Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1506

Chapter 1506: Anping City

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As soon as Sun Yang heard that Zhao Yuande was going to buy materials, he suddenly couldn't help the corner of his mouth.

"Good! Brother Zhao's words are the decree!" Sun Yang straightened his body, with an impatient look on his face.

Next, Sun Yang and Zhao Yuande searched in the big cities to which the Sun family belongs.

But what disappointed them was that they didn't find any of these materials at all.

This can't help but disappoint the two.

But at this time, they got a message.

Two days later, the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce will hold an annual auction event, which seems to have the materials they need!

But to the two's dismay, the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce auction will be held in a city owned by the three major chambers of commerce, which is called Anping City!

Although the name of the city sounds good, the real situation is that it is the most unsafe.

Because the merchants are pursuing profits, there is no restriction on who can enter the city. As long as you have money, even if you kill more people, you can get refuge here after doing something harmful.

So it should be said that this is the city of chaos!

"Brother Zhao! If we go to Anping City, I am afraid we will be stared at by others. Our cultivation may become a prey for many people." Sun Yang said with a sad expression on his face.

"Why, if I want to go, no one can catch us unless the strong man above the fairy king!" Zhao Yuande waved. "You said, the strong man above the fairy king will value the few plants we auctioned. Immortal medicine?"

"But you are now the White Emperor Palace, and their eyes are stabbed in the flesh. If they know that you appear in Anping City, they will certainly betray you without hesitation!" Sun Yang hesitated and said, "Let me apply to my ancestor. , How about sending a Taishang elder to protect you?"

"Brother Sun! Do you like being followed by an old man all day long?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help crying when he heard each other's words, he wanted the fairy king strong to call the star picker at any time, this guy is still carrying himself 'S two disciples tried everywhere, and if he found him himself, he would definitely be there on call!

"I don't like it!" Sun Yang told the truth.

"That's not enough! After I changed my appearance, even the Immortal Emperor could not see through it, and I promised that there would be no problems!" Zhao Yuande assured him by patting his chest!

"Okay! Since that's the case, let's go!" Sun Yang is also a simple person. Since he agreed, he set off immediately. "Anping City is in the gap between several major forces. There is no long-distance transmission array in the city. We need to send the fairy to Minghai City of the Shentu family, and then fly for a while."

"OK! It just happened that Xiaojin grew up now. It's faster than us, so let him take us to Anping City!" Zhao Yuande gently touched Xiaojin's head with his finger.

"Tweet!" Xiao Jin whispered softly, and his eyes were also eager to try.

They soon left the Sun family's sphere of influence and appeared in the Minghai city of the Shen Tu family.

And at this time, someone in the White Emperor Palace passed the news that Zhao Yuande walked out of the Sun's site and wanted to participate in the Anping City auction!

At this time, Han Tianxian Emperor, who was a guest in the White Emperor Palace, and Mrs. Yao of the Yao Family, the eyes flashed fiercely at once.

"I went to slaughter this kid!" Han Tianxian Emperor whispered.

"Slow!" Mrs. Yao waved her hand. "You are still so reckless in cold days. Are you going out to tell Zhumon they are going to kill the kid? And the cultivation of this kid is nothing but Emperor Realm. Not worth your shot! Fire God Immortal Emperor, you can just send someone to solve him!"

"Yes! Mrs. Yao said so! It's enough to send a disciple of fairyland to crush him!" The Fire God Emperor nodded and hurriedly called his three proud disciples.

These three proud disciples are not the heirs of the White Emperor Palace, but are his disciples of the Fire God Immortal Emperor. Such good things, he naturally cannot cheapen others, so he let his disciples take action.

"I will arrange a character for you now, killing Zhao Yuande, a disciple of Sun's surname, and Sun Yang, if he can do it easily!" The Fire God Immortal glanced at the three disciples, his eyes showing a bit of harshness.

Among these three disciples, two of them are the pinnacle of God Emperor, and one of them is the early stage of the fairyland.

Mrs. Yao and Han Tianxian Emperor looked at the three disciples of the Fire God Emperor and nodded again and again.

Their feeling is also similar to that of the Fire God Immortal Emperor, who believes that Zhao Yuande can't escape these three people's pursuit!

But where do they know how powerful Zhao Yuande really is, otherwise it will not be so slow.

"Give you ten days, if you can't complete the task within ten days, you can raise your head to see it yourself!" The voice of the Fire God Fairy Emperor has a cold breath, which is a warning to the three disciples .

"Disciples obey the orders!" The three looked at each other with ease in their eyes.

They are much stronger than Zhao Yuande, and Zhao Yuande is in the bright, they are dark!

Time and place are harmonious, and they are all occupied, killing Zhao Yuande is a matter of stability.

Zhao Yuande's appearance changed in Minghai City. After leaving the city, Xiao Jin became ten feet in size, carrying them and disappearing into the sky.

Xiao Jin's speed has reached an incredible level, at this time even Zhao Yuande's Kunpeng really can't catch up!

However, although Xiao Jin is fast, he is still young, but his staying power is not good.

Although it only took a little half an hour to fly, it was panting, tired.

But at this time, a majestic giant city had appeared in front of them.

Somewhat distressed, Zhao Yuande sent Xiao Jin into the body world to recover his strength, and then fell down with Sun Yang and came to the front of the giant city.

"This is Anping City!" Sun Yang entered the city and looked at the majestic tall buildings in the city, as well as the bustling flow of people, could not help but froze in a daze.

He is here for the first time!

He did not expect that this very famous Anping City was so magnificent.

Zhao Yuande was also slightly surprised. Anping City is a chaotic city. According to their imagination, it should be the city because of continuous fighting, leaving countless broken buildings.

"This is the first time the two sons have come to our Anping City!" Just when the two were a little stunned, an old man who described some dryness appeared in front of the two and asked the two respectfully.

"Yes, this is the first time!" Zhao Yuande looked at the old man and nodded.

This old man cultivated only in the early days of the world, and the breath is not strong. At first glance, it is exhausted, and there is no possibility of progress!