Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Mysterious Beggar

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This restaurant is a distance away from the Zhao family, but now Zhao Yuande's flesh is strong, and his speed is more than ten times faster than before.

But he hadn't left far, and the feeling of being tracked came back to him.

He turned his head to look behind him, and saw the black figure again.

But now it was daytime, there were a lot of people on the street, and his courage also grew stronger, and he stopped to look at the shadow.

In his eyes was a beggar with ragged clothes. The beggar's hair covered his face, but he could vaguely see a pair of sword eyebrows in his temples, but under the sword eyebrows, a pair of hollow eyes were not angry at all.

"It turned out to be a beggar?" Zhao Yuande was a little puzzled. Was he wrong?

At the moment when he was dumbfounded, the beggar had arrived in front of him and reached out with a pair of dirty hands.

"Give me!" The beggar's voice was low and hoarse, as if there was a strange magic, so that the people who heard it would do what the words meant.

Looking at the beggar's hand, Zhao Yuande could not help but unconsciously took out a paper bag from his arms and handed it to the other party.

This is a special dim sum he bought in a restaurant, and he intends to go back and taste it for his mother.

The oil-paper bag was just delivered to the other party. Zhao Yuande excited the spirits and fought a cold war, and the whole person woke up suddenly.

He looked at the beggar in disbelief, and he was terrified.

The other person's short sentence just took control of his mind in an instant. This person was terrifying.

You know, he is the rebirth of the Divine Emperor, although his flesh has returned to his teenage years, he still possesses the spirit of God.

How could he be lost, and what terrifying point did the other party's cultivation practice reach?

He didn't dare to move at all. The other party wanted to kill him more easily than crushing an ant, just staring at him.

The beggar withdrew his dirty hands and slowly opened the oil paper bag, and the fragrance of the snack suddenly diffused.

Zhao Yuande could clearly see that the beggar saw the dim sum in the oil paper bag, and froze a little, his empty eyes flashed.

"What is this?" The low, hoarse voice rang again.

"It's a snack for my mother. Uncle, if you're hungry, eat it first!" Zhao Yuande tried his best to calm down the inner vibration and answered in the tone of a teenager.

"Mother..." The beggar's body shook slightly, and the next moment, the whole person disappeared in front of Zhao Yuande as a black light.

Suddenly there was one more thing in Zhao Yuande's hand. It was the unpacked grease-paper bag, and there was one less snack in it.

Who is this? What did he ask me for? Why suddenly disappeared again?

This person's cultivation is incredible, and he has never encountered it in his previous life. Is it really his own rebirth that deflected some things.

Questions circled in Zhao Yuande's mind, but he could not find the answer anyway.

Zhao family.

Zhao Yunpeng was drinking wine bit by bit, his face full of sadness.

"Yun Peng, drink less!" Jiang Yilin looked at her husband, and Wen Wanruyu's face showed pain.

"Hey! You and De'er are suffering!" Zhao Yunpeng slowly put down the glass and sighed in guilt.

"It really doesn't work, I'm going to ask my brother..." Jiang Yilin tentatively suggested.

"No... I can't afford to lose that person! You don't have to deal with this matter, let me deal with it!" Before her words were finished, she was interrupted by Zhao Yunpeng, "I really can't fight it with them, I don't believe it The family can remain indifferent!"

"Hey! Brother is doing too much, we say how to be a family!" Jiang Yilin said that the brother is the current Zhao family head, Zhao Yunpeng's pro-brother Zhao Yunfeng.

"Huh... Don't pretend to be this person before me!" Zhao Yunpeng heard the word Brother, and suddenly looked terrible and gloomy.


Jiang Yilin still had something to say, but then there was a sound of the door smashing outside.

Then an arrogant voice came into their ears.

"Zhao Yunpeng, you get out of here!"

"Damn! This group of people dared to break into our Zhao family. It seems that some people did not plan to give me a way of life!" Zhao Yunpeng smashed the table in front of him and strode out of the house.

Jiang Yilin's face changed, and he hurriedly followed him closely.

Several fierce big men, led by a cold-eyed middle-aged man, have already entered the gate.

"It turned out to be Zhou Tianhao's presence, and it seems that the second prince's family is over today!" Several high guards on the high wall not far away were talking in a low voice.

"The owner is too ruthless, after all, it is a brother, as for?" One of them was very puzzled.

"Hush! Keep it quiet, don't let the owner hear it, otherwise our few lives will not be guaranteed!" The person next to him hurriedly covered his mouth, fearing that he would say anything irrational.

"The competition in the big family is so cruel, the old lady killed three brothers before becoming the patriarch!"

"The second lord is not thin to us on weekdays, shall we just watch like this?"


The several guards all looked bitter, so why couldn't they do it!

"Zhou Tianhao, you are so bold and dare to dare to break into my Zhao family!" Seeing the middle-aged man, Zhao Yunpeng's heart had sunk.

This Zhou Tianhao is the pro-uncle of the Zhou family. He has reached the early stage of the blood sea **** fetus, and even the elder Zhao Jiashuo is not his opponent. This time he seems to be more fierce.

"Huh! Zhao Yunpeng, you dare to rob my Zhou family's goods, and also hurt my Zhou family's children, are you when my Zhou family is empty?" Zhou Tianhao sneered, walking towards the other party step by step.

"You... you're talking nonsense, it's clearly your Zhou family..." Zhao Yunpeng is a person with a straightforward personality. He is so upside down, confused black and white, suddenly black with a angry face, and almost fell to the ground with a faint head.

"Yunpeng..." Jiang Yilin hurriedly stepped forward to support her husband, watching the faces of the Zhou family all pleading.

"Zhao Yunpeng took out one hundred middle-grade spirit jade today and I will turn around, otherwise I will... hum!" Zhou Tianhao sneered again and again, his cold eyes inadvertently swept across Jiang Yilin's face, and couldn't help but reveal a slight surprise Soon, this surprise turned into greed.

"Hey, if you really can't get Lingyu, it's okay to give me this woman beside you!"

"Ah... I fight with you!" Zhao Yunpeng's eyes were red, like a wounded mad tiger, who snarled toward Zhou Tianhao. Even if he died, he would not insult his woman.


It's a pity that Zhao Yunpeng's cultivation practice really differs from the other party by a big level, but he was shot in the air with just one face.

The whole body hit the courtyard wall, a mouthful of blood spewed out, and the whole person suddenly languished, and it was seen that he was seriously injured.

"Yunpeng..." Jiang Yilin threw Zhao Yunpeng in front of him and lifted him up, "Yunpeng, how are you?"

"Humph, I don't know if I'm dead or alive!" Zhou Tianhao waved to the big men behind him, "kill Zhao Yunpeng and take his woman away!"

Several big men like wolves rushed towards the couple with a grin.

"Death!" A voice sounded in the ears of everyone like a thunder, and a figure fell into the courtyard like lightning.