Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1518

Chapter 1518: Backstage Hard

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"Uncle!" Gao Lengyan gently knocked on the door.

"Come in!" A soft voice came from the box.

Gao Lengyan pushed the door in and saw that Uncle was looking at him with a smile, but he could not help shaking his body. Did his own actions just make Uncle unhappy?

"The disciples have met Uncle!" Gao Lengyan hurriedly bowed to salute slightly.

"Well!" The middle-aged woman with a beautiful appearance nodded slightly, then smiled faintly, "Gao nephew, you fancy this chaotic purple bamboo?"

"Yes uncle!" Gao Lengyan didn't dare to hide anything, nodded respectfully and said yes.

"Do you want to borrow some fairy jade from me?" the middle-aged woman said again.

"Yes uncle!" Gao Lengyan still bowed his head and said yes.

"Okay! It's no problem, but I have a condition that Master's immortal jade is not lent to you in white. When you make the Purple Thunder Sword, you will loan it to your Qinger sister for a year Time, you also know that your younger sister Qinger will soon be promoted to the fairyland. After entering the fairyland, Qinger has a chance to enter the chaotic city for trial..." The middle-aged woman looked at the beautiful woman beside her, and her eyes showed A smile.

The beautiful woman hurriedly got up and bowed slightly: "Thank you, Master, for remembering the disciples!"

"Everything is subject to the instructions of the uncle~!" Gao Lengyan had to agree not to agree!

This uncle seems to be gentle, but in his bones he hates the violation of others, secretly ruthlessly ruthless!

"Okay! Try to shoot as much as you can!" The middle-aged woman's mouth slightly curved, showing her face with confidence.

"Thank you Uncle!" Gao Lengyan heard this affirmative answer, and his face suddenly showed a happy look.

"This chaotic purple thunder bamboo base price is 30 million, please bid now!" Meiyan woman has already started the auction at this time.

"Fifty million!"

"80 million!"

"100 million!"

In just a few breathing time, the price soared to 100 million!

All eyes are red now!

"Brother Zhao, this thing!" Sun Yang looked at the scorching eyes in Zhao Yuande's eyes and immediately knew that a good show was about to start!

"I'm bound to get it!" Zhao Yuande's words were decisive, and Sun Yang's heart was both envious and shocked!

"150 million!" Gao Lengyan quickly shouted her price, which she uttered after careful consideration!

One hundred and fifty million, buy Chaos Purple Thunder Bamboo, and add a lot of other auxiliary materials, at least 50 million, and then look for a master refiner who can build a six-grade fairy sword, it will cost at least 200 million!

Calculated in this way, the cost is 400 million!

400 million is enough to auction a good sixth-grade fairy sword!

But what she is most worried about now is Zhao Yuande's spoils.

"Two hundred million!" Her worries really came true. Zhao Yuande's lazy voice suddenly echoed in her ears like a curse!

"Damn!" Gao Lengyan didn't dare to be too presumptuous at his side, just cursed Zhao Yuande with his teeth.

"It's okay!" The middle-aged woman, with a faint tone, showed her powerful financial resources.

"Two hundred and ten million!" Gao Lengyan felt that her careful liver was throbbing, and she hoped that the other party would be as usual, just a call.

Now the price has exceeded her psychological tolerance!

"Two hundred and twenty million!" At this time, someone quoted a high price.

This person is not Zhao Yuande, but the person in another box, seems to be an old man.

After this old man's offer, the audience was quiet, and Zhao Yuande did not bid!

Gao Lengyan's heart was beating violently, and he continued to increase the price: "Two hundred and twenty-five million!"

"The old man Tian Yizong, the elder of the elder Yu Qing, also hopes that this girl will give the old man a thin face and be able to let go!" After a long silence, the old man's voice came from the box.

Although the sound is not high, it is not harsh, but it gives a very dangerous feeling.

When Gao Lengyan heard the old man's words, she suddenly looked stiff. Although she was a disciple of Bajing Palace, she was just an ordinary disciple. Her master was only an elder in the Bajing Palace. The elder Zong is in trouble, and her master should not come forward for her.

This is different for her teacher. Although she is only an elder, she is still the wife of an elder elder. This elder elder has great power and is a real big man in the Eight Kings Palace.

She hurriedly looked at her uncle for help.

"Huh! Yu Qing, your courage is too big! You dare to threaten my disciples in Bajing Palace, you want to die!" The middle-aged woman nodded gently to her and said coldly to the outside.

"Eight View Palace!" Yu Qing suddenly heard a shocked expression on his face when he heard these three words. He suddenly thought of something, and his face changed suddenly.

"Would you like Mrs. Yuwen!" Yu Qing's voice is full of respect.

"Good! It's me!" The middle-aged woman's voice revealed a touch of indifference.

"Since Mrs. Yuwen, Yu Qing can give up!" Although Yu Qing's tone is very respectful, but at this time in the box, his face is very unsightly.

"Master! Why did you give up! Who is this Mrs. Yuwen?" Yu Qing stood next to a young man in white, his face was very unsightly at this time.

"Hey! There is no way, people backstage is hard, we can't afford to provoke it!" Yu Qing's face was darker than the bottom of the pot, and he wanted to vomit blood depressed.

He was a Tianyizong elder, a strong man at the peak of the fairy king, who bowed his head when he was forced to do so in one sentence.

"Master! Who is this woman?" The young man in white was even more depressed, but this was his sixth-grade fairy sword material. Unexpectedly, he was even deprived of the right to bid!

"Hey! Speaking of her, she is actually just an elder of Bajing Palace. According to the attitude of Bajing Palace in Xianjie, she will never turn over with us because of an elder! The elder of the Taishang, the powerful existence of Immortal Emperor Realm, and the seniority in the Bajing Palace is also very high, it seems to be the fifth generation of heirs!" Yu Qingman explained to his disciples helplessly.

This disciple is a true genius of Tian Yizong, and he entered the fairyland in his 30s. It is very likely that he will grow into a fairy emperor in the future. This is the hope of Tianyizong.

Some things also need to let him know!

"It turned out to be like this!" When the young man in white heard this, he suddenly seemed to be a deflated ball, and he was a little slack!

"Well! There are many opportunities, don't care about this little gain or loss!" Yu Qing can't help but can only comfort.

"Two hundred and twenty-five million! Now that the price has soared to this point, I don't know if there are any more bids. You have to know that this is the main material of the top six-level fairy sword Purple Thunder Sword!" A pair of beautiful women Eyes constantly glanced at the box where Zhao Yuande was.