Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1521

Chapter 1521: Jinpeng Skeleton

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Soon the heart of ice was sent to Zhao Yuande. Zhao Yuande handed the fairy jade and naturally got the heart of ice.

Without hesitation, he directly sent the heart of ice into his own world.

At this time, Zhao XIV was revolving around the heart of ice, and wanted to find a way to break the heart of ice, and take out the Zhongzhongyue!

The fairy jade on Zhao Yuande's body only has 20 million left, and he suddenly feels that he has become a poor man!

However, he felt that it was very worthwhile. Jing Zhongyue's return gradually calmed down his heart. He suddenly had an idea. Will the void wormhole mentioned by Jin Wuxian Emperor lead to the fifth city?

With this idea, Zhao Yuande involuntarily looked at the Jinwu Immortal Emperor who was still standing in the void at this time.

Jin Wuxian Emperor seemed to have a sense. When Zhao Yuande looked at him, his eyes turned inadvertently to Zhao Yuande's box.

"Senior, I want to ask you something about the void wormhole you said. I don't know if it is convenient for you to answer." Zhao Yuande asked in a voice.

"Oh! No problem, you want to know what to say!" Jinwu Immortal Emperor said without hesitation, "You are my big customer of the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce, and bought this ice heart, you naturally have Right to know."

"Thank you, Senior!" Zhao Yuande was courteous and humble. He did not have the domineering and arrogant attitude towards Mrs. Yuwen. He said, "The younger generation wants to know the specific location of the Void Wormhole and what was happening at that time!"

"Hehe! This is simple! The location of the Void Wormhole is 30 million miles west of Zetian City, and you can see this at that time!" The Emperor Jinwu also simply sent an influence into Zhao Yuande's knowledge. Among the sea.

Zhao Yuande looked at the images in the Sea of Knowledge and became more and more certain that this might actually be related to when he exploded.

"Senior! I don't know how long ago this video was before?" Zhao Yuande watched his liver beating, and he looked forward to the other party's answer very much.

"Probably more than a year!" Jin Wu Xiandi answered.

More than a year!

Zhao Yuande recalled that it had indeed been more than a year since he exploded!

He had the urge to look at that void wormhole at this time, to see if he could directly return to the fifth city from where!

But this kind of thinking is just a flash, because he knows that his current strength is still not enough!

More than a year ago, I was injured in the Fifth City in a self-destructive body, and now more than a year has passed, those of the twelve ascendant immortal cities may be that some people have entered the fairyland, even the person who controls the endless black prison, This is even more powerful!

He could not enter it when he was not sure. He felt that he must at least reach the peak of the Divine Emperor, or open the fifth star and then kill it, crushing all enemies!

"Little guy, I will give you a piece of advice. Don't leave the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce for a while after the auction, otherwise your life will not be guaranteed!" The voice of Emperor Jinwu passed into Zhao Yuande's ears.

"Thank you for reminding seniors! Those are just a few jokers!" Zhao Yuande liked the Jinwu Immortal Emperor.

"Since that is the case, that's a lot of trouble for me!" Emperor Jinwu heard Zhao Yuande saying this, and he couldn't help feeling slightly annoyed. This kid really didn't know that the sky was thick!

At this time, the beautiful woman's voice was heard from the auction stand.

"Now is the last finale auction, and please invite the ancestors to show things!" The beautiful woman bowed slightly to the golden Wuxian Emperor standing in the void.

"Well!" Jin Wuxian Emperor nodded slightly, and a huge skeleton suddenly appeared in the void with a wave of his hand. This skeleton was gleaming with gold, and even the skeleton had a powerful power that made many people jump.

"This... this is a skeleton of Jin Peng?" Suddenly someone exclaimed.

"No... it seems to be the skeleton of Golden-winged Dapeng! There is a kind of overbearing atmosphere that surrenders to others!"

"Impossible! Golden-winged Dapeng, the race that has already been destroyed, only Jinpeng survives now!"

"If this thing is used to refine it into a flying fairy, that speed..."


"Everyone, this is what I got when I explored some secret realm. This should be an ancient Jinpeng skeleton with the realm of the fairy monarch, and this Jinpeng still has the real golden-winged Dapeng bloodline!" Jin Wuxian Emperor's face appeared A trace of smile continued, "If it is refined into a flying fairy treasure, the grade should be between the sixth and seventh grade fairy treasures, and the speed is definitely much higher than other flying fairy treasures of the same rank!"

"Senior Jinwu! How big is this Jinpeng's skeleton?" At this time Mrs. Yuwen's eyes flashed a burning divine light, staring at Jinpeng's skeleton.

"Hehe! There are thousands of people!" Jin Wu Xiandi replied, with a smile on his face.

He knew that Mrs. Yuwen was really moved.

Mrs. Yuwen was really moved, and still very moved!

Although his paintings are good in appearance, they are only 31 pieces of fourth-grade Xianbao and the speed is very slow.

She always wanted to buy a better flying magic weapon, but she didn't meet the right one. When she saw Jin Peng skeleton today, her eyes lit up.

A good friend of his husband, another Taishang elder in Bajing Palace, is a master refining master who can refine this level of fairy treasure.

As long as he takes this Jinpeng skeleton back, the other party will definitely help him refine it!

She can't wait to get on this flying fairy now!

The value of this flying fairy treasure should be more than one billion, and if you buy this Jinpeng skeleton alone, it should not exceed one-third of the price!

Up to 500 million, 500 million can be won!

Although Zhao Yuande is diametrically opposed to her, she doesn't think that after the other party spends nearly a billion of fairy jade, they will come up with so many fairy jade to compete with herself!

Of course, even if she competes, she is not afraid. In her eyes, the other party is already a dead person!

"The starting price of this Jinpeng skeleton is 50 million, you can bid freely!" Jin Wu Xiandi said in person.

"100 million! I will give 100 million!"

"Two hundred million!"

"300 million!"

"310 million!"


The price soared directly to 300 million, which gradually became slower!

At this time, Zhao Yuande's eyes were also blinking, and finally he looked at Sun Yang and said: "Brother Sun, let Senior Demon Come!"

"Good!" Sun Yang nodded without hesitation.

At the next moment, a wave of emptiness, Zhu Mo Xian Emperor appeared directly in front of the two.