Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1505

Chapter 1505: Promote Divine Emperor Realm

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"Good! Good! Very good!" Han Tianxian Emperor's cold eyes swept over Zhao Yuande, and finally landed on Zhu Mo Xian Emperor. "Zhu Mo! You can hear his words, if you don't want the Sun's family to be ruined, Then expel this kid out of Sun's house as soon as possible, otherwise... hehe!"

"Hum! Han Tian, don't threaten me! I am not scared of the Zhumo Xiandi Emperor!" Although the Zhumo Xiandi Emperor was also taken aback by Zhao Yuande's words, but at this time, it can only be hard to the end. Now!

"Hum!" Han Tianxian Emperor finally looked at Zhao Yuande again, and his body disappeared into the void.

At this time, the Fire God Fairy Emperor and the Silver Fox also looked at each other. They knew that Zhao Yuande could not help today, so they could only leave in a hurry.

Of course, they did not think that their disciples would not be able to come out, because there are still seven months before the trial space is opened. They believe that since Zhao Yuande can successfully escape from the trial space, their gang of talented disciples will naturally Will come out.

At this time, if they knew that hundreds of disciples under the door would only stay in the trial space permanently, then they would not leave so easily.

Although the three fairy emperors left, Madam Yao did not leave!

Because her daughter is still in the trial space, that is the most powerful disciple of the Emperor Realm of the Yao family, and also her most beloved daughter!

"Sun Yang, what's going on in the trial space?" Seeing Han Tianxian Emperor leave in a rage, he was relieved as well, but after a sigh of relief, he was curious and looked at Sun Yang asked.

"Ancestor! This is the case..." Sun Yang told the demon emperor Zhu Mo the original story.

At this time, naturally all the ears of the fairy emperor and the emperor also stood up, listening quietly to Sun Yang.

Listen, listen, many people's eyes are all focused on Zhao Yuande all at once!

This young man's performance has far surpassed everyone, and his performance in the Trial Palace was shocking, and the ranking even shocked many people!

They looked at Zhao Yuande as if they saw a peerless fairy king slowly growing up.

Soon their eyes turned from the original high up to an equal gaze!

They know in their hearts that as long as Zhao Yuande is not dead, they will shock the whole fairyland when they grow up.

Of course, Sun Yang was not stupid enough to tell Zhao Yuande to kill the East of the Day, Han Wentian and others, but to avoid the heavy and take it lightly.

However, those present were all traitors, how could they not hear Sun Yang's words.

Just when everyone was shocked by Zhao Yuande's talent and power, Mrs. Yao's face was extremely ugly.

She also listened to Sun Yang's words in her ears, and she naturally felt the potential of Zhao Yuande, but at this time she was thinking about **** Zhao Yuande!

Since all the disciples came out, these Immortal Emperors and Immortal Monarchs no longer stayed. They left Bai and Daze and entered the territory of Xuanji Sect. They quickly returned to their sphere of influence through the teleportation array.

Of course, there are still many immortal emperors who are unwilling to wait on the spot, such as the immortal emperor of Qianshan Xuan Palace, whose face is now somewhat desperate.

Those three disciples are the three most powerful talents in Qianshan Xuan Palace. If they fall into the trial space, it will be a great blow to Qianshan Xuan Palace.

But Mrs. An took the three daughters An Yunlan to the Sun family as guests.

An outsider knew at a glance that this lady An was interested in Zhao Yuande's potential and wanted to win over each other.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with Zhao Yuande. Since he returned, he began to practice in closed doors.


Finally on a stormy night, there was a blast from his retreat, and thunder fell in the sky.

The entire Sun family was suddenly awakened!

"Ancestor! Brother Zhao broke through the barrier, and should be cautious about God Emperor Realm. You should help him protect the ancestors yourself!" Sun Yang directly found the Zhumo Immortal Emperor.

Since coming out of the trial of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom, Sun Yang has officially become the only young master of the Sun family, and his cultivation practice has also entered the realm of Divine Emperor successfully a month ago.

So he got the right to see his ancestor at will.

"Good!" Zhu Mo Xiandi did not hesitate.

His figure flew over to Zhao Yuande's Dong Man, he looked at the violent thunder in the void, and his face could not help changing.

"Zhao Yuande suppressed the breath in his body, otherwise our Sun's family would be destroyed, and I will take you to the sea to cross the robbery!" Zhu Moxian Emperor, with a big sleeve, directly enveloped Zhao Yuande's cave.

He grabbed Sun Yang with the other hand, his figure disappeared into the void in an instant.

The next moment, they appeared on the vast sea.

At this time, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be shocked in his heart. The Sun family didn't know how many billions of miles away from the sea area. The Emperor Zhumoxian came out of hundreds of millions of miles just as a shuttle to the void, and it was really powerful!

But this is just a thought in his head, because he will face the Heaven Tribulation of Divine Emperor Realm next!

Moreover, he forcibly suppressed the last two days of Heaven Tribulation, and now God Emperor Realm Landed, and both times were detonated at once.


After a thick thunder fell like a rain curtain, Zhao Yuande was instantly overwhelmed.

At this time, Sun Yang, who was watching from afar, saw so many thunders falling at the same time, but he was frightened by his pale face.

"Ancestor! Brother Zhao, can he bear it?" Sun Yang couldn't help but inquire about the imperial fairy emperor around him.

"No problem at all!" Zhu Mo Xiandi nodded, but his eyes were full of incredible.


Heavenly Tribulation lasted for three days and three nights.

Eventually, when Zhao Yuande was about to persevere, the Sky Tribulation quietly dispersed, and the blue sky was like a wash, making people unable to imagine the terrible scene just now!

Zhao Yuande sat cross-legged on the sea for three days in a row. This is really a solid practice, and finally stopped in the middle of the Divine Emperor!

But Zhao Yuande was not satisfied at this time.

Although the realm is cultivated to the Divine Emperor Realm, the real combat power has not increased much!

He is now thinking only about how to turn on the fourth star!

Although he got a lot of Xianbao materials in the trial space this time, he was able to produce several powerful cuisines, but he lacked many auxiliary materials.

Many of the auxiliary materials are very scarce, which makes Zhao Yuande a headache.

Now as long as he can produce one of the powerful cuisines, he can surely turn on the fourth star of the Chaos Eucharist in one fell swoop!

At that time, his fighting power can be directly called the Panxian Realm Powerhouse, which can be regarded as a little self-protection.

So after the advanced success, Zhao Yuande couldn't wait to find Sun Yang and asked him to take him to the major cities where the Sun family belongs to find these materials.