Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1529

Chapter 1529: Finally Returned

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Hearing Zhao Yuande's words, the eyes of the master and apprentice flashed, and they communicated with their eyes!

They all know that how much of the fairy jade they made this time may be related to the attitude of the master to the two of them in the future. If he lacks it, he may be ill at heart and may secretly give himself to the two of them in the future. Stumbling.

Since the two have reached such a conclusion at the same time, it would be more!

Mrs. Yuwen is an immortal strongman herself, and she is even more favored by the elders who are spoiling her, and she will naturally not lack immortal jade.

But now she only has 800 million!

Although Qing'er is only a genius disciple, he is like Gao Lengyan, with a strong family backing behind him.

So she now also carries 300 million top-grade fairy jade!

"Master Zu, I am a scumbag, or I will compensate you two billion!" Mrs. Yu Wen said this figure, and her heart was constantly bleeding.

Two billion!

Then you can buy an ordinary Qipin Xianbao!

She is still only using the Sixth Grade Xianbao, and the elder of his husband Jun Yuwen is now using the Sixth Grade Xianbao!

It's not that they didn't have the strength to buy Qipin Xianbao, but they never found the Qipin Xianbao suitable for them!

But if these two billions are directly taken out, they may really be unable to afford them!

Two billion!

A jump in Zhao Yuande's heart, he did not expect that the other party was so generous, he would even spend 2 billion to calm his anger!

Not only did Zhao Yuande never expect that even the star picker Dong Haichuan was shocked by this number!

But he is a thousand-year-old man, and it will be clear to me at a glance!

He knew that the other party was not only atonement, but also showing good things, and wanted Zhao Yuande to change his bad impression on them.

He also had to admit that this trick is very clever, who doesn't need fairy jade, especially when he is of age like Zhao Yuande, this kind of cultivation is most needed when fairy jade is needed!

Did not see the auction just now, this uncle actually spent nearly two billion yuan, almost all good things are wrapped up!

"Tai Shizu, I can't compensate you for one billion yuan, our family..." Qing'er saw the master's compensation of two billion yuan, and he estimated that a billion yuan should be able to settle this matter!


Zhao Yuande couldn't help swallowing a saliva, and almost jumped up without excitement!

The two add up to three billion!

Three billion, enough for him to squander into fairyland!

He will not be troubled because he does not have fairy jade!

You can also happily see what fairy medicines and fairy materials all lead to the storage space!

"Okay! Just do what you said!" Zhao Yuande calmed down his emotions and tried not to let the other party see what happened.

"Thank you Shizu!"

"Thank you Taizu!"

When the two heard Zhao Yuande's words, they suddenly felt relieved!

They naturally also saw Zhao Yuande's excited eyes blink, knowing that the other party was very satisfied with this compensation!

"I have 800 million in my body! The remaining 1.2 billion, I will immediately send Hu Jun!" Mrs. Yu Wen respectfully said.

"My body is only 300 million now...I will also send the family members to the hands of Tai Shizu soon, and please ask Taishizu for a few days!" Qinger looked at Zhao Yuande's face and pleaded Color Road.

"No problem! I will stay here for a few days and practice in closed doors for some days." Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Master, this is my 800 million!" Mrs. Yu Wen hurriedly and respectfully handed a storage ring.

Zhao Yuande took it, swept away the soul, and found that there were more than 800 million in it, and there were some good fairy medicine materials!

He can't help but nod his head slightly, secretly saying that this woman will do things, people do not feel stingy! .

He did not refuse, but nodded and put away.

"Tai Shizu, this is my 300 million!" Obviously Qinger didn't get the master's three-flavored storage ring. Only 300 million top-grade fairy jade was neatly placed.

But Zhao Yuande doesn't have any trouble in his heart!

Received the duo's things and waved to them.

"Okay! Leave!"

"Thank you Shizu! Taishizu!" The two women were extremely respectful and saluted, and then they had to retreat carefully.

"Take this woman away with me, I was upset when I was born!" Zhao Yuande pointed to Gao Lengyan not far away.


Seeing the three disappeared at the entrance of Bieyuan, Zhao Yuande let out a long breath, and his face also showed the color of joy.

"Uncle Xiao, you can actually ask for more!" Dong Haichuan said cautiously. "If you ask them more, they may be happier!"

"Forget it! There are too many causes and effects. I don't want to be involved in the chaos in the Bajing Palace, nor do I want to make the master embarrass the elderly!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"It's still thoughtful of Uncle Shi!" Dong Haichuan lowered his head and looked at Zhao Yuande high again in his heart.

This young uncle did not have the impulse of young people, but was very cautious, determined and moved.

Even if he directly let himself kill these three people alive, no one in the palace would say half a word, and even the elder Yuwen Tai will personally go to the door to pay guilt.

But in that case, the other party will eventually feel unhappy, and even resentment!

It would even offend directly, Gao family, and the family behind Qinger.

But now, he is not fighting for his blood, not only has he gained a lot of benefits, but he has also made these big forces feel no resentment, and he has to catch up with him!

"Okay, let's call my friend! Then we are going to retreat here for a few days." Zhao Yuande ordered.

"Yes! Uncle Master!" Dong Haichuan nodded, his figure disappeared directly!

Zhao Yuande sat cross-legged and entered the world on the other side.

At this time, in front of the ice heart, Zhao Shisi still had no idea.

He saw Zhao Yuande appear and couldn't help laughing. "This thing is very strange. I feel a trace of familiarity, but I can't get this heart of ice in many ways!"

"That's right! I think this thing is only me..." Before Zhao Yuande finished his words, he only heard a click.

Then a moonlight pours towards himself!

Instead of feeling shocked, Zhao Yuanfei showed a happy look on his face!

He glanced at his left hand, and the moonlight seemed to return to the forest like a bird, and suddenly disappeared in the palm of his hand.

A flesh-and-blood feeling appeared again in his palm, and a small water well gently waved in his palm, and a moonlight reflected from the well water!

"Haha! Finally returned!" Zhao Yuande's face showed ecstasy.