Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Snipe Fight

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I only saw a huge mountain-like white-hair giant ape fighting a human fiercely.

The man was an old man in black. His body was surrounded by a circle of golden ripples. A blue dragon sword was waving in his hand, and a terrible golden knife lashed towards the white-haired giant ape.

"Sixth-order Zhu Yan cubs, possessing the 70% blood of the ancient **** Zhu Yan, born with divine power to control Thunder... High-grade ingredients, matching the recipe "Thunder Blood Sea", let practitioners add 10% of Zhu Yan blood veins, food ingredients table... The difficulty of catching is impossible!"

"It turned out to be the bloodline of the ancient Zhu Yan! This guy is awesome. If he grows up at least, it is equivalent to a **** emperor strong!" Zhao Yuande looked at this Zhu Yan cub, and his mouth almost came out!

"Zhuo Qinglong, the elder of Zhongyu Alliance, the six-level realm of freedom in the realm, the body of Qinglong... intermediate ingredients... matching recipes... list of ingredients... the difficulty of catching is impossible!"

"This old guy is the elder of the Zhongyu League. It's okay to run so far and fight with Zhu Yan's cubs. Is there any talent to be born here?" Zhao Yuande felt the air around him, and he was comparable to the world's strong. The spirit of God shrouded Shino, but found no signs of the birth of treasures.

"It's weird!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be curious. Does this old guy want to kill Zhu Yan's cub?

Zhao Yuande was taken aback by his own idea. This is the ancient bloodline of the ancient Zhu. You should know that the ancient gods and beasts are all the parents-in-law of the congenital gods and devils. If Zhu Yan is a bloodline, its okay, but he has a 70% bloodline. This is a very rare phenomenon of returning to the ancestors, and I am afraid that it always has the attention of the innate **** and devil.

If this old guy really hurt the other party, it was the terrible anger of the innate **** demon that greeted him and even the Eastern Emperor Great World!

The war not far away was at its most fierce at this time, Zhuo Qinglong prevailed at this time, a golden light fell like a train, like a waterfall falling from nine days, the terrible power shocked the whole land, countless Both the beast and the cultivator tremble under this power.

However, although the knife light is strong, the damage to Zhu Yan's pups is not obvious, but the fragment of the fur cut on it is broken, and a series of blood marks appear on Zhu Yan's pups, and large white hairs are flying all over the sky.

"Hey! Zhu Yanchen surrender to me! Otherwise, you will die under my knife soon!" Zhuo Qinglong smiled proudly on his face at this time, he accidentally found this Zhu Yan cub, all the way from The wild land chased here. There were more than a dozen battles between the two, and they ended in Zhu Yan's escape.


Zhu Yan roared roaringly, and looked at Zhuo Qinglong's eyes with endless anger!

"As long as you surrender to me, I will treat you as a partner!" Zhuo Qinglong still refused to give up, follow the temptation.


Zhu Yan's cub is obviously able to understand Zhuo Qinglong's words. At this time, he has been completely irritated by his words. He beat his chest in angrily and roared upward in the sky!

Its whole body of thunder and light masterpiece, a terrible black electro-optical turned into a terrible Jiaolong toward the Zhuo Qinglong teeth and claws.

The fast speed of thunderlight makes it impossible for people to avoid. Zhuo Qinglong only had time to offer a blue bronze mirror, which was drowned by the electro-optical Jiaolong that poured out the next moment!


Among the electro-optics, Zhuo Qinglong was erected by the electric hair, and his body was attacked by thunder light, hurting his internal organs.

"Damn! I killed you!"

Zhuo Qinglong roared and turned into a golden-winged bird in the air. The bird spread its wings with a golden light across the sky. A large mountain was directly swept by the golden light and disconnected from the middle!

Zhu Yan couldn't dodge, was swept by the golden light, and a big mouth with a length of several feet was split on the thigh. The golden blood was flying all over the sky. Every drop of blood was like a mountain, hitting the ground and making a rumbling noise!

The Qinglong Dadao has completely recovered his consciousness at this time, flipping up and down in the sky and launching an attack on Zhu Yan's cub alone.

"Zhu Yan really blood!"

At this time, Zhao Yuande was full of excitement. Although he couldn't catch this Zhu Yan, but getting some blood was also a good choice.

His body swayed continuously, gradually approaching the fighting area.


After being so hurt, Zhu Yan's cubs were even more violent, with root hairs on their bodies and a red body.

It frantically grabbed the broken mountain on the ground and smashed the golden-winged bird that flew into the air, and the blue dragon sword didn't even bother to cut it.

The broken mountain was so huge that this one was thrown out by Zhu Yan's cub, and its power was no less than a blow from the strongest of the Sixth Heaven King Realm in the realm.

At the same time, Zhu Yan's cub stomped the ground fiercely, his huge body rushed into the sky like a shell, and punched hard at the golden-winged bird.

The golden-winged bird is huge, with its wings spreading forty to forty feet. A pair of claws that can cut gold and jade cut across two golden awns, directly cutting the huge mountain into two sections.

The claws shattered the mountain, but did not stop the terrible fists of Zhu Yan's cub in time, and he hit the wings on one side with a fist!

Suddenly Jin Yu was in the sky, and a large area of blood mist spattered the ground, like small meteorites, smashing the ground.

Half of the wings of the golden-winged bird are broken, and they can no longer keep the wishful change, falling obliquely from the sky and crashing down on the ground!

At this time Zhuo Qinglong had changed back to his original appearance, except that one arm was bloody. He took a pill in pain, and his face was grinning.

"Since you want it, then I will really fight you!"


When Zhu Yan's cub fell from the sky, he directly smashed the ground out of a huge hole!

As soon as it hit the effect, the excited howl rushed towards Zhuo Qinglong.

Zhuo Qinglong beckoned Qinglong's big hand came to him. He opened a large mouth of golden blood mist with his mouth and wrapped the entire sword. Qinglong's sword was like a greedy demon that immediately sucked all the blood mist and the whole blade began to tremble violently.

A terrible roar came from the sword. It seemed that the demon head suppressed in Hell was liberated, and endless terrible power emanated from the sword, and a black demon gas enveloped the earth.

When Zhu Yan's cub saw this scene, there was a sudden fear on his face, and the body rushed to the other party stopped, and he turned and fled towards the depths of the swamp.

"Can you still escape?" Zhuo Qinglong's face showed a cruel smile.

A huge black magic dragon broke free from the knife, wrapped up with a terrible magic energy, and the dragon's head was high, and a spit out suddenly, a thick black magic gas seemed to erupt as a long-lost volcano, instantly Just before catching up with Zhu Yan's cub.


The huge body of Zhu Yan's cub was blown away by magic energy, and he directly hit the mountain in the swamp.

The whole mountain instantly sat down and turned away, Zhu Yan's pups screamed painfully, and climbed up to escape to the depths of the swamp.

"Damn! This guy's flesh is too strong!" Zhuo Qinglong shook his body, grabbed Qinglong's sword, and chased him deep into the swamp.