Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1537

Chapter 1537: Dissatisfied

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"Better than these three holy wines?" Uncle Tai somewhat distrusted.

"Ten times better!" Zhao Yuande smiled. "Not only does it taste much better than Sansheng Wine, but it also has a very amazing effect!"

"What! Hurry up and talk!" Uncle Tai stared at Zhao Yuande with a pair of eyes falling on him.

"This kind of wine is called a drunk dream, and after drinking it will make people enter a certain magical state, as if it is a dream, in which you will achieve what you want, for example, if you want to feel the process of breaking through the fairy... " Before Zhao Yuande finished his words, he felt a pair of big hands grabbing his shoulders and grabbing him firmly.

The face of the uncle Tai on the opposite side, I don't know what expression it is, crazy, fanatic, excited, looking forward to...

"Brother Uncle! We have something to say, something to say! You hurt me!" Zhao Yuande felt that the opponent's big hand was about to crush his shoulder blades, and his face had fallen into a semi-crazy state.

"Okay! Okay! I was so excited, so excited!" Hearing Zhao Yuande's voice, the expressions on Tai Shuba's face were put away. He seemed to wake up from his dream all at once. What are you saying, brother?"

"It's absolutely true that tomorrow Uncle Tai will be able to taste this kind of wine!" Zhao Yuande patted his chest.

"Tomorrow? So fast?" Uncle Tai looked at Zhao Yuande with suspicion.

"Uncle Uncle doesn't know that I actually made this batch of wine for three years, but it will be officially completed tomorrow, so..." Zhao Yuande smiled embarrassedly.

"It's such a coincidence, haha! Then I must try it tomorrow. If it's as magical as your little brother said, I want to... want... Bao Yuan!" Uncle Tai gritted his teeth.

"Bao Yuan? Brother Uncle, there is a chance that a strong fairy will be promoted to a fairy wine. You should know the value of it!" Zhao Yuande's expression looked like a smile.

"This..." Uncle Tai is sweating with sweat. If the other party's statement is true, then this kind of wine is too bad!

If there is such a powerful effect, how much is the value of this wine? Ten million, or fifty million?

You have to know that after you have reached the realm of fairy land, it is a huge scandal. If you can take it, you will be a step in the sky. If you can't take it, you will not be able to escape from the loess.

You have to know that after reaching the realm of Xianjun, the lifespan will be ten million years long. No matter how stupid you are, you will be able to be promoted to the strong of Xiandi in such a long time.

The life of the fairyland is only 100,000 years, and many people died at this last level!

And his Taishuba now looks like an uncle, in fact, he is already 70,000 years old!

His talents are average, and after he was promoted to Immortal Realm, every step was solid. Now that he has reached a limit, he feels that even after 30,000 years, he may not be able to successfully promote to Immortal Realm. !

He also wanted to buy this kind of elixir, and even be able to have the elixir of promotion to fairy land, but those things moved 7.8 billion or even 1 billion!

The fairy jade he had saved for a lifetime was only more than 200 million yuan. If there were fewer families to find a way to find it, it might be okay, but the difference was so much that he couldn't afford it.

What's more, if you can really get promoted to Xianjun Realm if you buy it, but these immortals are not 100% guaranteed, but there is a certain chance that no one can be sure of this chance!

"But how do I know if this wine is so mysterious!" Taishuba thought of the key.

"It doesn't matter, it doesn't work. I don't want immortal jade!" Zhao Yuande seemed to have guessed that the other party would have asked like this, laughing, "I'll know when I give you a drink tomorrow!"

"If that's true, I... I want ten bottles!" The uncle gave the whole body strength to say the number of ten bottles!

"Oh! No problem! How about I charge you 100 million for ten bottles?" Zhao Yuande chuckled.

"If it's really effective, let alone one hundred million, two hundred million will do!" Uncle Taiba's head is like a chicken peck rice!

"Haha! That's good, I'm leaving if there is nothing uncle or brother!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and turned to leave!

"Hey! Wait, I'm still looking for you and I haven't said anything serious!" Taishuba saw that Zhao Yuande was going to leave, only to remember that there were other purposes for calling him this time.

As soon as he smelled the wine, he forgot everything. He even started a business with Zhao Yuande, and even became a brother with the other party!

"Brother Uncle, what else do you have?" Zhao Yuande just remembered this, the other party apparently found something for himself!

"Oh! Almost forgot the business!" Uncle Tai laughed. "Actually, I want to ask you, in the end, which family belongs to, can I be my deputy!"

Taishuba originally wanted to test Zhao Yuande and wait for him to pass the question before mentioning this matter, but now he is really a little afraid to offend this!

At least he can't offend each other until he really gets that magical wine!

So it can only be put forward directly!

"I'm a disciple of the Sun family's surname, and it's okay to be the deputy of the uncle and the elder brother." Zhao Yuande also speculated about the intention of the other party, and now it feels normal to hear the other party saying it.

"That line, your group of people will lead you first." Uncle Tai scratched his head and said, "So! I will take you out and announce it in public, otherwise some little rabbits will not be convinced!"

"Everything is up to Uncle Tai!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "However, will those people be convinced? Just know that I just came here today, only after a battle!"

"It's okay! This is my place. They dare to beat me if they dare not!" Uncle Tai waved his hand. "Besides, they still respect me very much and should give me some face!"

"Is it? lol"

"Boy, what are you laughing, don't you believe it?"


The two walked out of the palace side by side, suddenly attracting a lot of strange and puzzled eyes.

"Boys, I will now order Zhao Shishi as my deputy. When I am away, he can give orders for me!" Uncle Ba pushed Zhao Yuande to himself, staring at everyone with a pair of eyes, wanting to see What is their reaction?

The 178 or 80 people who came together with Zhao Yuande were full of relief and pride, because Zhao Yuande went out from them.

Thousands of people who had followed Taishuba before were disapproved at this time.

"Senior Uncle, I am not convinced. How can this person lead us, is he better than us?" At this time, a bald man came out of the team of thousands of people, and his eyes were staring at him. Zhao Yuande.