Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1502

Chapter 1502: Leave Here

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Five years is a long time for him. He can get the Time Immortal Palace first, and then practice at a speed of 200 times. Five years is equivalent to a thousand years. After five years, he will enter the gluttonous city himself. He definitely has Confidence can enter the top ten!

Seeing the brilliance in Zhao Yuande's eyes, Xia Yan nodded silently. Although this younger generation is not as talented as himself, he has extraordinary fighting spirit and chances. His future achievements may still be above himself!

"Senior, send me to the third level! I want to enter the top ten this time, I want to choose the ninth time fairy palace!" Zhao Yuande's face showed extraordinary confidence.

Although he didn't turn on four stars at this time, he practiced to the fourth level of the Heavenly Eucharist, and he had absolute confidence in the third level!

"Good!" Xia Yan nodded, he was waiting for Zhao Yuande's words.

Although he can directly give all the treasures to Zhao Yuande, but that gives the other party a kind of thoughts for nothing, for Zhao Yuande's future development, he will never do so.

Zhao Yuande entered the third hurdle, and in front of him were twenty-four powerful players of Divine Emperor Realm, whose fighting power was at the peak of Divine Emperor Realm!

However, Zhao Yuande's physical body is now close to the fairy realm strong, and the soul is close to the fairy realm strong, only the realm is not enough, otherwise these twenty-four people will be crushed to death in a short time.

The battle was on the verge, Zhao Yuande's powerful flesh and terror speed, as well as terrible magical powers, broke out together.

In the end, it took only nine breaths to kill the twenty-four Divine Emperor Realm Powerhouses!

This time made Zhao Yuande slightly uneasy, which was worse than expected. The most important thing is that his strength is now slightly inferior, and now it can only be equivalent to the peak of the Divine Emperor Realm.

"Congratulations, the third level is ranked ninth, eligible to enter the ninth floor of the ninth floor to choose a treasure!" Xia Yan's voice is like a natural sound, listening to Zhao Yuande's whole body is refreshing and cool!

"I choose the time immortal palace!" Zhao Yuande had already been reminded by Xia Mingyu, so he chose the time immortal temple without hesitation.

"Well! Okay! The Time Immortal Hall is indeed a very good nine-grade fairy treasure!" Xia Yan nodded.

Then a stream of light crossed the sky, and a small fairy palace fell in the palm of Zhao Yuande.

"This immortal palace is still a bit too heavy for you now, so you still have to use it with caution!" Xia Yan asked, "especially its time acceleration function, it needs a lot of energy!"

"Can I refine it into my body world?" Zhao Yuande heard the other party saying something slightly discolored.

"It can be! But it really wastes its powerful effects. First of all, it is a god's soul fairy treasure. Sometimes the light fairy palace guards the god's soul. Your god's soul is like a golden soup, even the fairy emperor cannot suppress or Kill you!" Xia Yan said slowly.

"It was so!" Zhao Yuande nodded slowly, repositioning the treasure in his heart.

"Okay, in fact there are two treasures on the ninth floor of the Void Fairy Hall, one is the Peerless Nebula Nebula and the other is a chaotic original stone. I think you will not need these two treasures!" Xia Yan reminded Said, "Since this is the case, you should leave the group for now!"

Zhao Yuande didn't expect that Xia Yan let himself leave now, which shocked and looked forward to.

Although he has only been in the trial space for five months, the improvement here is very huge. To be honest, he really wants to stay here for a while.

But thinking that Sun Yang would have been waiting hard here, he nodded.

"Senior! When can we meet again?" Zhao Yuande gave Xia Yan a hand.

"As soon as the five-year time limit arrives, I will re-send you to gluttonous city, I hope you can give me a surprise!" Xia Yan nodded to him.

Zhao Yuande is still a little bit reluctant, but it doesn't make much sense to him here.

He only felt the light and shadow changed, and found himself next to Sun Yang in the next moment.

"Brother Zhao!" Sun Yang and other people suddenly saw Zhao Yuande's eyes.

"Let's go! Let's leave here, everyone will follow me!" Zhao Yuande nodded and waved them to the place he had planned with Xia Yan.

There is a large lake, and now there is a deep channel under the lake.

As soon as Zhao Yuande's figure disappeared, they suddenly met during the day, Han Wentian and Yu He received the news.

They marched towards Zhao Yuande and they came after them.

The Great Lake is very close to the Trial Palace. After a dozen breaths, Zhao Yuan and they have appeared by the Great Lake.

"Zhao Yuande, you don't want to run away!" The first person who arrived was Han Wentian, and the vast crowd of cold families.

More than three hundred of them actually formed a mysterious formation. Every time, the general Han family released the power of the world to block the void, while the other half rested, and the formation really looked like an iron bucket!

Han Wentian was surrounded by the center of the formation. It seemed that he had already lost his fear of Zhao Yuande. At this time, some arrogantly shouted at Zhao Yuande.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande could not help but see a sneer on his face.

"You guys! I will fight together to help this group of Han family members. I will kill this Han Wentian in one blow, as a lesson to them before leaving!" Zhao Yuande sent his soul to follow him out of the trial space Everyone.

Everyone nodded their heads in excitement.

"Everyone listened to my orders, and when I said the attack, everyone must seize the opportunity!" Zhao Yuande asked again.

"Relax! Brother Zhao!" Sun Yang nodded and answered.

The girl snuggling beside Zheng Yu among the crowd heard her words suddenly, and suddenly her eyes lit up.

She had thought that the reward was hopeless, and now she rekindled hope!

She cherished a golden charm from her arms, depicting a radiant fairy sword. She pinched the golden charm in her hand, and her face showed a slightly gruesome expression.

"Sister! Your enemy is about to die!"

"Is it worth it? This is Jin Jianfu, your last life-saving means!" Zheng Yu's face was solemn, he didn't expect the other party to take out this thing.

"Worth!" The girl nodded!

"Zhao Yuande! Your group of friends is over, and Brother Yu and Bai are about to come. They will surely die under the siege of a thousand people! And how many people can you kill if you go all out?" Han Wentian said with a big smile Then he ordered, "Give me all the power to block the void to prevent this guy from going through the void, as long as..."

"Hands on!" Just before Han Wentian's words were finished, Zhao Yuande suddenly burst into a scream, and when a sword light shot out, the tearing void had already reached the Han family's large formation.