Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1527

Chapter 1527: Generous

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You know, there are one or two hundred people in Bajing Palace who are not weaker than her husband, but there are only one hundred elders!

If it werent for the husband to make an up and down fight, the elder of the Taishang wouldnt have gotten his turn!

Now if the other party refuses to forgive himself, this post of too elder is going to the hospital!

"Please... also please... Master Zu forgive sins! All the grandsons have eyes and no pearls, and all the grandsons have eyes and no pearls!" Mrs. Yu Wen gritted her teeth, and began to slap her face fiercely. The corner of the mouth was bloody.

Her husband called Dong Haichuan to be Uncle Shi, and Dong Haichuan also called this uncle Shi, he could only call the other party's Shizu!

"Huh!" Zhao Yuande was still very angry in her heart, but now seeing the other party doing this, and her face that was soon swollen, she couldn't help but sigh!

The power of a fairy king realm turned out to be so unbearable that he suddenly felt a bit boring!

But he couldn't relax so quickly, otherwise the other party thought he was good-tempered and thought he was bullying!

"Come here! Immediately indemnify Taishizu!" Mrs. Yuwen saw Zhao Yuande's face gloomy at this time. She seemed to have no intention to spare her.

However, she soon thought of the cause of this matter. If Gao Lengyan was not provoking it, how could she be targeted by this ancestor, and how could she fall into such a situation!

On the side, Gao Lengyan, no longer the previous high above, no longer the previous overbearing arrogance, even when I saw the uncle, they slapped their own ears, knowing that if they dont behave to satisfy the other side today, dont say him Gao Lengyan, even their Gao family will be unlucky!

"Tai Shizu, I'm sorry! It's the little girl who doesn't know the heights of the sky. She provoked Taishizu and asked Taishizu to punish him!" Gao Lengyan knelt down on the ground, shaking all over her body, and she could almost predict her tragic ending.

But although she was so respectful and frightened on the surface, she was resenting Zhao Yuande in her heart.

The other party is obviously such a big figure. Why didn't he start to show his identity? The other party clearly wants to deliberately rectify himself and want to see his own joke.

Of course she never dared to say these words, but although a pair of eyes looked at the ground, they showed a bit of a grudge.

"Since you all know that you are wrong, accept each one's own punishment!" Zhao Yuande looked blankly and turned to Dong Haichuan. "Dong Haichuan, if this happens in the Bajing Palace, the palace will be What will happen to them?"

Hearing Zhao Yuande saying this, the two were so trembling that they shook their heads, and they threw their heads directly, and a big blood bag appeared on their heads.

"For the elders who are unreasonable, throw them into the Eight Diagrams and Burn the Soul Cave to accept the seven days and seven nights of the soul! For the elders, they will be abolished and reduced to slaves! Never release!" Dong Haichuan's voice was sharp, and the echo of the turbulent audience waved.

"Master..." At this moment a weak voice came into everyone's ears.

Qing'er opened her eyes, and with the help of Immortals, her internal injuries had recovered more than half of her time, and she was finally awake at this time.

As soon as she woke up, she was stunned by the waking up in front of her eyes!

The master and Gao Lengyan knelt down on the ground, shaking all over the body, especially the master's face was swollen like a pig's head!

The young man who slapped himself with a slap at this time looked at them with a cold and disdainful expression on his face.

And beside this young man stood an indifferent old man, who was chanting some rules.

She wanted to know what had happened. Wasn't even her old man the master's opponent? She was caught here? And why the scenery here looks familiar to me?

"No! Never let the master be humiliated!" Although Qing'er is extremely proud and has nothing to look at, he has great respect for his master!

As soon as she gritted her teeth, she would rush to pull the master up.

"Sinner! Please kneel down! Give your prince kowtow and ask for your forgiveness!" Mrs. Yuwen sighed in her heart and said, if you want to know, don't give this disciple an elixir. Wake up!

"Tai Shizu!" Qing'er stayed for a while, and suddenly understood what was happening now.

You should know that the master is the elder of Bajing Palace.

If outsiders dare to do this, it is a kind of provocation to the authority of Bajing Palace!

Don't look at Bajing Palace as a neutral force, but they also have their own dignity. If anyone dares to humiliate Bajing Palace, what is waiting is the anger of Bajing Palace!

"Goodong!" Qing'er also softened and knelt directly to the ground.

But she is a truly proud person. She can't say anything about asking for mercy and being soft. She just knelt quietly on the ground, her head down with some confusion!

Although this young child started with Zhao Yuande first, Zhao Yuande didn't show any malice to her. A disciple could stand up for his master, which would be a relief to the master, and it would also make others look at him.

The only thing Zhao Yuande didn't want to punish was this Qinger.

"Okay! Actually, all of us are disciples of Bajing Palace, and I dont want to kill them! Moreover, you didnt know my true identity before, although you committed an unforgivable sin, but I gave you the opportunity to change it. Since you are new, give you a chance to be a new person!" Zhao Yuande nodded, a gentle smile on his face.

"Thank you Master Zu! Thank you Master Zu for your generosity. Thank you Master Zu for your pity!" Upon hearing the words of Zhao Yuande, Mrs. Yu Wen's face suddenly showed ecstasy, and she hurriedly shook her head like garlic.

The other two also kowtowed mechanically, not knowing what they were thinking.

"Don't thank you too early!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "My words are only half of it! I'm just talking about giving you a chance to be a new person again. It's up to you if you can grasp this opportunity!"

"Please also give your ancestors a word!" After hearing Mrs. Yuwen's heart, she knew that the real punishment was still coming!

"Given that you don't know my identity to make such a big mistake, I will give you one less penalty for each!" Zhao Yuande continued with a smiley expression on his face, "You all treat me as an ancestor , Taishizu had the intention to kill, and you must kill me yourself! If you follow the rules of the palace, you will all be killed and the soul will be permanently imprisoned and cannot be reinstated! But now, I have said that the crime is reduced by one Wait, you should all abandon cultivation and be reduced to slavery!"

"Ah!" Mrs. Yuwen's complexion changed greatly, her body softened again, and she collapsed directly to the ground.