Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1504

Chapter 1504: Torn Face

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"Good! Patriarch, Han family, united with Baidi Palace, Tianyizong, chasing us everywhere, if Brother Zhao took us away, we might still be nestled in the safe zone now!" Sun Yang had watched this time Out of the anger of this Han Family Immortal Emperor, if there is no help from many Immortal Emperors, Zhao Yuande may be really in danger today.

"Yes! Without Brother Zhao, we can't do anything now, maybe we will die long ago!" Shen Tu Yingjie also echoed loudly.

"Brother Zhao saved us from fire and water!" Xuan Jizong Jiang Jian also spoke slowly.

Hundreds of people who were rescued by Zhao Yuande suddenly spoke in solidarity with Zhao Yuande.

At this time, all the fairy emperors and emperors, looking at Han Tian, the eyes of the three emperors were also full of chill.

"Han Tian! You have to give me an explanation!" Although Mrs. An is only a fairy, but it represents An's family, but not the Han family can offend!

"Mrs. An, this matter is not what you think about it. I gave the order, and they absolutely dared not deal with the An family!" Emperor Han Tian, who saw Mrs. An, who had been aloof, said, suddenly felt a terrible headache!

This is Anjia, a family of Peerless Immortal Emperor. Peerless Immortal Emperor wants to pinch himself, just like pinching an ant, so he will never provoke this kind of force until he has no last resort.

"Really? Then why did the Han family disciples come to suppress us when we finally left?" An Yunlan stood up and said.

Although she is just a junior, this tone is also somewhat disrespectful, but Anjia is not an ordinary family, and Anyun Lan is one of the future hopes in the family!

"Good! Hanjia, Baidi Palace, Tianyizong is so abominable!" The two other girls in Anjia also hurriedly echoed.

"This..." Emperor Han Tian felt a headache.

If he can kill, he would like to kill everyone here, but unfortunately he can't do this at all!

At the level of Immortal Emperor, it is basically impossible to kill a person completely!

Each immortal emperor will bring out several avatars to sit around, and if the body really falls, these avatars can come in handy and be reborn.

So now he can only bow his head in front of An Family.

"My Yao family? Why didn't they come out?" At this time, a beautiful woman with the same grace and grace stood up and looked coldly at Zhao Yuande.

The woman Ann frowned, but this man was the wife of the Yao family, the mother of Yao Kongzhu, the powerful woman in the Yao family!

The Yao family is a powerful family at the same level as Anjia, who also has a peerless fairy emperor sitting in the central fairy palace.

"Yao Kongzhu is not my friend! I am not obliged to save her!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the woman, just explaining lightly.

"Humph! How dare you speak to me like this!" Mrs. Yao heard Zhao Yuande's answer, her tone was slow, she didn't have any respect for herself, she couldn't help but feel angry and screamed.

"I know who you are?" Zhao Yuande saw in the trial space what is the real powerhouse, and what is the terrifying existence of the level of destruction. Compared with those terrifying existences, the immortal emperor is almost weak. Ling.

Especially his ancestor Feng Cang, able to destroy the immortal kingdom such as the Huntian Immortal Kingdom, which has countless immortal emperors, and also has supreme, eternal, and even supreme-level immortal emperors, the power it possesses is simply unimaginable.

Now a strong man in the fairyland jumped out and threatened herself, she regarded herself as someone!

"Good! You are very good! You dare not save my Yao family, you should be guilty of death! Han Tianxian Emperor, take him to me! I think this kid must know some secrets!" The body was trembling, and his face was very unsightly. He turned to look at Han Tianxian Emperor, his attitude was a little stern.

However, Han Tianxian Emperor heard the words of Mrs. Yao, not only not angry, but a hint of joy on his face.

Because the reliance behind their cold family is the Yao family, speaking of Mrs. Yao's words is equivalent to an order for him!

"Yes! Madam!" Han Tianxian Emperor bowed slightly at the waist, replied respectfully.

Then when he turned around again, the breath on his body was surging like a sea of oceans, rushing towards the imperial fairy emperor.

He knew that if he wanted to win Zhao Yuande, he had to pass the level of Zhumo Xiandi, and Zhumo Xiandi had a reputation, but it was not so easy to deal with!

"Ancestor!" Sun Yang looked nervously at the ancestor of his family. He didn't want Zhao Yuande to have an accident, otherwise his Sun Yang would still live.

"Don't worry! Zhao Yuande is my grandson's family, and no one wants to take him away!" The voice of Zhumo Xiandi was powerful, and his eyes looked at Han Tianxian without fear. His body was also surging.

"Zhao Yuande is the benefactor of our Xuanji Sect. Xuanji Sect will fully support him!" The Jade Emperor, who had lost a chance, no longer hesitated and stood beside the Emperor Zhuxian.

"And our Shentu family!" Yuqing fairy emperor Lianbu moved gently, and also came to Zhumo fairy emperor.

"And my Jiang family..."

"And my Shangguan family..."

"And my Xuanmen..."

"Yunqing Palace..."


It was only a few fairy emperors in an instant, and dozens of immortal emperors came to Zhumo Immortal Emperor.

They were just bullied by Han Family, Baidi Palace, and Tianyizong.

Because the other party is in the middle age of the Emperor Han Tianxian, they feel that it is not worth offending him for such small things.

I didnt expect that their disciples were rescued by Zhao Yuande, and these disciples were still chased and killed by the three forces in the trial space. come out.

"This..." Han Tian Immortal Emperor saw seven or eight immortal emperors in front of him, and he couldn't help but change his face.

He is not a powerful enemy of these seven or eight players in his strength, and now he is really a bit difficult to ride a tiger.

He looked at Mrs. Yao with his aid, and suddenly saw Mrs. Yao's face covered with frost, but he was afraid to speak.

Suddenly he sighed in his heart, if the battle broke out, I am afraid he would not get any benefits.

And if the other party had a fairy emperor to catch the thief to capture the king first, and captured Mrs. Yao, he would immediately cast a mouse.

So he had no choice but to slacken the strength he had just gathered together.

"Good! I see how long you can protect him. Sooner or later, I will take down this kid personally, and let him survive without death!" Han Tianxian Emperor said coldly, and left.

"Very good! I want to see if I can't beg for death, or your Han family will die first!" Zhao Yuande had already hated the Han family for a long time. The Han family was his first family to be destroyed. Unable to resolve, so he simply saw through his face.