Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1534

Chapter 1534: Uncle

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At the moment when many flying fairy treasures in Baihezhou landed, there were several powerful presences greeted them, saluting at them again and again, with an excited expression on their faces.

"Oh! Uncle Tai came to greet us personally!" The fairy in the White Emperor Palace saw a few people greeting him, and smiled in his eyes.

"Brother Bai, Sun Brother, haha, and Jin Yuanzi, you old man is here too!" The old man called Tai Tai is a tall and burly old man with a square face and ruddy complexion. Looks like a bold person.

"Hey! If it weren't for these demons, we would really not be able to get together, and thank them for speaking!" The mouth of the fairy emperor of Baidi Palace also cracked a smile, and he seemed to The uncle's strongman had some friendships.

"Hey! Not to mention, this group of guys are really ruthless, beating us by surprise! If it wasn't for this city of war, we might not really be able to hold back the attack of the demon world!" The fairy of the uncle's family lamented.

"Leave! Let's go in and talk!"


A group of big figures in the realm of immortals all entered the huge building in the center of the war fort, and Zhao Yuande and their disciples were assigned to the barracks according to the repair.

Of course, these barracks are just some decoration, they are all fairy people, the children will live in the barracks.

They all have their own palaces and their own inner worlds.

Because Zhao Yuande's cultivation practice was in the Divine Emperor Realm, and he was regarded as the backbone of the battlefield, their barracks were outside the War Fortress.

Upon arriving at the barracks, Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang saw a huge flying fairy treasure suspended in the void, with a large number of practitioners standing on it.

An immortal realm who led them to here took them straight towards a huge flying immortal treasure.

This flying fairy is a huge ship, with thousands of people standing densely on the deck at this time.

They landed on the deck and immediately caught the eyes of these people.

These people's eyes revealed a fierce light, and their bodies were even more breathless, and even some people still had notable injuries, as if they had already experienced a **** battle before this.

"This is the third battleship under the rule of Akihito, and you belong to this battleship for the time being." The strong man in the fairyland said coldly to the crowd, and after that, he flew straight to a towering ship. In front of the palace, an introduction by a strong man sitting at the front of the palace.

Instead of looking at those people, Zhao Yuande turned his head to look at the earth not far away, where it was dark and endless black gas enveloped the earth.

In the black gas, Zhao Yuande felt a powerful violent anger. He knew which culprits were the source of the evil spirit!

There were more than two hundred people who were behind this strong man in the fairy land, all of them were the **** emperor realm cultivators who came to Baihezhou this time. At this time, their eyes were all on the man sitting in the palace. The body of the former strong man.

Feeling the horror of the Demon Race, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but frowned slightly, and set his eyes on the strong man in front of the palace again.

He saw at a glance that this man was a strong man in the fairyland and may be the master of this battleship.

This person listened to the story of the fairyland powerhouse, nodded slowly, and waved to the fairyland powerhouse.

"Although you all come from all continents, since you have all become my subordinates, please forget your original identity! You just need to remember that this is Xifengzhou, this is the fairy demon battlefield Here, only the strong man is needed! Only the strong man is qualified to survive!" The strong man in the fairy land is tall and burly, carrying a long knife with blood and blood in his hand, and a fierce air rises into the sky. Let Zhao Yuande and their newcomers feel a numbness in their scalp.

Zhao Yuande felt that this person's fighting power was very strong, and he could even compete with the powerful in the realm of the fairy king. No wonder he would command a warship alone.

"Only the strong man is needed! Only the strong man is qualified to survive!" The thousands of people who looked at this strong man named Taishuba had fanaticism and admiration!

They screamed insanely, and their eyes were burning!

Just when Zhao Yuande and their two hundred people felt a little inexplicable, Uncle Tai's fierce wave of a long sword seemed to be really a general who galloped across the battlefield.

"In order to leave a deep impression on these newcomers, we go to the Demon Race Camp and rush to kill them!"

More than two hundred people, Zhao Yuande, felt a surge of warfare rise from these thousands of people, as if condensed into a ferocious dragon roaring in the sky.


They were quickly infected by this war of intent, and the war in their chest was also inspired, even when they raised their hands!

The big ship under them suddenly moved!

The big ship dived and rushed towards the place where the black gas that Zhao Yuande had just seen loomed.


The Mozu in the black gas seemed to feel Zhao Yuande's fighting intentions, and a roar came out as if to respond to them.

"The boys rushed down with me and beheaded the demons!" Uncle Tai first leaped down from the battleship and rushed straight into the dark mist.


Thousands of people also leapt down at the same time, following the figure of Uncle Tyrant, and rushing into the black mist.


In an instant, I heard a roaring roar from the dark mist, a terrible cry came, and a sound...

Zhao Yuande and their more than 200 people were obviously a shot slower than them at this time, but Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang soon followed.

Then these two hundred talents rushed into the dark fog.

They don't know what is waiting for them in the dark fog, is it death or...

As soon as Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang fell into the black mist, they suddenly felt a very cold atmosphere enveloped them, making them seem to be splashed with cold water on their heads. Not much of it.


The huge magic palm that had been covering the sky and the sun suddenly slapped from the void, and a wailing wailing came from the magic palm, and a vague figure constantly struggled in the magic palm.

The master who released this palm is at least in the late stage of God Emperor Realm, which is so powerful that Zhao Yuande has an irresistible psychology.

The range covered by the magic palm is hundreds of miles away, and all of them more than two hundred people are enveloped at once, and there seems to be a terrifying power in the magic palm, which makes people unconsciously have a fear. .