the more than 100 people in the security zone, almost all the remaining testers were here.

"What should I do? All these guys can't get out of the safety zone?" Yu He's soft face showed a dignified look.

"This group of guys are very thieves, so naturally we dare not go out when we see so many of us!" His eyes flashed during the day, "We might as well scatter around and hide our bodies. I don't believe they will stay in it forever!" "

"Yes, we three parties each looked for a direction, pretended to leave, and then secretly observed, as long as they dare to come out, so many of us are afraid that they will not run!" Han Wentian gave a wink to the Han family and led them away .

The other two also chose a direction.

"They left?" Some testers saw Han Wentian as they left in a hurry, which made them wonder.

"I left, anyway, there is no breath of them within a hundred miles!" Naturally, the souls of the testers explored and went without discovering their traces.

"Then can we go out?" Someone eagerly tried.

"hold on"


These speakers are naturally not Sun Yang and their gang, but some other neutral testers!

Sun Yang has also contacted them, but these people are more afraid of the strength of Sanjia, so they do not intend to be an enemy of Sanjia.

There are more than 30 people in this group, and none of them are the children of great forces.

"None of us should move, waiting for Brother Zhao to return!" Sun Yang passed his voice into everyone's mind.

Everyone nodded. They were very convinced of Zhao Yuande, so they would gather together and naturally would not do stupid things.

A little bit of time passed, and those thirty or more people couldn't bear it anymore. They left the security zone in twos and threes and wanted to go out to find opportunities.

Now that the Trial Palace has become a decoration, and there are seven months left, these people are naturally unwilling to spend in the safe area.

Besides, Zhao Yuande entered the second house. In the Yanwuchang, he stood quietly in the center and looked at the shadows around him. He couldn't help but figure out how to solve the battle at the fastest speed.


The enemies that appeared this time were 72. There were a large number of humans, demons, and demons all forming a variety of formations.

At this moment, countless brilliance illuminated the void, and a powerful breath struck Zhao Yuande in the center.