Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1498

Chapter 1498: Gluttonous City

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"Don't you know that this is just the place where the emperor under the emperor tried?" Yan said disapprovingly, "The eight grade immortal treasures are all mass-produced goods! At the time, I owned a fairy treasure refining treasure hall. There are countless masters, if you want to mass-produce Bapin Xianbao, you can mass produce it!"

"Goodong!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but perform a sip of saliva. He couldn't imagine how many treasures on the Ninth Grade Immortal Treasure, or even the Immortal Treasure, were in the heavenly kingdom.

"Where are we going?" Zhao Yuande felt that he would continue this topic, maybe it would collapse, and hurriedly changed the topic.

"Netherworld Luoshayu!" Yan mentioned this place, his voice began to tremble, seemed very excited, and seemed a little scary.

"Netherworld Luoshayu? Is there this place? Why have I never heard of it?" Zhao Yuande felt the scalp tingling for a while after hearing the name, and a bad hunch flooded his heart.

"You'll know when you get there!" Yan's emotions just passed away, and then became flat again.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande responded with doubt, but didn't ask again, but remembered Sun Yang and their affairs, and then told Yan his thoughts.

"This is simple, as long as you want, I can send you out of the stars and stars at any time, and will reach anywhere in the fairy world." Yan nodded and agreed.

Zhao Yuande was truly relieved, with a relaxed expression on his face.

He did not know exactly where he was greeted, nor what danger he was about to face.

But in the other side of the world, Feng Cang whispered helplessly: "Now it's a bit early to go to the Nether Luosha region? Can he persevere? Hope it can!"

I don't know how long it took, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a chilling breath!

"This... we can even feel the breath of the outside world in the large array of stars and stars?" Zhao Yuande exclaimed incredulously.

"The great array of heavens and stars can't stop the penetration of the breath of the seventh-generation creation **** treasure of the Nether Luosha region!" Yan's voice was obviously a little nervous.

At this time, Zhao Yuande suddenly seemed to be standing in the endless void, in front of him was a huge, **** land, and vaguely visible huge cities on the land, a wave of evil spirits rushed from these cities. As a result, there are eight kinds of animal forms including dragon, tiger, phoenix, unicorn, basalt, gluttonous, poor, and dao.

Behind him was a large array of chaotic rays of light. If this large array did not give him a sense of dependence behind him, now he would even tremble.

This does not mean that he is afraid, but a kind of fear that comes from deep inside, and he is completely out of his control.

"Is this the place I'm going to?" Zhao Yuande's voice shivered slightly.

"Yes! You can choose one of the eight beast cities in the Netherworld of Luosha." Zhao Yuande didn't find it at this time. Standing beside him was a faint figure, which looked like a middle-aged man.

The two knives were sharpened with sharp edges and corners, and the eyes were shining with dazzling glory. When he looked at the continent, his eyes could not help revealing a flash of memory.

"I choose..." Zhao Yuande looked at the eight cities, and finally set his sights on the gluttonous body. He was barely related to the gluttonous eating tradition, so he pointed out, "I choose gluttonous!"

"Okay! Now send you to gluttonous city! You will spend a total of twelve days in gluttonous city. As long as you can survive, I will send you back as soon as twelve days arrive!" Yan's voice gradually Faint.

Zhao Yuande only felt that his body seemed to enter a space-time wormhole all of a sudden, and he appeared outside a big city at the next moment!

Ayutthaya didn't feel as shocking as it looked in the void, and no terrible murderous air came, as if it were a sleeping beast lying quietly on the ground.

At the gate of the city stood an old man in red, holding a wine gourd and pouring wine in his mouth!

Zhao Yuande could clearly feel the terrible breath from the old man, as if it was a bottomless abyss. Compared to the Great Dust Fairy Emperor, Zhumo Demon Fairy Emperor was more powerful than many times.

Fortunately, the other party didn't have the ability to stimulate the body's breath, otherwise Zhao Yuande might be crushed by him directly to become a powder.

At this time the city gate was closed, and there was only an old man in red at the gate. Zhao Yuande knew that the key to entering the city was the old man in red.

He walked forward cautiously and asked respectfully: "This senior, don't know this gluttonous city..."

"Little guy, don't worry, wait until the old man finishes drinking!" Zhao Yuande hadn't finished speaking yet, and he heard a voice coming into his mind.

Zhao Yuande shut up immediately. The old man didn't talk. Fortunately, a bit of chill came into his body, and he shivered involuntarily.

It seems like a pot of ice water splashed directly on the head in countless cold days, if ordinary cultivators might be frozen into ice tuozi directly, and if Zhao Yuande is not the soul of the gods comparable to the peak of the **** emperor, he will almost enter the fairyland, now I am afraid Three liters of vomiting blood should also be directly.

Zhao Yuande knew that the other party said this, and there was no power at all, it was just a common voice transmitted by a god.

Because of this, he will feel the terrible and powerful of the other party more.

Even if this kind of person usually speaks and talks, a look, even a random action, will make the emperor, even the practitioners of the Divine Emperor Realm, die.

Zhao Yuande saw this old man in red, and immediately understood why the powerful in the fairy emperor realm, almost never appeared in front of the low-level cultivators, because their momentum was too strong, if they frequently appeared in the low-level cultivators In front of them, I am afraid that these low-level practitioners will all be unstable, and even lose the courage to practice.

Zhao Yuande waited so quietly, not in a hurry.

"Hiccup!" The old man burped the wine and put down the wine gourd in his hand. Then he carefully looked up and down Zhao Yuande.

"Well! The guy is not bad, barely enough to enter the gluttonous city! Tell me about where you come from, what kind of power do you belong to?" The old man nodded with satisfaction, and asked with interest.

Zhao Yuande only felt a strong alcohol rush, and the whole world seemed to become a large wine tank at once, he seemed to be soaked in the wine tank!

"Go back to the seniors! The juniors come from the heavens and the worlds, and belong to...the Huntian fairyland!" Zhao Yuande thought for a moment, or said the name Huntian fairyland.