Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1536

Chapter 1536: Fine Wine

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Although there are many people with the same name and surname in this world, as long as he says his name, I am afraid that someone will soon find himself following the clues.

I know a lot of people in Xifengzhou, and I am afraid that my name is also understood by many people in Xifengzhou.

In particular, he also provoked the Xiandi Palace of Xifengzhou. If it is not hidden a little, I am afraid that it will soon lead to revenge!

"Zhao XIV! Haha, this name is good! Good to remember!" Taishu Ba patted a chair beside him, "Come on, brother, sit down and tell me about Baihezhou!"

The guy said that he took one gourd from the storage space and poured it into his mouth.

A strong scent of wine filled the palace instantly.

Zhao Yuande was also polite, sitting directly beside Taishuba, even taking a wine bottle out of the storage space.

This is the Sansheng wine brewed by Zhao Yuande. Although the effect is not great now, the taste is very fragrant, which is even better than the monkey wine!

As soon as Zhao Yuande pulled the stopper, a more mellow and strong fragrance came out.

"This... what kind of wine is this!" Tai Shuba's eyes straightened, looking straight at the bottle in Zhao Yuande's hands.

"My own brew is called Sansheng Wine!" Zhao Yuande raised the bottle to the other party, and took a big sip!

"It's really fragrant!" Uncle Taiba's mouth was dripping, and the haraz in the corner of his mouth was dripping out. He swallowed hard, and looked at the wine bottle in Zhao Yuande's hands, and asked carefully, "Can I, let me also Drink a sip!"

"This is no problem!" Zhao Yuande took another bottle of Sansheng wine from the storage space and handed it directly to the other party!

"Thank you, thank you!" Uncle Tai saw the wine as if he saw his own son, excitedly received it, first sniffed it in his nose, then nodded in satisfaction.

Only then did I gently pull out the stopper, and took a heavy sip of wine, but did not swallow into the stomach like Zhao Yuande imagined, but just took a small sip and began to taste it carefully!

"Good wine! Good wine!" Uncle Tai finished a bite of tasting, and suddenly a pair of eyes lit up, and his eyes turned to Zhao Yuande as bright as day!

Seeing each other's expressions, Zhao Yuande couldn't help shaking his head, just a bottle of wine. As for this?

"I don't know...Is there any more wine?" Just when Zhao Yuande shook his head, Taishu Ba didn't even look like his predecessor. He licked a face and leaned on Zhao Yuande's side, asking carefully.

"I..." Zhao Yuande was speechless to him!

"Are there any! I can buy it with fairy jade! You see... One million, a bottle of one million high-quality fairy jade? wouldn't think the price is too low! This is a good negotiation, no way Were two million...not three million!" Unexpectedly, Zhao Yuande hadnt even spoken, the other party had already raised the price to three million!

"This..." Zhao Yuande was shocked by the other party's price!

The materials used to make these three holy wines are some third-level or fourth-level elixir, and they are also very simple. No more than ten top-grade fairy jade!

Of course, it is indispensable to eat the inherited power of Taoism to extract the impurities in the elixir, otherwise it will not produce such a good wine with good taste.

The three holy wines brewed by ten top-grade fairy jade, even though the other party offered a price of three million, this is a profit of 300,000 times!

His brain is running fast, he wants to know whether the other party just wants a bottle of solution, or it needs a lot!

"How is it, how is it! You give a quasi-letter!" Uncle Tai is about to die!

If the price he offered is no longer satisfactory, he is unable to help himself. Although he is a strong in the fairyland, but the fairy jade on his body is only one hundred or two hundred million yuan. He wants to drink this kind of wine often. If he is expensive, he can't afford it!

"Cough..." Zhao Yuande coughed softly, "Senior Uncle, you don't worry, I have something to ask you."

"Why don't you hurry! I'm in a hurry!" Taishuba saw Zhao Yuande finally talking, and couldn't help but let out a long breath. "I'll hurry and say something, I don't like to grind the chirp!"

"Okay! What I want to ask is, Senior Uncle, do you want a bottle of solution, or do you want to take goods from me for a long time?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Xie Jie Greed! That's more and more Greed! I want to get the goods for a long time, I want to drink this fine wine every day!" Tai Shuba's face showed excitement.

"Okay! In that case, I don't need much, one million bottles! I can give you as many as you want!" Zhao Yuande's eyes showed excitement, but he suddenly thought of a very important question. Then, he has no such low-level materials, and the three holy wines on his body are only seven or eighty bottles, it is not enough to listen to the other party's tone!

"What! Good! Even the gourd spring river and moon in my hand are worth a million, your bottle...hey, I really made it!" Uncle Tai shook the wine gourd in his hand and found that there was no drop in it. When the wine is over, I can't help but throw the wine gourd on the ground and step on it!

"Senior Uncle, how many bottles do you want now?" Zhao Yuande asked.

He was really afraid that the other party would have three or five hundred bottles when he opened it, so he couldn't take it out!

"Fifty bottles! Give me fifty bottles first!" Uncle Tai was also simply throwing Zhao Yuande a storage ring. Looking for Yuande, it was 50 million top-grade fairy jade.

Zhao Yuande almost laughed with joy!

"Hey! Brother, don't you call me Uncle Senior in the future, listening to the awkward panic, you simply call me Uncle Ty, or Uncle Big Brother!" Uncle Ty handed over Zhao Yuande's storage The ring was put away, and when he saw fifty bottles of Sansheng wine, the corners of his mouth were widened!

"Hey, Brother Uncle, I can actually make better wine. I don't know if Brother Uncle is interested in tasting it?" Zhao Yuande moved, suddenly thinking that he got a kind when he identified a certain material. How to make good wine.

This kind of fine wine not only has a powerful auxiliary cultivation effect for the strong people above the fairy realm, but also has a certain chance to allow the drinker to break through the current small realm, and even has an effect on the strong power of the fairy realm!

Zhao Yuande didn't do anything because he had no effect on himself.

Now I want to think that if this kind of wine can be brewed, this guy will definitely like it very much in the eyes, and he must have intended to buy it at a large price.