Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1507

Chapter 1507: Zhujiabao Building

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"The two sons, little old man Jin Qi has lived in Anping City for three hundred years, knowing everything in the city. As long as the two are willing to spend a little money, the little old man will serve the two today! The old Kuchai stared at the two with expectation, with a very respectful attitude.

"Oh! Since that is the case, then you follow us! We are not very familiar with this place!" Zhao Yuande looked at the old man again and found that there was nothing suspicious about it, so he lost a storage ring to the other party. .

"Thank you two sons! Jin Qi..." Withered Qi Jin Qi's eyes almost swelled before he finished speaking the following words!

Because he found that there were a thousand pieces of fine jade in that storage ring!

A thousand pieces of fine fairy jade is enough for his grandson to practice for many years without hesitation!

For the fairy jade he usually earns, only a few dozen pieces of middle-grade fairy jade are counted in a day. Excluding the taxes to be paid to the three major chambers of commerce, in fact, he can get up to three or four hundred pieces of middle-grade fairy jade in an average month!

That is, three or four pieces of high-grade fairy jade, he spent a year to save money and thrift, and finally just used his grandson to practice.

"Jin Qi thank the son!" Jin Qi's dry old face was filled with infinite gratitude, and her waist bent deeply.

"Okay! We need to buy a few rare fairy medicines. If you know it, take us around!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

In the trial space, he killed Sifang and charged an unknown number of storage rings. The fairy jade on his body now has 7.8 billion yuan, which is equivalent to the wealth of an ordinary big family!

"Yes! Son!" Jin Qi bowed slightly and led the way ahead.

"The two sons, please look there!" Jin Qi pointed to a majestic high corridor not far in front. "That is the treasure house of the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce. The first three floors are all ordinary goods, starting from the fourth floor. If there is Xianbao and Xianyao for sale, what if we go to Zhujia Business first?"

"Good! You can arrange it, as long as we can buy what we need, I have a reward!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"Thank you, son!" Jin Qi saw Zhao Yuande talking, and he no longer hesitated. With Zhao Yuande and them, they walked directly into Zhu Jiabao Building.

"Yao! Old man Jin, you brought the guests again!" As soon as he walked into the Zhujiabao building, a handsome young man greeted him. He first ridiculed Jin Qi and then respected Zhao Yuande II very respectfully The man arched and said, "The two sons are here, I don't know what they need?"

"We are going to buy some fairy medicine, you take us to see it!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the boy lightly.

"Yes! Please come with me!" When the boy heard the word "Xian Yao", he suddenly thumped in his heart. If these two really want to buy Xian Yao, they will bring them upstairs by then. The sub-run.

"The two sons, the little old man is not qualified to go upstairs, just wait for the two downstairs!" Jin Qi's voice came over at this time.

Zhao Yuande knows that although people like Jin Qi welcome them in the treasure building, they can't let them in if they have a real treasure floor!

The important thing is that their status is low, maybe it will make some expensive customers dissatisfied!

"You are waiting for me below!" Zhao Yuande knew that it was absolutely impossible to purchase all the treasures in this Zhujia Baolou, and it must inevitably use Jin Qi, who is familiar with Anping City, to lead the way.


The teenager took Zhao Yuande and they walked carefully to the third floor, and then they were handed over to a somewhat dignified middle-aged man.

"Chen Guanshi, these two sons need to receive in person if they want to buy fairy medicine!" After the boy said, he respectfully retreated to the third floor.

The majestic middle-aged man can feel the powerful breath of two people, much stronger than his emperor realm, and immediately he judged that these two must be genius characters of a certain powerful force. Such characters must not be neglected!

"Oh! I don't know the names of the two sons?" The middle-aged man looked at them, and his face was somewhat flattering.

"My surname is Zhao, this is Sun Gongzi!" Zhao Yuande briefly introduced the original surname.

He is not afraid that the other party can use the surname to calculate the identity of the two, because the immortal world is unimaginable, there are very many people with the surnames Zhao and Sun!

"Zhu Jiabao Building is in charge, Chen Guang has seen Zhao Gongzi and Sun Gongzi!" The middle-aged man bowed down to salute.

"Okay! Take us to see your Chamber of Commerce's fairy medicine!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, beckoning the other party not to be too polite.

"The two sons, please come with me!" Chen Guang bowed to lead the way, and soon took Zhao Yuande to the fourth floor!

On the fourth floor, sporadic fairy treasures have appeared, as well as some rare top-level elixir.

"Two sons, there is only one true dragon clover on the fourth floor is a fairy medicine!" Chen Guang soon led the two to a jade counter with a curved crystal cover on it. There is a one-foot clover, but the color of this clover is indeed black, and countless fine scales are densely covered on the branches of the clover, only three leaves black with a touch of light.

"True dragon clover, a product of immortality, was mutated by the blood of true dragon, and possessed a trace of true dragon power..."

"Well! Things are not bad!" Zhao Yuande nodded. Although this true dragon clover is not the kind of fairy medicine he needs, but the food produced has a certain chance to awaken the true dragon with the blood of the dragon.

Of course, this probability is not very high, but it is better than nothing. If you meet someone who has the blood of the dragon, I am afraid that many Xianyu will try.

That is the power of the true dragon, even if it is a cultivator who does not exercise the body, after awakening the power of the real dragon, it can suppress the body refiner of the same level in strength.

"The price of this true dragon clover is 20,000 top grade fairy jade!" Chen Guang said carefully looking at Zhao Yuande's expression.

"Twenty thousand! It's a little expensive! Don't let me be the wrong head!" Zhao Yuande's face showed a faint displeasure.

"This..." Chen Guang's face appeared hesitant.

"If you say this price, we will turn around and leave. There are three major chambers of commerce here. If you don't like to do my business, then I will go to another house!" Zhao Yuande turned downstairs without hesitation.

"Hey! Young Master Zhao, you walk slowly, walk slowly! I will give you a 10% discount, is it still not a 10% discount!" Chen Guang knew that there must be a lot of fairy jade on both of them, if there is nothing Buy and leave, he may regret it.

"10% off! At least 20% off!" Zhao Yuande turned his head and looked at Chen Guang with an unquestionable tone. "If you give me 20% off, I will go shopping more with you. Do you know this time? But came on behalf of the family!"

"Yes! 20% off, 20% off! You son... Hey!" Chen Guang's face showed a bitter smile.

"It would be nice if you didn't say that!" Zhao Yuande smiled.