Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1515

Chapter 1515: Bullying

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"Well! Things are good, I just use them! I have 15 million!" Zhao Yuande did not hesitate and directly raised the price to the point where everyone was stunned.

Many people who are interested in the origin of Jin Zhixin are scolding Zhao Yuande in their hearts. If you dont buy anything and raise the price so high, how can others buy it?

However, Zhao Yuande went regardless of what these people thought. He had fairy jade, and he really needed it. As long as the price was not outrageous, he won it.

This time, he won't back down!

"Good! Very good!" Although Gao Lengyan knew that Zhao Yuande would make trouble, but now it really fell on her head, she still can't stand her, she said without a touch of emotion, "I'm out of sixteen hundred Million!"

"How can such a good thing be sold at such a price, I'm paying 20 million!" Zhao Yuande is very atmospheric, raising the price to millions, looking at all the people at the auction, even many of the boxes The powerful people above the fairyland are all shocked.

"Twenty-one million!" Gao Lengyan's forehead had oozed out with cold sweat. If it wasn't for her, she really didn't want to continue fighting.

"Twenty-five million!" Zhao Yuande's voice remained calm.

"I..." Gao Lengyan's hand shivered.

Although the family spoiled her, the price was too high.

"Forget it! The price of this thing has exceeded too much. If you can get it at most five million at ordinary times, the family's fairy jade is not picked up in vain!" The middle-aged people on the side couldn't help it anymore.

This is already a half-piece fifth-grade fairy treasure. Many fairy ancestors in the family still use the fourth-grade fairy treasure. If they know that this niece is so profligate, although he will not say anything on the mouth, he still has a heart in his heart. There will be a mustard.

"But..." Gao Lengyan showed grievance on her face.

"Okay! You call it again, if it doesn't work!" The middle-aged man said that, but his heart was bleeding.

If things are indeed worth the price, he will not hesitate at all, but now that this is indeed the case, how can he not be distressed by the big housekeeper who manages his family's property!

"Thank you, Uncle Gao!" Gao Lengyan's eyes lit up immediately, but the price he shouted did tremble, "25 million one hundred thousand!"

"Hey! It's slow! Can you simply! I'm out of 25,200,000 people!" Zhao Yuande's voice was heard again in everyone's ears, but anyone in the voice could hear it.

"..." Gao Lengyan almost rushed out and yelled at Zhao Yuande, but she knew that the more she would be seen as flat, she simply shut up and didn't bid!

Zhao Yuande naturally won the source of the gold at a price of 25.2 million.

"Brother Zhao, is this value a bit high!" Although Sun Yang is the young master of the Sun family, he couldn't help but numb his scalp for a while, and Zhao Yuande's bid was too high.

"It doesn't matter, I got a lot of wealth in the trial space of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom, and I can't give birth to a cub on my body. It is better to compile it into something useful for cultivation!" Zhao Yuande smiled lightly, "Brother Sun, if it is After seeing anything for a while, I will pay for you, brother!

"Oh! Since Brother Zhao said so, then I'm really welcome!" Sun Yang also moved his heart when he heard it, his face showing a happy look.

He knew that Zhao Yuande had been killed in the trial space of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom. Several geniuses from the Han family, several geniuses from the Baidi Palace, and even a large number of geniuses from the three major forces.

There are not millions or even tens of millions of these people. The accumulated wealth is definitely hundreds of millions!

At this time, many people who have participated in the auction have begun to see cold sweats on their foreheads. This guy is too crazy. If he encounters something he likes, will he also follow the random bidding!

"Go! Find out what this kid is all about, why should he be against Gao's family!"


Suddenly, orders were sent from the main boxes.

Soon these people got a message that two million mysterious sons and Gao Lengyan bid for more than 20 million.

Their origins are extraordinary, but it is because they have a little conflict with Gao Lengyan in the Zhu Jiabao Building, so they will face off in the auction!

Hearing this news, almost everyone was relieved, as long as they were not trusted by the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce!

"Next is the third lot, a third-grade fairy medicine!" The beautiful woman's eyes circulate, and she constantly throws her eyes in the direction of Zhao Yuande. Zhao Yuande's move makes her a lot of money, and she pays special attention to Here.

A girl next door slowly opened a jade box, and suddenly a strange fragrance filled the entire auction venue.

"Wow! It turned out to be a third-grade fairy medicine, Earth's Heart Melting Fire Lotus!"

"This is a very precious fairy medicine. It is said that it is rooted and germinated for ten thousand years, leaves are grown for ten thousand years, and flowering and fruiting are for ten thousand years. It will take at least thirty thousand years!"

"The most terrifying thing is its efficacy. I heard that it can live dead human bones and bones. As long as you still have a breath, you can make you live and jump!"

"This thing is equivalent to a life..."


Seeing the pupil of this magic medicine Zhao Yuande shrunk fiercely, this is exactly one of the medicines that I lack!

"The earth's heart melts the fire lotus, the third-grade top-level fairy medicine. Everyone must be more familiar with this fairy medicine than me, so I won't introduce it more. The starting price is 1.5 million!" Everyone's eyes suddenly filled with a satisfied smile.

"two millions!"

"three million!"

"five million!"


Obviously, the value of this fairy medicine has far exceeded its actual value, who can save something who does not want!

At this time, even if there are some powerful existences, entering the fairy, the strong in the realm of fairy monarch is also a bit tempting!

The price soared all the way, and finally reached the tens of millions mark.

No matter how good this thing is, everyone also has a psychological price point. Ten million is almost the limit!

You know, even the price of a fourth-grade fairy medicine will not exceed the ten million mark!

The ten million people who called out were the uncle Gao Lengyan in the Gao family box!

"Twenty million!" As soon as the Gao family boxed out ten million, Zhao Yuande's very dissonant voice came out.

All the people who listened to it couldn't help but numb their scalp, and all their eyes showed horror.

20 million! Obedient, this is to fight the Gao family in the end!

At this time, Brother Zhu Gaoyan couldn't help but start to breathe urgently!

This is too exciting!

"Three uncles! He's so deceiving!" Gao Lengyan's eyes flashed murderously, wishing he could rush out and kill Zhao Yuande now.

"Okay! If he wants it, give it to him! But after the auction is over..." The middle-aged man's face was extremely cold, and there was no longer the gentle and spoiled face of Gao Lengyan.

"Yes! Let him regret it! I'm going to take him down personally, crushing his bones one by one!" Gao Lengyan gritted her teeth, his eyes showing excitement.