Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1513

Chapter 1513: The Auction Starts

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"Let's go! What a fool!" Sun Yang saw Zhu Gaoyi still looking at Zhao Yuande in a daze, couldn't help patting his shoulder, and smiled lightly at him.

However, Zhao Yuande went around Zhujiabao Building, and did not find the kinds of fairy medicines he needed. However, other fairy medicines purchased more than a dozen of them, costing him millions of top-grade fairy jade.

When he walked out of the Zhujiabao Building, he had a golden invitation card in his hand, and a jade card representing the distinguished guests of the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce. With this jade card, Zhao Yuande could purchase all of the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce at a discount of 30%. article.

Zhao Yuande went out of the Zhujia Baolou and let Jin Qi take them around the city for a long time. He did not find the fairy medicine he needed in the other two Baolou.

However, he bought a list of auction items on the street, and the last three finale treasures came out. No one knew what it was, and everything else was introduced.

Among them, there are really several kinds of fairy medicine he needs!

There was a sudden ecstasy on his face!

After Jin Qi helped Zhao Yuande find the best restaurant, Zhao Yuande rewarded him with some fairy jade, and then let him leave.

When Jin Qi was leaving, his face was full of gratitude, because Zhao Yuande once again gave him a thousand fine fairy jade!

And just when Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang were eating and talking in the restaurant, waiting for the auction to start.

Leng Yan woman is waiting quietly outside the city gate at this time!

At this time, the Lengyan woman's face no longer has that kind of cold and arrogant look, but a face full of humility.

After a little half an hour, a magic rainbow in the sky came at a rapid speed, and the moment fell in front of Leng Yan woman.

Divine rainbow disappeared, turned out to be an extremely luxurious painting.

Leng Yan woman saw the painting, bowed and bent to salute.

"Disciple Gao Lengyan has seen Teacher Uncle!"

"Well! The teacher and nephew have the heart! Let's talk!" There was a gentle female voice in the painting, which made people feel like spring breeze.

Gao Lengyan knows that although this teacher looks very gentle and very kind on the surface, it is a terrible existence that is ruthless and ruthless!

Coupled with her noble identity, not many people in the entire fairy world dare not give her the face of the elderly!

Gao Lengyan carefully flew into the painting, and the painting disappeared into Anping City in the void, and finally fell slowly into a secluded garden.

One day passed quickly and the auction started as scheduled!

Zhao Yuande they entered the auction venue early. Under the guidance of Zhu Gaoyi's enthusiasm, they soon arrived in a luxurious box!

Various exquisite fairy fruits, fairy tea, and even two extremely beautiful girls in the box are circulating in Qiubo.

"Okay, Vice President Zhu, let these two girls leave! Brother Zhao and I don't like noise!" Sun Yang frowned as he looked at the two girls.

"Okay! Since the two dont like to be disturbed, I will let them wait outside the door. If they need anything, they can be told at any time!" Zhu Gaoyi smiled at the two girls with a respectful smile. With a wink, the two left helplessly.

In front of the box is a huge crystal wall, which can clearly see everything outside, especially the plump and beautiful woman on the high auction platform.

"Guests! Today is my Zhujia Chamber of Commerce's annual auction event. The rules of the auction are still unchanged. The highest bidder will get it! Now the auction officially begins! The following is the first lot, the fourth-grade Xianbao Linglong Xianpa !"

The voluptuous and enchanting beautiful lady holds a slap-sized ropa in her hands, and the ropa exudes a colorful glow!

"Four-grade Fairy Treasure! It turned out to be a Fourth-grade Fairy Treasure. The Zhu Family Auction was truly extraordinary. The first one turned out to be a Fourth-grade Fairy Treasure!"

Suddenly, many of the practitioners who participated in the auction all had their eyes lit up!

The Sipin Xianbao is already a good treasure, even some strong fairy kings only have Sipin Xianbao!

"This exquisite immortal parcel is woven from nine-day silk, and it is a personal thing of Linglong immortal, a powerful immortal strongman in ancient times. Although the attack is weak, the defense is very powerful, far exceeding the same level. Sipin Xianbao! More importantly, its owner Linglong Xianjun is a peerless beauty in ancient times..."

The beautiful woman talked about the magical effects of this Sipin Xianbao, especially when she talked about Linglong Xianjun, it made people feel excited. Many powerful female practitioners have already pierced their eyes. Linglong Xianpa above.

"Husband! I don't care, I'm going to make this Sipin Xianbao!"

"Brother! Look...can you..."

"Lao Niang got out today..."

Suddenly there was a burst of noise, and all of them came from women!

"The auction starts now. The bottom price of Linglong Xianpa is 8 million top-grade fairy jade. Each price increase must be no less than 100,000 top-grade fairy jade!" The beautiful woman saw that the emotions of the people below were almost mobilized, and the auction immediately began!

"Eight million"

However, when the price came, everyone's face showed a shocked look, they just remembered, this is a Sipin Xianbao, that is worth ten million!

"8.1 million!" At this time, a cold female voice came out of a box.

When Zhao Yuande heard the voice, a slight smile appeared on his face.

"Brother Zhao! It's that girl!" Sun Yang naturally also heard the other party's voice, with a strange smile on his face.

"Oh! She wants to buy it today, but it is bleeding!" Zhao Yuande's voice was slightly excited.

"Nine million!" Zhao Yuande said without hesitation, but he wasn't too crazy, just nine million!

"Damn! Damn!" Zhao Yuande could make Gao Lengyan's voice, and Gao Lengyan could also hear Zhao Yuande's voice naturally. She heard Zhao Yuande's bid suddenly turned pale, if the teacher was not around, she would Straight out!

"Leng Yan! Your elder lady is too tempered! Can no one else compete with you?" Gao Lengyan sat beside him with a beautiful, middle-aged woman of extraordinary temperament, she listened When Gao Lengyan whispered, her face suddenly became less beautiful.

"Sir! You misunderstood me!" Gao Lengyan was terrified, hearing the middle-aged woman's words, and explained hurriedly, "Sir, this is the person, humiliating me! I can hear his voice. !"

"Oh! That's what it is!" The middle-aged woman nodded her head and said lightly, "But here is the Zhujia auction house after all. We have to give the Zhu family some face. If you don't have enough fairy jade, you can lend you some. , Wait until the auction is over, then Uncle will help you find the accounts for him!"