Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1531

Chapter 1531: Assault

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"What the **** happened?" Zhao Yuande frowned.

In his state, he has been able to avoid evil, and has been able to feel the blessing.

"Huh! It doesn't seem to be in danger!" Zhao Yuande didn't feel any changes on his side, and Dong Haichuan was still guarding the other garden.

His eyes suddenly turned to a certain direction outside the city, at this time he had felt where a battle was happening!

"Yes! Sun Yang!" Zhao Yuande's eyes were cold and his body disappeared into the void.

The next moment had already appeared outside the city. He felt that the battle fluctuations coming from far away became more and more intense, and he couldn't help feeling anxious.

Soon he saw a scene that made her extremely angry.

Sun Yang, whose body was soaked with blood, was being guarded by a golden mask.

Two people in black and black masks are attacking the golden mask crazy!

Sun Yang's condition at this time was very bad, his breath was disordered, and his flesh was almost a bit tattered.

"Brother! I didn't expect this kid to have this kind of thing!" The voice of one of the men in black was slightly sharp, and there seemed to be shock and anxiety in the voice.

"Understood! He is the young master of the Sun family. It is normal to have several life-saving things on his body! However, this thing cannot always guard him. As long as the energy in it is exhausted, he is the fish on the sticky board!" Another black Yiren speaks indifferently, making people feel as if a cold rushed directly from the bottom of the foot to the heavenly cover.

"No one will come to rescue him! Our goal will not come out to find him at this time!" The sharp voice sounded again, as if worried.

"It's okay! The Void Net that blocks the Void given by the Sect Master can block the transmission of all information!"

"Brother...Look, his mask is starting to fade..."

"Work harder!"


Zhao Yuande saw the cultivation of these two people, one of them was the middle of the fairyland, and the other was the beginning of the fairyland!

He wasn't sure to face them directly, but a grin appeared in the corner of his mouth.

Yin Yang Zhao Tianjing launched, Zhao Yuande's figure disappeared into the void!

Shuttle in the void, Zhao Yuande appeared directly behind the black man in the early stage of the fairyland.


Zhao Yuande burst into a thud, and a silver moonlight shot out of his palm.

Zhao Yuande's drink, the star in the throat shining brightly, contains the mysterious power of Zen's six-character mantra.

The two powerful players in the fairyland were so drunk by Zhao Yuande that they only felt their ears buzz.

The soul seems to be directly impacted by a magical force!

The two naturally knew that it was not good, and there must be a strong person to help, but this time the body was trembling and the soul was turbulent, and the reaction at one and a half would not come at all.

A moonlight directly cut the strongman in the early stage of the fairyland into two halves, and a head burst with a blast!

"Brother!" The rest of the man was so scared that his brother and brother were suddenly frightened, and his brother was cut into two in a sudden without guard!

Although in the fairyland, the resilience of the flesh is very powerful, but the head is broken, and the body has been transformed into two sections. Even if the resilience is strong, it will disappear directly!

"You die too!" Zhao Yuande Jingzhong directly hacked a strong man in the early stage of the fairyland, and his confidence suddenly rose.

In his hand, there is another round of bright moonlight shining towards the strong man in the middle of the fairyland!

"Idiot dreaming!"

The remaining middle-aged powerhouses in the fairyland, though frightened, immediately regained their calmness!

Once the strong man in the middle of the fairyland regained his calmness, his strength was immediately reflected.

The two were instantly together!

Seeing the arrival of Zhao Yuande, Sun Yang's unsustainable injury suddenly broke out, and the person passed out directly!

In fact, Sun Yang was really suffocated. He had just gone through the Heaven Tribulation and had just entered Divine Emperor Realm. The damage caused by the Heaven Tribulation had not been fully recovered, so he was attacked by the two.

He originally had many means of life escape, but because the void was blocked and could not be displayed, he could only suffocately open the golden mask.

I originally thought that this was a lingering panic, but I did not expect that Zhao Yuande would come in time to save his life!

Originally, Zhao Yuande was a little bit upset with his opponent, but after fighting for a while, he gradually adapted to the powerful power of his body, which was comparable to that of his opponent!

The opponent was a little surprised at first, but all the eyes that appeared next were shocked and incredible!

Because they wanted to break their heads, they did not expect that Zhao Yuande would be so powerful!

But they are not the three disciples of the Fire God Immortal Emperor, they are the two disciples of the Han family who followed the Han Tian Immortal Emperor to Baihezhou!

Han Tianxian Emperor saw that Zhao Yuande had not been killed for a long time, so they were sent out!

They naturally felt that it was very easy to behead a beast.

But I didn't expect someone to be with me all the time. They were afraid of being discovered so they were very far away. They didn't know the relationship between Zhao Yuande and these powerful people.

If he really knew the identity of Zhao Yuande, they would not dare to assassinate them again after giving them a hundred guts!

If they really succeed in assassination this time, the anger of Bajing Palace will probably quickly burn the entire fairy world, Han Family, Tianyizong, Baidi Palace will be completely destroyed!

You dont even have to do it yourself at the Eight Kings Palace, and the eight immortal emperors in the central fairy palace will destroy them together!

This is simply pushing the neutral force of Bajing Palace towards the Devil Realm!

Of course, this is only an assumption!

At this time, Zhao Yuande was caught in extreme excitement while playing. He had just been promoted to this state, and he was able to meet such evenly matched opponents.

However, Sun Yang, a comatose on one side, did not dare to let him lie there, otherwise the aftermath of the battle might affect him.

Zhao Shishi walked out of his body and directly collected it into the body world, and then watched the battle quietly!

Zhao Xie's current cultivation practice is only God Realm Realm, it is indeed a bit low!

In this level of battle, there is no role at all!

However, as long as Zhao Yuande is given a certain amount of time, Zhao XIV's promotion is still very fast!

In this way, they are all one body, and apart from the physical difference, as long as Zhao Yuande comprehends the various laws, all the major roads will be comprehended at the same time!

The other party was shocked when he saw the emergence of Zhao XIV, but when he saw Zhao XIV's cultivation behavior, he finally let go of a heart!

Without scruples, Zhao Yuande's battle became more and more cheerful and fierce.

Although still unable to defeat the other party, but let the other party feel a creepy feeling.