Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1510

Chapter 1510: Decisive

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"This is the vice chairman of the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce, Zhu Gaoyi! It is a strong man in the middle of the fairyland!" Someone in the crowd suddenly recognized this identity.

At this time, Chen Guang hurriedly came to Zhu Gaoyi's side and whispered in his ear what happened just now.

"Oh!" Zhu Gaoyi gave Zhao Yuande a shocked look, and he suddenly had an incredible feeling in his heart. A young man in the middle of the Divine Emperor's Realm actually retreated a strong man in the early stage of Immortal Realm. If the other person's status is ordinary, He wouldn't believe it if he was killed.

Zhu Gaoyi set his sights on Zhang Jin again, but his eyes showed a strong disdain. This Zhang Jin, with his family power, was rampant in Anping City. He was finally abandoned today!

In the end, Zhu Gaoyi turned his gaze to the cold-tempered woman again, and her eyes were slightly disconcerted.

"Miss Gao, please also give me a face to the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce. Don't make trouble here, otherwise I'm really bad at explaining it!" Zhu Gaoyi arched his hand slightly, with a trace of pleading on his face.

This Miss Gao is a genius of the Gao family, but now she has reached the peak of the Divine Emperor at the age of 22, and won the favor of the Gao family ancestors.

Although the Gao family is not as good as the Sun family and the Shen Tujia family, but the power cannot be underestimated. They have accumulated thousands of years of power and are determined to compete for the ranking of the five major forces in this thousands of years of robbery.

In such a family, the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce can't provoke it. Even if the three chambers of commerce are united together, they are only half as heavy as others!

And this is the little princess who is most valued by the ancestors of the Gao family, but he dare not provoke it, so he can only persuade him.

"Humph!" Leng Yan woman snorted coldly, and even didn't even bother to look at this Zhu Gaoyi, but said to her two guards, "Still dumbfounded, took me the brave boy!"

Zhu Gaoyi was ignored, and his old blood almost spurted out, and a very ugly expression appeared on his face.

However, he knew that he couldn't provoke the other party. In desperation, he had to inform the president who happened to be preparing for the auction in Anping City!

The two fairyland guards glanced at Zhu Gaoyi and found each other's face helpless. They suddenly knew that the other party was photographed by the power of their own family, and dared not stop it. They immediately rushed to capture Zhao Yuande.

"Everyone! All of you! You are all dead. I Zhujia Chamber of Commerce is not taking care of me. I am here to blame you all!" There was a slight turbulence in the void.

As soon as everyone heard the name Zhu Gaoyan, his face suddenly changed slightly, and his body stepped back involuntarily.

Even the cold woman frowned slightly, but the other party was the president of the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce, a terrible powerhouse of the fairy monarch realm. Even if she was crazy, she would not dare to be brazen in front of the powerhouse of the fairy monarchy.

Leng Yan woman beckoned, the guards of the two fairyland breathed out suddenly, and returned to Leng Yan woman's side.

"It turns out to be President Zhu! Since you are here, then grab these two boys! They have abandoned my friend's cultivation practice, and they are still doing things in Zhu Jiabao Building, destroying Zhu Jiabao Building, it is definitely a crime. Ten thousand deaths!" Although the Lengyan woman was afraid of the other party, it did not mean that she was still afraid of speaking.

President Zhu turned his gaze to Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang, and some kind of light flickered. Finally, he looked at Zhu Gaoyi, his eyes full of inquiries.

"President, this is the case!" Zhu Gaoyi hurriedly reiterated the original thing without exaggerating it.

"Well!" Zhu Gaoyan listened to Zhu Gaoyi's words, nodded slightly, and looked at Zhao Yuande's gaze again.

It is not too difficult to cross-order battle under the fairyland, but it is very difficult to want the strongman above the battlefield under the fairyland.

In particular, the opponent is only in the middle of Divine Emperor Realm, and can cross the ranks to fight the people in the early stage of Immortal Realm, which is even more terrible!

He estimated that the most powerful genius that he secretly cultivated by the Zhu family might not be able to do this!

From this point of view, this person must be a peerless genius. If such a character is behind him without the support of super powers, he will not believe it!

If such a person offends, I am afraid that the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce will not be able to afford it.

This suddenly made him embarrassed. One side was a mysterious and powerful young man, and the other was the proudest princess of the Gao family. He didn't know which side to help!

Zhu Gaoyan is also a decisive person. He has a straight heart and does not help either side. Let them bite the dog!

"The contradiction between the two of you is on this plant of chafer! I can't arouse both of you, but I can't do anything in my Zhujia Chamber of Commerce. I will destroy this plant of chafer now. I hope you The contradiction between them disappeared with the destruction of this plant of chafers!" Zhu Gaoyan pinched the chafer in his hands without hesitation and squeezed it into powder, and his eyes instantly became cold. If you want to continue shopping in my Zhujia Chamber of Commerce, I welcome the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce.

"This..." Everyone around saw an immortal grass worth tens of thousands of dollars ruined and ruined, and suddenly their eyes were straight, and the eyes of the president of the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce became awe-inspiring.

At this time, even the face of Leng Yan's woman changed slightly. She didn't expect the other party to be so decisive and so rude.

However, she also knew that this was in the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce, and she couldn't be too presumptuous, so she only glanced coldly at Zhao Yuande and turned to the sixth floor.

She didn't even look at Zhang Jin, who had become a waste person at this time, as if this person had nothing to do with her at all.

Zhang Jin's face suddenly turned bloodless, and there was endless despair in his heart!

At this time, Zhu Gaoyi and Zhu Gaoyan looked at the back of Leng Yan woman also full of shame and contempt!

Zhang Jin said this just because of her, whether he is crazy or not, it is for her, but he did not expect the other party to be too lazy to look at Zhang Jin!

This kind of cool heart is really chilling!

Zhao Yuande was naturally too lazy to take care of this. He shrugged indifferently and said to Chen Guangdao, who was already in a daze: "Okay, let me calculate, the price of such a fresh grass!"

"After the discount, there were a total of 43,000 top-grade fairy jade!" Chen Guang hurriedly and respectfully handed the two jade boxes to Zhao Yuande.

"Well!" Zhao Yuande paid Xianyu without hesitation, pointing to the sixth floor, "Continue to see!"

When Zhu Gaoyan and Zhu Gaoyi heard Zhao Yuande's words, they all had a bad hunch in their hearts.