Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1500

Chapter 1500: Rank

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Zhao Yuande found that he could not suppress the other party. The other party seemed to be a violent wild barbarian. Every time he collided with Zhao Yuande, he gave a violent roar!

The man didn't speak a word, and his expression remained calm, but Zhao Yuande could feel that the other party seemed to lack a spirituality.

With this discovery, he couldn't help but feel even more shocked, is this just a phantom!

Only a phantom can share the same with yourself, if the real person is here, you will definitely lose!

Perhaps only after entering the fourth layer of the Heavenly Eucharist, or after turning on the four stars, can he be compared with his real body!

The battle lasted for two full hours. Although their power could explode the planet and destroy a world, but in the gluttonous city, they didn't even break a house, which made Zhao Yuande also produce this ghost Luosha. A deep awe.

In the end, Zhao Yuande relied on his immortal body to kill the other party alive!

"Oh! The kid is not bad! But his luck is still really bad. He encountered the top 100 characters in the first battle. I don't know if he will leave a shadow of his mind!"

Zhao Yuande saw that the opposite figure disappeared slowly, and then took a long breath, then sat on the ground without a figure, but re-summoned Zhao Shizi to protect himself, and then fell into crazy absorption again. .


Not knowing how much time passed, Zhao Yuande heard a clicking sound in his body.

He opened his eyes in surprise, he even entered the fourth floor of the Heavenly Eucharist through the battle through the absorption of chaotic air in less than a day!

My physical body is now more than ten times stronger than before, but the power has not increased much, but now if I let me fight that man again, I should be able to defeat it in only one third of the time!

But if you want to quickly defeat your opponent, you still need absolute power! Need to turn on the fourth star!

Zhao Yuande stood up slowly. Now that he has entered the next day, he feels that he needs to overcome ten people as soon as possible. The more he cultivates here, the less he does not want to leave.

After he strode out, he glanced at the Quartet and quickly selected the ten nearest people!

Ten battles started one after another...

After these ten battles, Zhao Yuande spent a total of two hours. He also clearly understood how powerful he was when he first met that bearded man!

Only one of the ten people this time is comparable to the bearded man, while the others are weaker.

However, Zhao Yuande knew that if these were not virtual images, I am afraid that he would not be so easy to pass today, maybe he would die here!

To know that these are the most powerful geniuses in the void, Zhao Yuande has been able to have such achievements and has made him proud!

Of course, after these ten battles, he has made great progress in both combat experience and combat skills.

He felt the sensation of his realm and felt like he was about to enter the late Emperor!

As long as he can enter the late Emperor's later period, his combat effectiveness will be improved again, although it is only a little, but in this level of combat, it can play a vital role.

In this way, Zhao Yuande continued to fight continuously in this gluttonous city, continuously improving his cultivation and combat effectiveness!

The sixth day!

He has obtained the residence qualification here, and for the time being ranked 736th, he is not in the house, just a ghost in the house!

The seventh day!

The old man in red looked shocked at Zhao Yuande entering the peak of the emperor, and collided with the virtual shadow of the top 20 strong men, and a terrifying battle took place.

An hour later, Zhao Yuande covered the phantom body with blood!

Eighth day! ninth day! tenth day!

On the tenth day, Zhao Yuande finally met the real body of the first genius. This is an unknown creature shrouded in golden flame.

He has been fighting with this unknown creature for five hours, and finally used the undead body to consume all the power alive!

But just when Zhao Yuande was about to make the final blow, a blaze came from the void and swept away the unknown creature directly!

Zhao Yuande did not feel strange. Each of these geniuses was shocked and brilliant, and each one was hard to find for thousands of years. They have poured the efforts of all major forces. If it falls here, it is too worth it!

Zhao Yuande defeated this unidentified creature in the golden flame and found that his ranking increased from the original 736th place to his 474th place!

He knew that the unknown creature in this golden flame must have been ranked 478!

Now you have defeated the opponent, and naturally replaced the opponent!

However, he is very dissatisfied with his ranking, which shows that he is among the geniuses in the void, but it is only at a medium level, or even moderately low!

On the eleventh day, he really couldn't persevere, and finally defeated sixty-two opponents, and it was just a day after the live!

But he has no regrets. After this day's battle, his ranking continued to move forward to 431! This is a big improvement!

As soon as the time came, he felt an irresistible force curling him out of the gluttonous city!

Outside the gluttonous city, the old man in red looked up and down at Zhao Yuande, his face showing satisfaction!

"Boy, the first time I entered the gluttonous city, I entered 431! You are really a freak, good! Good!" The old man in red praised, "In order to commend your performance, I will give it to you five years later. Your chance to enter gluttonous city once, I hope you will not let me down!"

Zhao Yuande only felt that the jade card in his hand was hot. It seemed that some kind of mysterious power was applied to the jade card. It seemed that he had the ability to shuttle through space once more!

Of course, this ability to shuttle space has a long cooling time, as the other party said, five years later!

"Thank you senior!" Zhao Yuande arched his hands, his words full of gratitude.

Don't underestimate the time of the eleven days, it seems that ordinary people suddenly entered the fairy world and can absorb the fairy energy of the fairy world. The increase in combat power is not a little bit!

Now Zhao Yuande's cultivation base has reached the peak of the emperor, and the Huntian Eucharist has also reached the fourth floor. Only the fourth star of the Chaos Eucharist has not been turned on, otherwise, his current strength can already be comparable to that before the explosion. !