Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1535

Chapter 1535: Early Bird

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"Not good!" Zhao Yuande knew these two things would go on. I'm afraid these two hundred talents will be killed here just after playing.

"Break me!"

Zhao Yuande no longer hesitated, his palms turned, twelve bright lights lit up, and a huge shadow of a deserted ancient world slammed toward the magic palm in the sky.

"Don't look at everyone, do it now!" Zhao Yuande's ancient world came out, followed by a loud shout!

Sun Yang and many others suddenly calmed down at this time and offered great magical powers to help Zhao Yuande hell.


After a violent impact, the magic palm finally collapsed, and Zhao Yuande's face rushed towards the direction of the magic palm, and a bright moonlight flew out in his hand.

The bright moonlight cut through the endless darkness and illuminated most of the battlefield.


A scream came, and Moonlight covered a whole body of black hair, and three strange heads with long heads on his shoulders split from the middle.

"so beautiful!"

Just as the three strange heads were cut in half by Zhao Yuande with a moonlight, a cheer came from afar.

Zhao Yuande saw through the heavy fog that the uncle was grinning at him.

The long knife waving in his hand released a terrible long and terrible knife light, swept across the battlefield indiscriminately, and a huge warcraft was swept by the knife light, and suddenly turned into two sections!

In other places on the battlefield, Zhao Yuande also saw the thousands of people form ten large formations, strangling this head of Demon Warcraft.

Zhao Yuande turned to look at the more than 200 people who came to Baihezhou. Although he was also fighting with some huge demons, Warcraft.

However, the fighting power of these demons and Warcraft is really strong, and the sound is infiltrating, and the tricks are even more unpredictable.

Soon more than a dozen people died in the hands of Mozu and Warcraft.

After these Mozu and Warcraft beheaded them, they grabbed the corpses of these people without hesitation, and began to chew on them with a big mouthful, and a burst of bloodthirsty light was released in their eyes.

Seeing this situation, almost all of the remaining people had some soft hands and feet. When did they see such a horrible situation?

In my mind, if I die, will I become the food of these demons and Warcraft just like these people?

Thinking of being chewed by a big mouth, some people are scared and almost collapsed to the ground, some people even turned around and fled, while others are still fighting, but the combat effectiveness can not play half of the usual!

At this time, even Sun Yang had some soft legs. Although he followed Zhao Yuande to see many big scenes, but this was the first time, he couldn't help but put some hands on his hands!

But at this time, there are more and more Demon Races and Warcraft appearing around, but they did not directly rush up, but looked at them with a kind of tyranny and a food-looking eye!

This makes the people who have almost lost their fighting spirit even more desperate!

Seeing this situation, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but sigh a little. If he doesn't take action again, these people may soon be eaten alive by more and more demons!

"All cheer me up! Kill this group of demons!"

Zhao Yuande's figure moved into a golden Kunpeng real body, cutting through the void at an incredible speed!

How powerful his flesh is. After this golden light, a dozen or so giant Warcrafts were cut from it. The black blood almost formed a big river, and a strong smell of smell permeated all around.

"So powerful!"

Not all of the more than two hundred people are bear goods. They also have a strong presence, and there are strong men who have survived hundreds of battles. However, because they are shocked by the scene of cannibalism, they will not be able to play their hands. The strongest strength.

However, Zhao Yuande's attack at the same time killed a dozen powerful World of Warcraft equivalent to the peak of the Divine Emperor, which made them feel shocked at the same time, and also stimulated their tense nerves!

This blow allowed them to see hope and hope to survive.


The potential of human beings is endless, and when they reach the point where they are cultivated, if they explode their potential, they will be shocked.

Although there are only one hundred seventy or eighty people left for more than two hundred people, the erupted power still defeats those demons and Warcraft!

The corpses left behind, the smelly black blood, flee furiously!

The uncle, who had been paying attention to this direction all the time, looked quietly back in this direction, and a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

He wanted to wait until the most critical moment. He came to rescue these people himself, let them see the cruelty of the war, and let them know that only by staying close to his uncle can survive.

But what he did not expect was that this young man would be so good, and the fighting power was so powerful that even he couldn't help but feel surprised.

However, he was not jealous, nor did he complain that Zhao Yuande snatched his limelight, because his purpose was to destroy the Demon Race, not the power in his hands.


At this time, in the darkness not far away, there was a horrifying beast roar, and a huge mountain-like figure slowly appeared in his sight.

"It's a burst beast! Let's withdraw!" He immediately recognized this terrible Warcraft, this is a terrible big guy equivalent to the peak of the fairy, if he meets alone, it can be a battle, but these **** emperors The little guy in the environment, I am afraid that even the other party can't stand a burst of roar!

Everyone heard the order of Taishuba and flew toward the battleship standing in the void without hesitation.

More than one hundred people in Bai Hezhou looked at Zhao Yuande and seemed to be waiting for his order.

In this battle, Zhao Yuande saved everyone's lives and convinced everyone.

"Withdraw!" Zhao Yuande looked at everyone's eyes, and he couldn't help but also smile for a while, it seemed that his trouble was coming.

Sure enough, the battleship returned, and Zhao Yuande heard a voice.

"Come here for me!" is the voice of Taishuba.

Zhao Yuande reluctantly smiled at Sun Yang: "Seeing that the head bird can't do it, this is not being stared at!"

"Hey! If there was no Brother Zhao just now, no one of us would survive more than half. I think he wanted to draw you in!" Sun Yang smiled.

Zhao Yuande soon arrived in front of Taishuba, who waved at him, and then walked into the palace.

Zhao Yuande followed him helplessly into the palace.

"Boy! Very nice, what's your name?" As soon as he entered the palace, Taishuba sat down on a big chair, and the cold expression on his face disappeared.

"Zhao XIV!" Zhao Yuande still concealed his real name.