Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1533

Chapter 1533: Fairy War

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"Huh?" Zhao Yuande said to Sun Yang long ago, there is no very important thing, don't disturb yourself.

He shouldn't be so reckless, what really happened?

He pushed open the door and suddenly saw Sun Yang standing outside anxiously.

"What the **** happened?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other's expressions and suddenly couldn't help wondering what was going to make Sun Yang so anxious.

"Brother Zhao! The fairy demon war broke out!" Sun Yang just said Zhao Yuande as if he was lost in contemplation.

The fairy wars broke out!

This is bad news. When the war broke out, the two realms of Immortals and Demons will start a **** storm again. I am afraid that they will inevitably go to the battlefield to fight the Demon Race.

However, this is also good news. There will be countless opportunities for fighting in the outbreak of the war, and there will certainly be many strong men rising in the war!

For Zhao Yuande, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages!

"Where did the fairy demon war break out?" Zhao Yuande had already analyzed the pros and cons at this time and began to ask the situation carefully.

"Brother Zhao, don't you worry?" Sun Yang saw that Zhao Yuande calmed down quickly, even showing the look of expectation in his eyes, and couldn't help asking.

"Brother Sun! This fairy demon war is our chance to rise! Only through this kind of life-and-death battle can we really grow up fast!" Zhao Yuande patted his shoulder and said, "The powers I helped you to raise earlier , Did you really master it? I guess no! Only a war like this will allow you to master it quickly, or even sublime it!"

"Cooperate with my food again, I believe that our entry will be faster than ordinary times! I am even confident that you will be promoted to the fairyland within a year!" Zhao Yuande said more and more excited, his face full of war.

"Brother Zhao! Your words, let me sit back! Thank you!" Sun Yang was awakened by Zhao Yuande in a few words, and his face showed the same brilliance as Zhao Yuande.

"Well talk about the fairy demon war!" Zhao Yuande saw the other party realized, and his heart was suddenly bright.

"Well! This fairy demon war broke out at the exit of the purgatory channel! I dont know when, the endless channel of the purgatory suddenly flooded with endless demons, and slaughtered the strong people of the fairy world in an instant. When he came over, he had already rushed out of the purgatory channel, and the Xifengzhou strongmen who would be staying outside the channel would be killed by all kinds of people!

"The next step is that the infinite Demon Powers will pass through the Purgatory Passage and quickly occupy a large area of Immortal Land. When Xifengzhou reacts, more than 30 cities in Xifengzhou have been occupied by Demon Realm. It is said that all of these cities are occupied I sacrificed to the devil and summoned a powerful presence in the void to continue to capture other cities in the fairy world."

"However, although this attack of the Devil Realm was premeditated, although it was extremely fierce, it still did not break through the bottom line, and there was no strong immortal emperor to participate in the battle. This also gave the fairy world a breathing opportunity!"

"What is the attitude of the Central Immortal Palace now?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"An army of one hundred immortal monarchs has been dispatched from the Central Immortal Palace, and they are gradually heading towards Xifengzhou! At the same time, the Central Immortal Palace ordered that the remaining three continents also send 20 immortals each The strong will lead the team with thousands of support!" Sun Yang replied.

"And my Sun family has now been allocated three fairy monarchs, our Sun family has basically been assembled! The name of the old ancestors let you and I go together." Sun Yang said there was some worry on his face .

He was not worried about the dangers in the battlefield, but worried that Zhao Yuande did not want to be involved in this battle.

Because Zhao Yuande's true identity is a disciple of Bajing Palace, and Bajing Palace has always remained neutral!

"Very good! Even if Senior Demon does not name, I will ask to go!" Zhao Yuande's face showed a trace of war and excitement.

"In fact, this time the Central Immortal Palace also promulgated the reward and punishment system on the fairy demon battlefield, and there are also the places that Brother Zhao wanted for the twelve ascendant immortal city!" Sun Yang suddenly thought of this matter.

"Good! Very good!" The light of excitement flashed in Zhao Yuande's eyes, which was really a huge surprise.

Soon Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang got on a huge flying fairy of the Sun family.

This flying fairy treasure is a huge palace, Tianyou Palace, and its rank is as high as seven ranks. It is one of the most powerful fairy treasures of the Sun family.

This time the senior Sun family is willing to take it out, just to ensure that the Sun family can show their might on the fairy demon battlefield, and they can protect their lives at the critical time.

Tianyou Palace soon passed through Baihezhou and appeared in a vast void.

At this time, many huge flying fairy treasures appeared in their vision.

The Baidi Palace, Tianyizong, Xuanjizong, Shentu family, headed by these four big families, as well as many forces such as the Gao family, Jiang family, alliance of the three major chambers of commerce, they also arrived here at the same time.

This time it was faced with the invasion of the demons and the foreign enemies. Although all the people had suspicions before, although they did not deal with it, they still nodded silently, urging the flying Xianbao towards the infinite void. Go forward.

Although no one said anything, these flying fairy treasures quickly split into three camps.

Baidi Palace and Tianyizong two flying Xianbao walked at the forefront. Xuan Jizong, Shen Tujia and Sun Family walked in the middle, and some of the remaining forces came at the end.

They flew in the void for two or three days in a row, and experienced many dangers along the way.

There are huge scary beasts like a star, there are stars with a terrible light, there are huge black holes that can **** everything into it, there are...

In these situations, even the immortal king is cautious!

Especially the star that exudes a terrible light, some people are puzzled to ask Xianjun strong, what is this?

The fairy's answer made everyone feel the scalp explode and feel terrified.

"That's the star of death, even if the immortal emperor is close, it will be instantly gasified, even the nine-grade immortal treasure will melt directly!"

After experiencing many strange places, Zhao Yuande also realized how terrible the void is. There are countless powerful existences, and there are countless dangerous places that can deprive the immortal emperor's life!

When their flying fairy treasures can be seen, a blood-red passageway leads to a dark continent. They know that they have finally arrived in Baihezhou.

Zhao Yuande even looked at the blood-red channel a little bit stunned, that is the channel of purgatory!

Soon they fell into a huge fortress of war. The fortress of war occupies a tens of thousands of miles, all of which are reinforcements from all continents.