Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1508

Chapter 1508: Miss Help

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Although he is not bad, he can buy it at a 20% discount, so why waste it!

"Closed! This is 16,000 top-grade fairy jade!" Zhao Yuande throws out a storage ring, and the fairy jade code is neatly arranged, no more or less.

Chen Guang was very happy, even if it was 80%, he could make a small profit!

He hurriedly took out the true dragon clover from the crystal cover, placed it in a jade box, and handed it to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande was thrown into the other side of the world and pointed upstairs and said: "Let's go! Take a look at the fifth floor!"

"Your son, please first!" After completing a transaction, Chen Guang paid more respect to Zhao Yuande!

As soon as Zhao Yuande stepped on the fifth floor, he immediately smelled the fragrance of medicine in the air, and a smile appeared on his face.

He strode forward and walked in the direction of the fragrance.

There are obviously more people on the 5th floor than on the 4th floor, and most of them have some strong breath. At first glance, they are powerful people with status and status!

Zhao Yuande also saw two strong men in the early stage of the fairyland on this floor. Their identity seems to be a guard. They are a cool-tempered woman. Although the woman is very beautiful, but the whole body exudes a kind of stranger. The indifferent breath.

There was a young man with extraordinary temperament beside the woman, but when facing the woman, the young man bowed his knees, like a little **** serving his master.

At this time, many people looked at this young man's eyes with a bit of fear, it seems that the young man has an extraordinary origin.

Zhao Yuande just glanced at the woman casually, and immediately attracted the young man's cold eyes.

"Okay! It's another self-righteous guy!" He didn't come to find something. People glared at him. He didn't go up and shouted and killed. Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly and walked in the direction where the medicine fragrance came.

Suddenly saw three side-by-side crystal hoods, which covered three plants with all kinds of brilliant medicine.

One of them was as crystal-like, exuding a sweet smell, and several people were pointing before this fairy medicine.

"This is a crystal herb of the first-grade immortal medicine. It is said that it can be made into aquatic soul pill and can cure the soul damage!"

"And it also plays a very important role in the promotion of the soul, and I don't know how many fairy jade is needed?"

"Without 50,000 Xianxian jade, I can't get it down, but this is a first-grade top-level fairy medicine, very close to the second-grade!"

"Five thousand... It's too expensive. If you find other materials and find an immortal master to refine a pot of water and soul pill, you won't get it for seven or eight hundred thousand!"

"Hey! Good stuff..."


Zhao Yuande beckoned to Chen Guang behind him and issued an order without mercy: "I have all three of these immortals, please take them out immediately!"

As soon as Chen Guang heard it, his eyes lit up, and he hurried forward to separate the people.

"Everyone is gone! All three immortals have been bought by others!" Chen Guang waved to everyone and signaled everyone to leave immediately.

Everyone looked at Zhao Yuande who walked up slowly, all with envy and shock in their eyes!

At this time, Zhao Yuande saw two other immortals, one of which was a small tree like flames, a faint fiery breath came, but the fiery breath did not make people feel irritable, but felt very warm. Comfortable.

Another strain seemed to be a living golden tortoise, but a one-foot-long jasper branch was on his head, and a strong life energy was transmitted from this strange fairy medicine.

Just when Chen Guang packed the other two strains into the jade box and wanted to reach for the third strain of immortality, there was a voice behind him.

"Slow down, my lady of this scarlet grass is fancy!"

Before the voice fell, a figure had arrived in front of the elixir, and he would reach out and grab it.


When Zhao Yuande saw that some people dared to cut off the middle of the way, he suddenly got angry, took a step forward, and directly pushed away the hand that was about to catch the chafer.

How could that person think that Zhao Yuande would block, and was suddenly grasped by Zhao Yuande.

He suddenly felt his wrist seemed to be clamped by iron tongs, and a painful pain came from his arm, and he was sweating with pain.

"You... let me go!" The man was exasperated, his face also changed to red blood, which was both angry and painful.

Zhao Yuande ignored him at all, but nodded to Chen Guang who was stunned on the spot, instructing him to continue.

And he turned his head at this time, but he saw a somewhat distorted face, screaming at himself in anger.

"Miss! Help!" This man was the young man who was next to Leng Yan woman. He saw that Zhao Yuande couldn't get rid of his hand and hurriedly turned his head to ask for help behind him.

"Young man, let go of him! You've done it a little bit!" Leng Yan woman still has no other expression on her face, didn't speak, but the guardian of a fairyland beside him stepped forward, and the larger fairyland was on her body. The breath surged and pressed against Zhao Yuande.

"What do you want to do? This is the treasure house of the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce, do you want to do it here?" Sun Yang, who has not spoken for a long time, stood up at this time, his face showing anger, using his fingers The guards in the fairyland said with a sharp voice.

You know that he is the true young master of the Sun family, and he has an extraordinary position in Baihezhou. He naturally developed a kind of majesty and momentum.

He was not aware of it by the people beside him, but when he was angry, he felt a deep pressure on everyone, and he could not help but retreat.

At this time, even the guardian of the fairyland couldn't help but stepped back subconsciously, his face showing dignified color.

After all, the guardian of the fairyland was well-informed and quickly calmed down, converging his momentum.

His eyes just started to look up and down at Sun Yang and Zhao Yuande.

The more you look at it, the more you are shocked, and the more you look at it, the more troublesome it becomes.

These two young people are around the age, but cultivation is indeed a divine realm, young people with this kind of talent, and having such majesty, maybe they are the young masters of a certain family, and their status is not weaker than their own. Miss.

"Miss help me!" At this time, the young man saw that the guardian of the fairyland actually listened to his hand, and his wrist felt a sense of breaking at this time, and suddenly panic appeared on his face, and he would ask for help again. Looking at Leng Yan woman.

At this time, the guardian of the fairyland didn't dare to do any more. Before he knew the details of the other party, he could not provoke the enemy for the young lady, so the guardian of the fairyland turned to look at the cold woman.

Leng Yan woman frowned, turned her eyes to Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang, and found that they had nothing strange.