Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1516

Chapter 1516: Roll Away Without Money

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The scene was silent for a while, no one bid again, the price of 20 million is too high, no one is stupid enough to increase the price!

But at this time, there are a lot of strong people, with the same mind as the Gao family, they are waiting for the auction to end!

Zhao Yuande got this geo-melted fire lotus as he wished. Although he spent more fairy jade, he was able to improve his cultivation ability as soon as possible. He didn't care about this fairy jade!

Now that he is pressed for time, he must improve his strength as soon as possible, so that he has a certain self-protection ability in the fairy world as soon as possible, and return to the twelve ascendant city to kill those who murdered them one by one!

The first three treasures of the auction were taken out to prepare for a small climax. With the help of Zhao Yuande, the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce successfully turned the small climax into a large one.

The next auction is much more bland, although there are a lot of second and third grade Xianbao, Xiancai, and occasionally Xian medicine.

Gao Lengyan has never made a cry, but there are several bids in the high-priced box. Since Zhao Yuande offended the Gao family, they will not make them feel better. Every time they raise the price for the other party, let They spent a lot of wrong money.

Zhao Yuande also shot a few times, but they were all rare elixir.

Although Gao Lengyan also raised the price several times and wanted to fight back against him, Zhao Yuande originally had no match for these materials. If the other party's bid was high, he would give up!

To make the other party confused, does Zhao Yuande really need these things? Still play with them completely!

But they all hold their enthusiasm in their hearts, because the next hundred auction items are the treasure of the midfield finale, and almost everyone is waiting for the arrival of the 100th auction item!

The auction reached the 99th lot, and a whole day had passed. When the 99th lot was finalized, everyone's eyes were all focused on the beautiful woman.

Rao is a beautiful woman who cultivated to a high level and experienced countless big scenes. But staring at countless people so fiercely, she couldn't help feeling a hair in her heart.

"Cough! The following is the finale of our Zhu's auction. The 100th auction item is a fifth-grade fairy treasure demon fairy sword!" The beautiful woman simply didn't verbose, with a smile she engraved an ancient pattern The patterned sheathless long sword was taken from the storage space and held in the palm of the hand.

"This black magic sword, although it is only common among the fifth-grade swords, is enough..."

"Say the reserve price directly!" At this time there was an urgent voice from the box!

"Hurry up! Don't be wordy!"


Fifth grade fairy sword! This is Jianxiu's dream, and he can even use it until the fairy kingdom without changing his weapon!

"The starting price is 55 million!"

The beautiful lady felt many powerful breaths locked herself, and suddenly her body stiffened, and she no longer dared to show off her style, and directly shouted the price!

"His!" Many people already know, but still shocked by the price!

Some people who were hot in their hearts at this time seemed to have been directly splashed with cold water in their heads, and suddenly woke up!

"Sixty-six million!" But at this time, some boxes have already started bidding!

However, Zhao Yuande is not interested in this fifth-grade fairy sword, and he has seen more eight-grade fairy swords in the void treasure trove of the heavenly kingdom!

However, he does not look down on his eyes, but it does not mean that other people also look down on the eyes. When someone starts, the bidding becomes fierce and fierce!

"57 million!"

"Fifty-nine million..."

"65 million..."


"81 million..."

When the price reached 81 million, the entire auction house quieted down suddenly, and everyone looked involuntarily at Zhao Yuande's box!

Because the shouting of 81 million people is Gao Lengyan!

At this time, Gao Lengyan's heart seemed to be playing drums, and her heart was struggling, and this five-grade fairy sword was her must-have, and it was also her main purpose of participating in the auction this time!

Just now, Uncle San has photographed several treasures and spent a lot of fairy jade. Now she can only support her at most 130 million, and she has only pulled out more than 30 million of her old books!

160 million is the largest amount she can mobilize now!

"Hehe! Everyone looks at me so expecting. If I don't say a word, I'm sorry everyone!" Zhao Yuande issued a hearty smile, "Then I will make a small one hundred million yuan!"


Many people took a sigh of relief, this guy is too cruel!

Directly add 19 million, still small!

If this is big or big, is it 200 million?

Many people were sweating with their foreheads touching, looking at Gao's box with great anticipation.

"It's okay! The third uncle supports you!" The middle-aged man patted the shoulder afraid of Gao Lengyan, and said gently.

What else can he say at this time!

In fact, he has been scolding this niece in his heart now, you have nothing to provoke this kind of person to do.

In the previous auction, when he shouted the price, the other party must keep up with the price increase, and he almost wanted to scold the mother!

There are tens of millions of fairy jade lost to this person alone. If this five-grade fairy sword is really clapped, I dont know how much it will lose!

"Thank you, Uncle Gao!" Gao Lengyan is naturally not stupid. This time it has brought such losses to the family.

"Okay! Continue!" The middle-aged nodded.

"One hundred and one million!" Gao Lengyan gritted her teeth and said coldly, "Boy, don't go too far, otherwise..."

"What's wrong? You dare not do it here?" Zhao Yuande sneered, "Play with money, and get away without money!"

"You..." Gao Lengyan's lungs were all exploding!

"This little friend has to be forgiving and forgiving. We might meet again in the future. You are not so aggressive." In the box next door, Gao Lengyan's uncle's face is very unsightly, Gao Lengyan How to say it is also a disciple of Bajing Palace, she must be early!

"I speak on the basis of Xianyu. I can continue to play as soon as I can, and I can quit if I can't play!" Zhao Yuande didn't give the elder of Bajing Palace the slightest.

Of course, he did not know that this is the elder of Bajing Palace, otherwise, he might speak more arrogantly!

"Good! Very good!" Gao Lengyan's uncle, the beautiful woman with outstanding temperament speaks very softly, but anyone can hear the horrible murderous intention contained in it!

"The son's price has now reached 100 million. Would you like to bid?" The beautiful woman asked carefully on the auction stand.