Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1517

Chapter 1517: Chaos Purple Bamboo

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"Oh! Forget it! 120 million to 20 million! Good things also have a corresponding price! If it exceeds this price, I don't want it!" Zhao Yuande said.

"120 million!" At this time, even the big figures in many boxes could not help being surprised by the price.

This five-level fairy sword is the most common five-level fairy sword. In Baihezhou, there is a special forging master, Master Lu, who can forge it, and this master Lu is very good at talking, and more importantly, he likes fairy jade very much!

If you gather the materials and go to the sword, although it can consume some time, it can cost up to seven or eight thousand fine jade!

Now the price has reached 120 million to 20 million, which has exceeded 40 million to 50 million! Whose fairy jade is not picked up on the street!

But at this time Gao Lengyan was biting his teeth and continued to bid: "122 million!"

Although she also knows this Master Lu, it takes at least half a year, and the inner disciples are already imminent. If they can enter the top 100, the benefits will be more than 40-50 million!

Because as long as you enter the top 100, you are eligible to enter the Bajing Palace's secret Bagua furnace to refine the flesh!

Some people even bid hundreds of millions in the outside world to qualify for the gossip furnace, but still did not get it!

Because this is a special welfare for disciples in Bajing Palace!

"Okay! I am the one who talks and counts, this thing is yours!" Zhao Yuande gave up without hesitation, and can make the other party spend tens of millions more, which is enough!

When Gao Lengyan's hand held the Spell Demon Sword sent, it seemed to be bleeding!

Forty million! It was possible to buy a Sipin Xianbao!

It's just because this guy's few words were lost in vain!

Her face was overflowing with murder, and the sword in her hand was tighter.

"Three uncles! Send someone to stare at the two boys immediately. In case they walk away, notify me immediately!" Gao Lengyan's words seemed to have been drilled through the teeth!

"You can rest assured! You have been staring for a long time!" The middle-aged man's eyes are also fierce light burst, this flower is all his fairy jade, his heart is constantly twitching!

The midfield climax has overshadowed the opening, making the faces of the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce happy!

"Brother! Do you want us to warn this young son Zhao in the past, there are already a few gangs at their door!" Zhu Gaoyi said with a solemn expression.

"No! These two may have known for a long time. Depending on their demeanor and their style, they probably have a great beginning. They may not be afraid of these people at all!" Zhu Gaoyan shook his head.


The auction continued, and Zhao Yuande bid for some materials and some fairy medicines from time to time, and every time Gao Lengyan would raise the price!

Later, Zhao Yuande grasped this rule, and he would bid for every auction item. Gao Lengyan raised the price and immediately gave up Zhao Yuande, causing her to buy a lot of useless things!

At the end, Gao Lengyan simply never went to compete with Zhao Yuande again, because her fairy jade had already run out!

On the contrary, Zhao Yuande took this opportunity to put together the required materials!

The auction has been held for two days and two nights. At this time, the people who participated in the auction not only didn't feel tired, but instead they widened their eyes and stared at the thing blocked by the red cloth on the stage of the beautiful woman!

"You, the auction is now coming to an end. Only the last three mysterious lots are left. Even if I don't know what the last three lots are, I will reveal the red cloth now!" Draw, pull the red cloth away, and immediately reveal one of the jade boxes that is three feet long and one foot wide!

The souls of many people instantly fell on this jade box!

However, there seems to be some kind of prohibition on the jade box, which makes the soul of the gods impossible to penetrate.

The beautiful woman slowly opened the jade box, and the objects in the jade box appeared in front of everyone.

However, many people suddenly saw disappointment in the face of the jade box!

The tense nerves relaxed at once.

In the jade box, there is only a short section of purple bamboo, and a little light flashes on the bamboo. Although it is a bit magical, it is not very eye-catching.

Many people are well-informed, and they have never seen any kind of magical thing, just a small piece of bamboo.

However, when most people felt disappointed, Zhao Yuande's eyes sparkled at once!

"Chaotic Purple Thunder Bamboo, Six Grade Fairy Wood, Survival and Chaos Sea, contains a lot of chaotic thunder origin..."

This thing can let him understand the origin of Chaos Thunder. If he is promoted to God Emperor Realm by this thing, his combat power will increase greatly!

Especially Thunder is a mysterious force with the strongest attack power. I thought that when he fought with Zhang Fan, a chaotic thunder fire body, he also felt that the other party was powerful in controlling Thunder. If he could control the origin of Chaos Thunder, he said You can just...

When Zhao Yuande was full of excitement, a voice suddenly shocked the entire auction house!

"Haha! This is Chaos Purple Thunder Bamboo! Not bad, not bad!"

This voice suddenly made many people's eyes wide open. Although many of them haven't heard of this name, but the thing that can be glued with the word chaos is bound to have no ordinary quality!

"This predecessor is really well-informed, this is indeed Chaos Purple Thunder Bamboo!" The beautiful woman's eyes waved, glanced at the voiced room, and then slowly said, "This is only a small section of Chaos Purple Leizhu, but it is a real six-grade fairy material, it is said that the six-level fairy sword purple thunder sword can be refined..."

"Liu Pian Xian Jian Zi Lei Jian!" Many people heard the name even breathing tightly.

Especially Gao Lengyan, the eyes that showed great expectation in his eyes.

"Okay! This thing is bound to be expensive, and you have taken the Zhumoxianjian, let's do this first!" The middle-aged man looked at the expectant light of Gao Lengyan's gaze, how could he not know what she was thinking.

"Third Uncle, you can rest assured that I know that all your fairy jade has been used up. I will now go to see Uncle Shi, who may lent me some glory."

Looking at the expectations in Gao Lengyan's eyes, what can middle-aged people say, they can only shake their heads helplessly!

He once again had a great opinion of this niece in your heart, you go to the uncle to borrow, in the end this account is not to be counted in the family head!

He knows the price of Liupin Fairywood deeply, but the price is hundreds of millions!

Gao Lengyan didn't care what her third uncle thought, but she really took a fancy to this chaotic purple bamboo!

You must know that the Purple Thunder Sword is the most powerful of the Sixth Grade Immortal Swords, and its value is at least 400-500 million. If you can gather the materials and make one, you may not know how many times it is more powerful than the Zhumo Immortal Sword!