Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1524

Chapter 1524: Hands On

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They cast their envy and jealousy toward the box where Zhao Yuande is located, even greedy eyes!

But because they were deterred by the forces behind Zhao Yuande, they did not dare to really trouble him!

Only Mrs. Yuwen had a fierce confrontation in her heart at this time. Was she going directly or...

But in the end, the anger in her heart made the woman lose her mind. She felt that as long as she could take down the other party, no matter what the forces behind the other party could find, she could also appoint the other party with a charge of deliberate provocation, even if she wanted to hand over the other party. When you go out, you also have to deprive all the property of the other party!

She thinks this is already the most benevolent approach! It is also the safest way!

An idea suddenly appeared in his heart, the other party might have discovered the treasure of a certain fairy emperor and found a lot of wealth, so there will be so many fairy jade?

If this is the case, no one will come to the door after being captured. After that, she can entertain the other party well and let the other party know that they will end up against themselves!

So she left the Zhujia auction house, but did not leave, but with the uneasy Gao Lengyan and disciples, quietly standing in the void outside the auction house and waiting.

"Uncle Master, that woman really didn't leave!" Dong Haichuan's mouth grinned, "Would I have a hard lesson in the past?"

"Don't! You must breathe, change your appearance and stand behind me. I want to see what this woman wants to do!" Zhao Yuande's mouth sneered.

Dong Haichuan and Sun Yang glanced at each other, and they saw the helplessness on the other's face!

It seems that this woman is about to finish playing!

I'm afraid she couldn't even dream about it. The elder she was going to deal with was her teacher!

In fact, Dong Haichuan's heart is still somewhat pitiful and intolerable!

Speaking of that, Dong Haichuan had also seen this lady Yuwen several times in the sect, knowing that she was relying on an elder.

The two also said a few words, and the other is very respectful of himself.

In terms of seniority, this elder is still his nephew and a disciple of his master!

This great brother is also an elder in the Bajing Palace. His status is not very high. It is just the second apprentice of the Bajing Palace's master.

Although his ancestor, Dong Haichuan, was only a slave, he was ultimately a heir, and he was more noble and noble than the status of the disciples!

Bajing Palace is a great force that pays great attention to the inheritance of teachers. It has very strict rules and dares to offend elders, ranging from confinement for several decades to hundreds of thousands of years, and even abolishing repairs!

This is one of the reasons why Dong Haichuan respects Zhao Yuande so much!

Zhao Yuande rejected Zhu Gaoyan's good intentions to keep, and took Sun Yang and Dong Haichuan out of the auction house with a big swing!

At this time, I don't know how many eyes were projected on Zhao Yuande at once!

They are very much looking forward to what will happen next!

At this time, Mrs. Yuwen, who was standing in the void, was already in front of Zhao Yuande.

Seeing that there was a burly old man beside Zhao Yuande, Mrs. Yu Wen could not help but frown slightly, but felt the other person's breath, but found that this person was not powerful, at most it was only equivalent to the fairy realm!

She dropped her heart!

To know that she is a strong man in the early days of the fairy monarch, and she has practiced the exercises of the Bajing Palace. Isn't it easy for the old guy who wants to crush a fairy land?

Seeing this old man, Mrs. Yuwen couldn't help but feel a little more self-confident. If the other party really has a great future, will he temporarily call a person in the fairyland? At least it must be a strong fairy!

It's just that there is an extra guardian in the fairyland. It seems that I guessed it well. The other party must have got a lot of wealth!

As long as there are enough fairy jade to hire a strong man in the fairy land, but it is even more difficult to hire a fairy jade strong man out of the fairy jade!

Immortal monarchs do not even show up as guards for a little immortal jade. They want immortal jade to become a sect's elder, and Zongmen will provide them with a lot of immortal jade. Guard!

"Boy, I see where you are going!" Mrs. Yu Wen looked at Zhao Yuande with some pride, and she was more confident in her chest!

"I run?" Zhao Yuande spread his hands, a trace of sarcasm appeared on his face, "I have run? If I want to run, I simply stay at the Zhujia Chamber of Commerce, just like a big client like me Even if they lived there for ten or eight years, they would not drive me away!"

Zhao Yuande is reminding the other party that he is not afraid of her and can be regarded as a chance!

As long as this lady Yuwen retreated, he would be too lazy to bother with the other party, and if the other party is stubborn, then I'm sorry!

But at this time, Mrs. Yuwen had already been a little dizzy by Zhao Yuande's anger, and preconceived that Zhao Yuande was just scaring herself and wanted to pass through.

"Boy! You can't save your fate today because of your tongue and lotus flower. Don't resist and just kneel down and grab your hand, otherwise I'll do it myself!" Mrs. Yu Wen's eyes showed a trace of murder. Said, "I can't guarantee if you can keep it intact if I do it myself!"

"Really? Then you can see for yourself! I will see if you will kneel in front of me and tremble!" Although Zhao Yuande's tone was dull, his heart was born with a murderous opportunity!

Dong Haichuan, who was on the side, looked at Mrs. Yuwen, and there was no pitiful color in her eyes, and some were just indifferent!

no Zuo no Die! This is Mrs. Yuwen!

This time, not only will Mrs. Yuwen suffer, but even the elder Yuwen who is behind Mrs. Yuwen will be implicated!

"Bold! How dare you be so rude to my master!" Just when Mrs. Yuwen wanted to break out and directly took Zhao Yuande, the beautiful woman Qinger who had been silent around her had stood up and walked towards Zhao Yuande !

This Qing'er's cultivation practice is already the pinnacle of the Divine Emperor, and he has a huge breath.


Qinger didn't take a step, the ground under his feet cracked a huge crack, and countless houses rumbling and collapsing around.

If it weren't for the Zhujia auction house, a golden light suddenly lit up and protected the auction house, otherwise it would collapse directly.

Many people rushed out of the ruins and looked at Qing'er in the battlefield, all with anger expressions in their eyes.

Zhao Yuande looked at Qing'er who was walking towards him, and could not help but bend the corner of his mouth slightly, and his face even showed a look of disdain.