Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1509

Chapter 1509: Hands On

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Leng Yan woman suddenly looked cold and waved her hand: "They don't give me face, why should I give them face, repair them to waste, and throw them downstairs!"

Hearing Leng Yan's words, the young man's face suddenly showed a smug look, and then looked at Zhao Yuande and suddenly showed a terrible smile.

"Boy! Regret it! Unfortunately, it is too late!" The young man's face became very arrogant. Another hand that was not caught by Zhao Yuande pointed to Zhao Yuande's nose.


Zhao Yuande no longer hesitated. With a slight effort in his hand, the young man's wrist was pinched alive by him. At the same time, there was a terrible force that rushed into the body of the other party, instantaneously vomiting the internal organs of the body. Ragged.


The young man squatted down on the ground, clutching his broken wrist, feeling the repairing behavior disappearing inside his body, looking at Zhao Yuande with remorse and wonder.

" dare to abolish me!"

At this time, everyone on the fifth floor was surrounded, and they looked at the young people on the ground, and they couldn't help showing a dignified color on their faces.

"This... isn't Zhang Zhang the young master Zhang Jin?"

"Good! Zhang Family is one of the largest families within hundreds of thousands of miles. I heard that their ancestors seemed to have been disciples of Bajing Palace!"

"What is the identity of a person who can make a stubborn bow like Young Master Zhang?"

"Could it be a princess of a certain superpower? Or a legendary genius disciple of Bajing Palace?"

"Hey! No matter who this person is, these two young men are going to be bad!"

"Young and flamboyant!"


At this time, Chen Guang's face also showed a look of despair, but the other party was the young master Zhang!

The young Master Zhang family usually dominates in the city. Unexpectedly, he is waiting for a woman like a minion today, which makes him feel incredible.

He looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes with regret, regret, and a kind of physical pain!

Seeing that the other party wants to buy these three immortals, if the cover sale is completed, you can make a fortune, but you don't want to be disturbed by Young Master Zhang.

At this time, he hated the other party in his heart, watching the other party howling on the ground, his heart was also full of schadenfreude.

If it were not in Zhujiabao Building, Zhao Yuande had already slammed the opponent, and allowed him to be arrogant and overbearing here.

He never looked at the young man again, but set his sights on the cold woman.

"If you don't want to die, hurry and get out of this trash, otherwise I promise you can't leave Zhu Jiabao Lou." Zhao Yuande's voice was cold and merciless.

"Still stunned! Don't hurry and give me a hand!" Leng Yan woman's eyes suddenly changed into murderous.

No matter how much the young man does, he is also his own.

This beating dog also depends on the owner. If the other party abandons the young man, it is equivalent to slapping himself. Leng Yan woman was originally very proud, and now she was beaten by her face, she was completely angry!

Zhao Yuande scrapped the young man. The face guard of the fairyland suddenly became very ugly, and the detective grabbed Zhao Yuande.

Although this grasping opponent did not deliberately perform any terrible moves, nor contained some terrible power, but the opponent was ultimately a fairyland, and this grasping to become a powerful player in the God Realm could not resist.

"Brother Sun, you're back!" Zhao Yuande stepped forward and came directly to Sun Yang. He slapped him in the face with the palm he grabbed.


A fierce roar came from the field.

The shock wave generated by the impact cut diagonally toward a huge counter. The counter was now filled with dazzling treasures. The counter was directly overturned by the shock wave, and the fifth floor was still cut into a large one. hole.

But at this time, everyone did not care about the broken fifth floor, nor the scattered Xianbao materials, but looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably!

At this time, Zhao Yuande stepped back three or four steps, and then he stood firm, but he was not blushing or panting, as if the collision just happened to him.

On the other hand, the guard of the fairyland shook his body, and his face was a red tide!

The powerhouse of the fairyland actually suffered a small loss in this impact!

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel proud of his combat power. It was obviously that his strength was slightly inferior to the other party, but his physical strength was far more than the other party!

Although the body stepped back a few steps, it was not hurt at all.

Looking back at the other party, a strong man in the fairyland was upset by the shock of blood, obviously the other party's physical body is much worse than himself.

You have to know that if one cultivates into the fairyland, the spiritual power in the body is completely transformed into fairy qi, with all the limbs, five skeletons, and internal organs. People under the realm.

Moreover, it seems that the guardian of the fairyland has entered the fairyland for a long time, and its physical body is more powerful, but it was unexpectedly compared with a cultivator of the Divine Emperor Realm!

" are you!" Even if the Xianren Realm is a pig, this time he also knows that the other person's identity is extraordinary, and he is definitely not able to provoke himself!

"It doesn't matter who I am. The important thing is that you have destroyed my good mood. For the sake of the forces behind you, let's get away now!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand as if he was driving away flies.

"Huh! Your big tone! Don't think that your physical strength is great! The two of you go together and grab them. I want to see what they can say after they become prisoners!" Leng The gorgeous woman's eyes are murderous. Although she appears to be a princess of a certain family, her true identity is a disciple of an elder in Bajing Palace.

In the whole fairyland, as long as she shows her identity, there are a few people who dare not give her face.

The guards of these two fairyland are just the guards sent to her by the family, and they do not know her true identity. So when she saw that Zhao Yuande's power could compete with herself, she suddenly had speculation in her heart and she was afraid.

However, this cold and glamorous woman is very domineering and arrogant in the family. Even the owner is very polite to her, so the guards of the two fairyland dare not violate the meaning of each other.

Anyway, the order was given by the other party, and if something went wrong, she was also responsible.

Thinking of this, the two fairyland powerhouses glanced at each other, and they rushed to win Zhao Yuande.


At this time, a figure appeared on the fifth floor, blocking it in the middle.

"Two! This is the Zhujiabao Building, please don't do it here, otherwise our Zhujia Chamber of Commerce is not good!" Appeared in front of everyone was a tall middle-aged man, his body was full of breath, and the battlefield was all at once Cut it out.