Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1532

Chapter 1532: Nurturing Talent Program

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This guy has already felt that things are not going well, knowing that since Zhao Yuande can come, the strong man around him may also come.

He knew that today's plan had failed, and it would be in vain to fight anymore. Maybe he would fall here if he didn't pay attention.

"Boy! Your power is far beyond our imagination, but you can rest assured that the next time you come to kill you will be a fairy, or even a fairy strong!" The person's voice was cold.

"If you have the ability, let the fairy emperor come in person to see if I am afraid!" Zhao Yuande's voice was full of disdain.

"Fry me!"

As soon as the man's voice fell, there was a sudden explosion in the void, and a large black net covered the sky and covered Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande feels that there is a power to imprison the void above the big net. If he is covered by the big net, he may really be imprisoned.

And this net, not only the other party is also enveloped by the scope of the big net!

He sighed helplessly, turned into Kunpeng, and evaded the area covered by the large net in an instant.

However, his body had just escaped, and the big net fell directly into the man's hand. The next time the void split, the man stepped into it.

"Humph! The monk can't escape the temple!" Zhao Yuande looked at the figure that disappeared in the void, and could not help but outline a cold smile.

Zhao Yuande did not catch up, but walked to the corpse that had been cut in half by Jingzhong Yue.

The corpse had been drained of blood at this time, and the body was already cyan.

Zhao Yuande's appraisal technique was swept away, and immediately the information in front of the person appeared in front of him.

"Han eighteen, the early stage of the fairyland, the disciples of the Han family..."

"Sure enough, it's a cold family!" Although Zhao Yuande had already guessed it, he was still slightly shocked.

How did the Han family find themselves? You know they are very careful, and they have changed their appearance. Is there a spy from the Han family in the Sun family?

Never mind! At this moment I can't worry about it. Brother Sun's appearance now, the Emperor Demon Emperor will surely be furious, he will naturally check it to the end!

"Go! Let's go back!" Zhao Yuande waved his big sleeves and took Zhao 14 to the void to return to Anping City.

Upon returning to Bieyuan, Zhao Yuande treated Sun Yang.

Although the appearance of Sun Yang's injury seemed very heavy, in fact, it was only because the torture consumed a lot of power and did not suffer any fatal injuries.

Sun Yang took a few pills, and Zhao Yuande saw that his seven colors had become better, and he said: "Brother Sun, immediately notify Senior Demon! Let him pick us up and leave, otherwise there will definitely be assassinations against us in the future!"

In fact, Zhao Yuande can let the star pickers **** them, but think about it or give up.

He wants to attract the attention of the Sun family!

"Good!" Sun Yang probably also understood Zhao Yuande's hard work and nodded, barely showing a smile on his face.

After a few breaths, a figure emerged from the void and appeared in front of them.

"What the **** happened!" Seeing the miserable appearance of Sun Yang, the emperor Zhumo suddenly showed angry flames on his face.

But at the next moment, there was a look of shock and surprise on his face.

"Yang'er, broke through the late stage of Divine Emperor Realm so quickly!" Zhu Mo Xian Di is almost unbelievable!

It was just over a year, and Sun Yangs rise was too fast, so that he, the fairy emperor, felt a little incredible!

He immediately turned his attention to Zhao Yuande, he knew that all of this must be the reason for Zhao Yuande, because there is that kind of magical cuisine!

"Senior demon! Let me talk about it at this time!" Zhao Yuande motioned to Sun Yang to recover, he said slowly what happened.

"Han Family! Your hands are too long!" The voice of Zhumo Xiandi was extremely cold!

Only a few people knew that Sun Yang Zhao Yuande came out this time. It must have been a spy among these people, traitor!

"Senior demon, the most important thing now is to let the criminals in the family get caught, otherwise the safety of Brother Sun..." Zhao Yuande said.

"Well! I know this!" Zhu Moxian Emperor didn't need Zhao Yuande to remind him, but looking at Zhao Yuande's face was still full of endless expectations. When he came to his realm, he said the following words, still a little cautious, "Little friend !I dont know if we can train a few more geniuses for our Sun family?"

"This... the predecessors are too strong to endure it!" Zhao Yuande looked at the immortal emperor's strong man and couldn't help but show a bitter smile on his face.

"Is it very difficult? Isn't it possible to have the fairy jade?" Zhu Moxian Emperor is not stubborn, and his eyes are full of expectation, "Our Sun family took 5 billion, and 5 billion cultivated two geniuses, you can rest assured that they both have With a very strong talent and qualifications, although it is a little worse than Sun Yang, it is also a rare genius for a hundred years."

In this scene, Sun Yang couldn't help crying and laughing, and the fairy ancestor was really naive!

He thought that people like Zhao Yuande would be bent because of immortal jade?

What's more, Zhao Yuande's importance is friendship, not fairy jade!

Otherwise, in the name of the **** chef, is it easy to earn immortal jade from time to time?

Although there are more than 5 billion yuan, the rate of earning immortal jade by Zhao Yuande, even if it is three days to fish and two days to surf the net, it does not take more than one year at most!

Cultivating two geniuses for the Sun family is not an easy task. It takes him a lot of time and energy, and even loses his training time.

"Senior demon! This is not as simple as you think. Although there are more than 5 billion yuan, it is not worth it to me. The purpose of earning immortal jade is to make my cultivation faster, not to Earn immortal jade and delay your cultivation!" Although Zhao Yuande said it was very euphemistic, but also very clear.

"Hey! All right! Let's put it down now! Now I will take you back to Sun's house." Although Zhu Mo Xian Emperor sighed secretly, he had to admit that if he stood on the other side's stand, he was absolutely Will not agree.

"Well! Then trouble seniors!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

They quickly returned to the Sun's house, and Zhao Yuande began to retreat and practice Yuanshen Resurrection, striving to bring Yuanshen Resurrection to the fifth floor!

Yuanshen Resurrection is now a cycle of birth and death for eight days, and it needs 72 consecutive cycles to successfully step into the fifth floor!

This will take 576 days, but at this time Zhao Yuande owns the Nine Grades Immortal Treasure of Time Immortal Hall, which can be increased to 200 times faster in time.

Five hundred and seventy-six days later, the outside world was actually only three days away.

Just when Zhao Yuande woke up from the pain, felt the power of the soul, and sighed in his heart.

There was a sudden knock on the door outside the door.