Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1519

Chapter 1519: Goodbye Jing Zhongyue

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After the passage of the lady Yuwen just now, many people have rested their minds to compete with her.

She knows that if someone continues to bid, it must be this son!

Sure enough, Zhao Yuande did not disappoint her. As soon as her words fell, Zhao Yuande's box already responded.

"Two hundred and fifty million!" Zhao Yuande's bid has always been the atmosphere, one bid is an integer!

"You..." Gao Lengyan heard the price and almost spurted blood out!

"I suspect that you don't have so many fairy jades at all, you are messing around!" Gao Lengyan said sharply.

"Yes! This child is doubtful!" Mrs. Yu Wen said lightly at this time.

"Shut up! Don't talk nonsense here without fairy jade. My son has fairy jade!" Zhao Yuande sneered unkindly, even the lady Yuwen.

"Okay! Okay!" Mrs. Yuwen's whole body was shaking at this time. What kind of identity was she, who was blamed on the spot, how could this breath be swallowed!

"You're looking for death, then I'll complete you!" The crystal walls of Madam Yuwen's box exploded, and the spring-like jade hand protruded from it, pointing at Zhao Yuande's box!

A breath of terror spread out at once, and the entire auction was suddenly silent, and countless people were trembling in their seats.

"Mrs. Yuwen breathes anger!" At this moment, a figure in the void came out, and just took one shot to resolve Mrs. Yuwen's finger.

"Who are you? Do you know what happened against my eight-view palace?" Mrs. Yuwen felt the power of the other party. The other party was obviously a powerful presence of a fairy emperor realm.

She knew the other party's cultivation behavior, naturally she would not be so stupid to continue to shoot, but took out Bajing Palace to deter the other party.

"Mrs. Yuwen is angry! The old deceased is Jin Wuxian Emperor, the supreme offering of Zhujia Chamber of Commerce! Please also ask Mrs. Yuwen to look on my face, don't do it in the auction house of Zhujia Chamber of Commerce!"

Everyone was able to see clearly that the old man was burning with a blazing flame, and there was a tribe of strange birds in the flame.

"It turned out to be the famous free repair, Jin Wuxian Emperor, did not expect his old man to become the person behind the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce!"

"This old man is a strong middle-aged emperor. Almost no one in Baihezhou dares to give him a face!"

"Good! When this old man appeared, even Bajing Palace could not refute his face."


There was a burst of discussion in the auction immediately, everyone looked at Jinwu Immortal Emperor with awe and admiration!

"Okay! Since it is the Jinwu Immortal Emperor, then I will give you this face, but if you are out of the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce, if you block it again, don't blame me for not giving you a face!" Facing the Jinwu Immortal Emperor, Madam Yuwen The clothing is soft, but the tone is still extremely rigid.

"Mrs. Yuwen, please be assured that as long as you leave the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce, your wife will do whatever she wants, and I will never stop it!" Emperor Jinwu accompanied him with a smile, but his heart was a little sighed.

Bajing Palace is not something he can provoke!

"Good!" Mrs. Yuwen was already standing in front of the broken crystal wall at this time, and everyone could see her thick murder.

"Brother Zhao! Do you want me to inform the family?" Sun Yang could not help feeling an unpleasant feeling when she saw this lady Yuwen's murderous look.

"Humph! No! No!" Zhao Yuande shook a jade card in his hand, his face showing a non-smiling expression.

As soon as Sun Yang looked at this jade card, he immediately remembered a person, and the uneasiness in his heart disappeared!

"Is the prestige finished?" Zhao Yuande said again at this moment.

Not only did everyone in the auction hall listen to fear, but even Jin Wuxian Emperor's face showed a slight disappointment!

However, this one did bring a lot of wealth to the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce, and he was also a patron of the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce. He was full of expectations in his heart.

"Boy! You are arrogant! After the auction is over, I will let you know what is regret!" Mrs. Yuwen's beautiful face is now covered with frost, and she is very angry!

Although she knew that the other party must have a strong history, she dared to be so arrogant, but she believed that when the person behind the other party came, she also had a way to let her obediently hand over Zhao Yuande!

"I'm afraid that you will regret it for a while. Don't kneel down and beg me, even then, I won't forgive you!" Zhao Yuande's words were light, but the amount of information contained therein was incomparable huge.

At this time, not only Mrs. Yuwen was going to explode, even the Jinwu Immortal Emperor's face was pale, he suddenly regretted to come out and disturb in these two things, let this kid spontaneously die!

"Good! I'm looking forward to it!" Madam Yuwen did not continue to be angry at this time, but replied very blandly.

However, Gao Lengyan and her disciple Qinger, who were standing next to Mrs. Yuwen at this time, felt a terrible cold spread in the air, and both of them felt cold all over!

"No one bids anymore! The things are mine!" Zhao Yuande didn't even care about Mrs. Yuwen, but turned her attention to the beautiful woman!

"Yes! It's a son's son!" The beautiful woman was considered to have recovered, and hurriedly sent someone to Zhao Yuande.

After receiving things and paying Xianyu, Zhao Yuande felt comfortable and couldn't help smiling.

"The second mysterious treasure next!" And at this time the second mysterious treasure has been sent up, it turned out to be a large piece of hard ice, but the small water well was frozen in the ice!

"What's this?" Someone looked at the huge ice cube on the auction stand, and the well that was almost negligible, the size of a slap.

"This is... it seems to be a well! But why is it frozen?"

"I think the most important thing is this piece of ice!"

"Good! I feel the difference in this ice!"


But when Zhao Yuande saw the ice, his heart jumped for no reason!

A familiar breath came from the huge ice block, and a strong sense of consciousness seemed to communicate with himself!

"This...this is..."

Zhao Yuande almost didn't go out directly from the box, taking the piece of ice as his own!

Because he was too familiar with the well, it was when he exploded himself that time that he entered the middle of the well in the door of the space.

Now that he can see this thing here, don't be too happy in his heart, he decided that he must auction it, at all costs!