Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1530

Chapter 1530: Practice

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At that time, Zhong Zhongyue entered the Void Gate. Zhao Yuande thought he would never see it again in his life!

But I didn't expect it to be such a short time, and God sent it back to him again!

Zhao Yuande still has a feeling that the moon in the well seems to become active, and it seems that the spirit that has been sleeping for a long time gradually wakes up, and a very powerful breath is passed from it.

Zhao Yuande couldn't describe the mood now, he felt tears across his eyes!

brat! are you still there?

If it is, I will find you!


Zhao Yuande clenched his fists!

"Okay! Give this to Xiaojin, let it refine it!" Zhao Yuande put a storage ring in the hands of Zhao Shizi, and then left the other side of the world.

He felt that his heart had become a little anxious, and he thought of the little guy, the cute little guy. He felt that he had to grow stronger quickly, and he had to return to the Fifth City as soon as possible!

In Zhao Yuande's ring, it was the bone of Jin Peng. Zhao Yuande knew that this bone was very important to Xiao Jin. If it could refine it, it would grow a big step!

Zhao Yuande had face to face with Sun Yang at this time.

"Brother Sun, today I will break through the current level. After the breakthrough, I have something to do with Brother Sun!" Zhao Yuande looked at Sun Yang with a slight smile on his face.

"There is nothing to say between our brothers!" Sun Yang patted his chest. "As long as I can do it, a definition is incumbent!"

"Okay! Then I would like to thank Brother Sun!" Zhao Yuande expressed relief in his eyes and continued, "Actually, I want to enter the Twelve Dengxian City. I don't know if Brother Sun has any way?"

"Twelve ascendant fairy city!" Sun Yang's eyes showed a shocked look.

"Good! It's the twelve ascendant fairy city!" Zhao Yuande said again.

"This is a bit difficult! This time, the twelve ascendant city was hosted by Xifengzhou. We wanted to enter some of them, so I went back and asked my old ancestor!" Sun Yang frowned, and his face was a little bit exposed Bitterness.

This time, the twelfth ascendant to the fairy city, their Sun family actually got a few places, and some people went, but all died in it!

Now that the Twelve Ascension City has been closed, you need to go to the Xifengzhou teleportation point to enter it!

And if you want a quota, you also need to open the Xianfeng Palace in Xifengzhou.

"Well! If you think of a way, if I can't do it, I'll find someone in Bajing Palace!" Zhao Yuande nodded, and he naturally knew that it was not easy!

"Okay, let's start making food now... but this time the food can greatly enhance the strength of our own flesh, which is very rare!" Zhao Yuande took out the gluttonous real spirit tripod, and then took out a strain of fairy medicine...

Sun Yang is naturally undesirable, and also his bright eyes help Zhao Yuande get busy!

The two of them had been busy for six full hours, and then they began to feel satisfied.


A thunder suddenly sounded in the void!

"Brother Sun, you broke through! Hurry up and leave here!" Zhao Yuande saw the big thunder in the sky crashing down. The goal was not himself but Sun Yang.

"Then I have to take a step first!" Sun Yang only knew at this time that he had broken through to the late stage of Divine Emperor Realm!

This cultivation is faster than the rocket!

He and Zhao Yuande have known each other for more than a year, and now they have crossed three realms with the help of Zhao Yuande!

If this is put into a thousand, he will not believe it!

At that time, he estimated that he should be promoted to Divine Emperor Realm at the age of twenty-five, promote to Divine Emperor Realm at the age of thirty, and then promote to Immortal Realm at the age of forty!

But now it seems that this speed is almost ten times faster!

As soon as he flashed, he came out of Anping City and found a quiet mountain to start the robbery!

But what he didn't find is that there are two figures hidden in the void in the dark, watching his eyes full of murderous intention!

At this time, Zhao Yuande was stimulating the majestic power of the body and constantly impacting the fourth star!

He was already only a thin film away. Now under the impact of such terrible power, Zhao Yuande felt a soft sound from his body, his left foot was shining with low stars, and his body was even more powerful than before. the power of!

At this time, he felt that the power in the body was endless, and he could even directly explode a star. He felt that his power could already fight the strong man in the middle of the fairyland!

At this time, his state is that the four stars of Chaos Eucharist, the power can be comparable to the mid-term strong in the fairyland!

The four layers of the heavenly holy body, the physical defense force may be comparable to the powerful existence of the fairy land!

The fourth level of Yuanshen Resurrection, plus his realm bonus, has now also seen that it can contend with the early strong in the fairy realm!

However, in his knowledge of the sea, the Great Immortal Hall was sometimes guarded by the big killer, and beyond the Immortal Emperor, even the powerful enemy of the Soul of God would have no effect on him.

His realm is now in the middle of the Divine Emperor Realm. Various magical powers and exercises are obviously not as powerful as the physical strength!

This is also the reason why he has not used the three supernatural powers of Bajing Palace. He spent a lot of spiritual power. In the end, it is almost the same as a punch. What does it take to do that!

According to Zhao Yuande's current strength, it is enough to kill the early powerful players in the fairyland. In the middle of the fairyland, you can fight, and in the later stage, the fairyland is lost!

Once the cultivation reaches the fairyland, the practitioner will usher in another real transformation, that is, the immortal power, completely washing the body.

Even if there is no special practice body, after reaching the fairy land, the body will become very powerful under the infusion of fairy power!

So in theory, under the fairyland, there is absolutely no way to defeat the powerful in the fairyland!

Of course, there are many things beyond the theory, such as the evil spirits like Zhao Yuande, although there are not many among the heavens and the world, but they can also find ten or eight!

Ok! Now it's time to continue practicing Yuanshen Resurrection! It is necessary to cultivate Yuanshen Resurrection to the fifth floor in one go, and then your own soul should be able to contend with the powerful of the fairy realm!

Zhao Yuande silently planned his own way forward!

The next step is to first upgrade the cultivation base to the peak of the Divine Emperor Realm and to impact the Divine Emperor Realm!

He now has chaotic purple thunder bamboo, has the origin of gold, and can fully enlighten two kinds of origin roads, as long as the two kinds of origin roads are successfully enlightened, he can enter the realm of the **** emperor!

By this time, his combat effectiveness will increase again, that is, the time to truly enter the twelve ascendant city!

Just when Zhao Yuande was thinking about it, he suddenly felt a panic for no reason in his heart.