Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1522

Chapter 1522: Aggressive

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"Have seen seniors!"

"Have seen the ancestors!"

The two salute at the same time, with respect on their faces.

"Well, no more gossip! This is what you need!" Zhu Mo Xian Emperor handed Zhao Yuande a storage ring directly.

Zhao Yuande nodded and also took out a storage ring and handed it to the other party: "This is some of the fairy treasures I got in the trial space. Although the value is not enough, I will return the other as soon as possible!"

"Okay! You rescued my grandson from the trial space, and the rest are your rewards!" Zhu Moxian Xiandi's soul found out that there were dozens of fairy treasures, ranging from one product to five There are between the products, how can it be worth 400 million to 500 million!

"Then I will not be hypocritical!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Okay! My body is closed, this is just a doppelganger, can't stay here for too long, go!" Zhu Moxian Emperor explained, step into the void in one step.

At this moment, the Jinwu Immortal Emperor who was standing in the void outside the box looked at Zhao Yuande's box, and there was a little surprise in his eyes.

He could not help whispering in his mouth: "No wonder this kid is fearless. It turns out that there is a fairy **** around him. What is his identity?"

"Billion! It should be enough!" Zhao Yuande looked at the storage ring in his hand and couldn't help but slightly point.

However, he still felt a little uninsured and directly activated the jade card in his hand.

Soon the void shook again, and a person tore the void and appeared in the box.

This man is the star picker Dong Haichuan, and he appeared to Zhao Yuande as soon as he appeared to bow down respectfully: "Dong Haichuan has seen Uncle Xiao!"

"Well! Alright! Don't be so polite!" Zhao Yuande patted Dong Haichuan's shoulder gently and smiled at him.

"Thank you Master Uncle!" Dong Haichuan replied respectfully.

If anyone else dared to shoot Dong Haichuan's shoulder, he would have been angry!

But this but his little uncle is the real heirloom of Bajing Palace. Even his master must be very polite when he sees him, and his face suddenly shows a flattered expression!

He returned to the Bajing Palace a few days ago and quietly inquired about the master.

It doesn't matter this inquiries, I was taken aback by the master's words!

It turns out that although his ancestor is also the second generation of Bajing Palace, he is not a disciple of the owner of Bajing Palace, but only an old servant of Bajing Palace!

Because he once made a certain contribution to the Bajing Palace, it was won by the master disciple of the Bajing Palace, and he became the third disciple of the Bajing Palace.

But the status is very low among the real high-level of Bajing Palace!

And the only disciple of Zhang Ling, the youngest disciple of the Eighth Palace, is the noble identity of his own.

After seeing Zhao Yuande's two disciples, the master cultivated them with all his might, and allowed them to practice temporarily in the Bajing Palace.

And before the master left, Qian Dingwan told him that he must get rid of this little uncle, and in the future he might make them rise because of the rise of this little uncle!

To his master's words, Dong Haichuan is naturally convinced!

Now I have been called by Uncle Xiao again, not to mention how happy he is in his heart!

Sun Yang on the side was stunned. Although he knew that there was a mysterious relationship between Brother Zhao and Dong Haichuan in front of him, he didn't expect it to be the relationship between Master Uncle and Master Nephew!

Now he finally knew why Zhao Yuande was so calm!

Although Dong Haichuan in front of him is just a fairy monarchy, he has a high level of seniority in Bajing Palace, and even many of the powerful immortal emperors are his juniors!

Zhao Yuande is Dong Haichuan's uncle, that Zhao Yuande's true identity...

"Oh! Dong Haichuan, do you have any immortal jade on your body?" Zhao Yuande hesitated a little, and asked at the exit.

"Back to Master Uncle, Haichuan now has 7.8 billion, if you want to use Uncle Shi..." Dong Haichuan just wanted to take off the storage ring in his hand, but was stopped by Zhao Yuande.

"Okay! If not enough!" Zhao Yuande waved at him.

"Yes!" Dong Haichuan immediately stood behind Zhao Yuande, as if he was a responsible bodyguard.

Zhao Yuande didn't take it seriously, but looked at the auction outside.

At this time the price has reached 420 million, a few people compete, including the lady Yuwen and Heixa.

"500 million!" Seeing that several people had been keeping up, Mrs. Yuwen gritted her teeth and directly raised the price to 500 million. Her face also became less beautiful, and she was a bit cold and quiet. Dont be so aggressive, dont you think I cant afford the price?"

"Hey! Mrs. Yuwen, we really want it, if you don't want you to let go!" He Sha's voice is also full of helplessness, although he doesn't want to offend this Mrs. Yuwen, but this kind of good thing he even Don't want to miss.

"Everyone depends on the price, there is no aggressiveness! If Mrs. Yuwen has no immortal jade, please quit!" Another old voice came.

"Good! Mrs. Yuwen, are you used to being arrogant and overbearing! This is not your site in Bajing Palace, we are also fair competition." A beautiful female voice came from here, giving people an intriguing feeling. Come out, even more wicked than that beautiful woman!

"" Mrs. Yuwen was targeted by many people, her face became more and more ugly.

Who is she, the elders of the Eight Kings Palace, although they are only an immortal monarch, but their identity is enough to withstand the powers of the immortal emperors in the fairy tales.

Now this group of people dared to attack him, and they were suddenly on the verge of breaking out.

However, she did not expect that although her identity is noble, it must be recognized by others!

Bajing Palace's current attitude is neutral, and it will not change its attitude for the elders of her district. Even her husband, the super elder of the fairy emperor realm, is only a hundred of the elders in the eight palaces. One is that you cant even make decisions at all.

Previously everyone let her, it was because they did not want to provoke each other because of a little thing, and now who will care about her status at present.

"Several here are auction houses, if you want, please continue to bid!" But at this time Jin Wu Xiandi interrupted everyone's speech disputes in time, let the auction return to normal.

"Oh! I'm paying 510 million!"

"530 million!"

"550 million..."


Mrs. Yuwen's face is very ugly. She knows that if she is unhappy, if they don't make a final decision, these people will definitely continue to follow.