Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1528

Chapter 1528: Make Up

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It would be better to kill her directly than to abolish her cultivation behavior and degrade her as a servant. How can she accept this punishment!

But she still dared not show it, and even the slightest anger, she could only bear it silently!

But the other two heard a chill in her heart. Qing'er is better. She is a silent character, and she is very strong and arrogant. She is the kind of stubborn person who would rather stand dead than kneel!

She heard Zhao Yuande's words, although her heart was cold, but she did not express anything, but just bit her lips, showing a desperate look on her face.

"No! What do you do to treat us like this, we are all disciples of the Eight Kings Palace, to deal with the nods we need from the elders in the palace, you didn't do it with all your strength!" On the other hand, Gao Lengyan heard Zhao Yuande's words suddenly His face suddenly became very ugly, and he stood up and pointed at Zhao Yuande!

She felt that she was going to be scrapped anyway. Is there anything worse than this happening?

"Sin obstacles!" Zhao Yuande and the star picker hadn't had time to get angry, and Mrs. Yuwen around him slap on Gao Lengyan's chest!


There was a sound of bone fragmentation in Gao Lengyan's chest, the entire chest collapsed at once, and then the whole person was shot directly and flew out dozens of feet away, hitting the enclave fiercely.

"Sister Uncle! This kid no longer gives us a way to live, you still... Pooh!" Gao Lengyan's eyes protruded, looking at Mrs. Yuwen incredulously.

Before he had finished speaking, he spurted a bite of blood, which contained fine pieces of internal organs.

Mrs. Yuwen's palm directly shattered Gao Lengyan's internal organs, destroying her inner world, and torn her blood and sea apart. Except for the soul of the gods, Gao Lengyan was already a waste!

"Huh! I really don't know life and death, I originally planned to give you a chance, now it seems unnecessary!" Zhao Yuande glanced coldly, and at this time Gao Lengyan, who was still glaring unbelievably, showed a sneer in the corner of his mouth. .

"Please also invite Master Zu to lower your sins!" Mrs. Yu Wen scrapped Gao Lengyan, and the trace of resentment in her heart also disappeared. She kneeled in front of Zhao Yuande again.

"Well! Actually, I still didn't finish what I just said!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the two of them, and continued, "I will give you two choices, one is to accept the punishment in the palace, that is, to abandon the cultivation for derogation. As a slave, the other is to compensate for my loss!"

Hearing Zhao Yuande said to compensate for the loss, Mrs. Yuwen's eyes suddenly showed a shining brilliance, and Qing'er on the side was also a little stunned, and she was naturally conscious in her heart.

Only Gao Lengyan was finally desperate at this time!

She hates why she is so indifferent and why she has to do silly things and offend each other again!

Now, not only has cultivation practice been abolished, but in a deep offense to the other party, I am afraid that from now on, I will really become a slave!

Thinking of this, her heart is full of endless despair, and there is deep remorse!

If God gave her another chance, killing her would not be doing such a stupid thing!

But everything is late!

Although Mrs. Yuwen and Qing'er were worried, they did not know how to compensate the elder in the palace.

Want fairy jade? Want Xianbao? Still want them to serve?

Speaking of immortal jade, the other party can be said to be generous, throwing nearly two billion top-grade immortal jade, which shows that the other party is not short of immortal jade!

And the master of the other party is Zhang Ling's ancestor. Zhang Ling's ancestor has great power in the palace. It is estimated that it is not difficult to give the only disciple, the eighty billion fairy jade!

And if the other party has Xianyu, there will be no shortage of Xianbao!

Since it is not for immortal jade and immortal treasure, is it not for...

Such thoughts appeared at the same time in the hearts of the two!

Don't look at Mrs. Yuwen, who is hundreds of years old, but her appearance is beautiful, and she has a graceful and luxurious temperament. She is quite confident in her appearance!

And Qing'er, at this time, her face was bluish and red, and her body was trembling. She was a big girl with a yellow flower, and she was also an arrogant figure in the palace. She was held in the palm by many male disciples. The so-called genius has a slight favor.

But I didnt expect that I had treasured it for more than 20 years...

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but glance at Zhao Yuande with Yu Guang in the corner of her eye, and found that this Taizu ancestor was very handsome, and she also had strong strength and a lofty status. If she was herself...

Qing'er didn't know what to do, there was no resentment against Zhao Yuande in his chest, but there was a faint expectation!

Although Zhao Yuande was a man of both generations, although he was extremely clever, how could he think of the idea of the second woman, could not help feeling that the second woman's eyes were a little obedient!

Dont you just want some fairy jade?

How could they engage in deeper grievances, one by one, and those with scornful eyes can hook their souls out!

"I don't know what compensation you want?" Mrs. Yuwen's voice at this time has changed from fear to a bit shy.

But as soon as her words fell, the whole body was frightened with a cold hum, and again a trembling!


Zhao Yuande also saw something coming at this time! Hurry to cover up his embarrassment!

"What I really want is compensation for fairy jade! You have caused me to spend a lot of fairy jade!" Zhao Yuande felt very innocent, but only asked for a little fairy jade compensation, but did not expect to make such a joke!

Your Mrs. Yuwen is absolutely beautiful, and her figure is really hot and unusual, which can arouse the desire of men, but I am not a hungry person! You are Mrs. Yuwen. If something really happened between us, how would I treat you in the future when you see your elder Yuwen?

And that Qinger, although you are not bad, but you already have several wives in your other world, and your own daughter!

Even if you are in a hurry, you will not start with your disciples...

Hearing Xianyu's compensation, Mrs. Yuwen and Qing'er somehow felt lost for a while, but all the invisible burdens that had been on the body were all removed!

And farther away paralyzed to the ground, the endless remorse once again flowed into the cold and flamboyant heart of Qi Ruojia!

The other party was just asking for some fairy jade, myself...I can't live by myself!

"I don't know how much fairy jade you old man wants?" Mrs. Yu Wen asked cautiously.

"It depends on your mind! You can give as much as you can to calm my anger and compensate my loss!" Zhao Yuande could not open this mouth, it became blackmail.

In the face of the people in his line, he could not do such direct blackmail.