Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1539

Chapter 1539: Ling Tianxiao

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At this time, Ling Tianba's heart was full of humiliation and anger. It was the kid in front of him that made him so humiliated. He would kill the other party at all costs!

This stick fell, as if a big world was falling, terrible power swayed into the void, and even the warships under them were a little shaken.

"This kid is crazy! This is Sipin Xianbao Mountain and River Stick! With the blessing of the power of the mountain and river, the power is enough to smash a little star!"

"Does he want to smash the battleship directly? Damn it!"

"Quick! Hurry up to stop him!"

"Hey! It's too late!"



The fragments of the void were broken, and large pieces of the void fell, as if they were pieces of broken glass.

"Damn it! This lunatic!" At this time, even Uncle Ba couldn't help but change his face, he could clearly feel that the other party had used the taboo power between the mountain and river sticks.

With this blow, the Sipin Xianbao, a mountain and river stick, may be temporarily downgraded!

This is a Sipin Xianbao! What a waste!

For this little thing, the other party did such a crazy thing.

It seems that things are going to happen today!

If it happened to the Immortal Emperor, it was really bad!

Even Zhao Yuande's face was not pretty at this time. The other party wanted to fight himself, and clearly wanted to kill himself directly!

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but touch a trace of murder in his heart. It is the so-called people respect me one foot, I respect people one foot, respect those who respect others, people respect others, those who disrespect others, should be governed by their own way!

Since you want to kill me, then I'm sorry, you can't live!

Zhao Yuande murdered together, his body suddenly changed his murderous spirit, and a chilling violent breath was released at once.

Sun Yang, who was not far away, couldn't help shaking his head slightly, but the other party really didn't know that the sky was thick and thick, and it seemed that Zhao Yuande was murderous!

But Taishuba's face changed a lot at this time.

"Little brother..."

But the voice of Taishuba hadn't fallen yet, and he saw a golden figure crossing the void, followed by a miserable howl into his ears.

Everyone saw that Ling Tianba's body was cut open at the waist and abdomen, his two bodies crashed down on the ground, and the blood spewed wildly.

When you reach this state of cultivation, you are cut from your waist and you can't die at all, but people are indeed a waste!

Unless the fairy medicine for the regeneration of the amputated limb is found, unless the strong man in the fairy emperor realm connects the two body parts together by the means of the sky.

Of course, without the lower body, you can still practice the power of the soul, and if you reach a high level, you will be able to go through the world.

"Ah! How dare you... dare..." Ling Tianxiong snarled painfully, twisting on the ground, a pair of vicious eyes staring at Zhao Yuande fiercely.

"Huh!" Zhao Yuande sneered at him, "I thought you were just reckless, just a tendon, and now it seems that you don't know life and death, and you have a narrow mind! I leave you a life, it is already for you Be kind!"

"You... you are about to finish soon! You are about to finish! My little brother Ling Tianxiao will not let you go, you will die very miserably, miserable!" Ling Tianxiong described sadness, his voice seemed to be a word from his throat The words popped out, and people heard the creeps for a while.

"Huh! I have the ability to ask him to come, I don't mind!" Zhao Yuande's lips flicked, and he didn't even care!

"No need to lift him up and get him in the cabin to treat the injury!" Uncle Tai looked at the blood on the deck and couldn't help but frown, and also looked embarrassed in Zhao Yuande's eyes. , "Oh! Little brother, you are in trouble! Although this Ling Tianxiong is nothing, but his brother Ling Tianxiao is a peerless genius, only 26 years old, he is already the strongest of the emperor's peak, ranking 60th in the list of people. Two, it is said that the combat power can almost compete with the strong people in the early stage of fairyland!"

"Huh! What about this, is this an excuse for Ling Tianxiong to kill me?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but frown slightly, and continued, "I don't care how his brother turned against the sky. If I dare to come to me, I will clean up him together." !"

"This..." Tai Shuba felt that Zhao Yuande's words were too rampant. Although Kunpeng's real body was very powerful, but in the face of absolute strength, I am afraid he could not exert much power. He shook his head and smiled bitterly. , "Okay! Brother, you are still too young! Although this Ling family is not one of the four forces, but the family heritage is not one of the four forces, you should be prepared early! It is best to find your Sun family The immortal emperor came to resolve this matter, otherwise you may be very upset!"

"Brother Uncle, don't worry, no problem!" Zhao Yuande waved his hands carelessly.

Will the 62 people in the list come to trouble? It so happened that I also wanted to be on the list, and it took the place of it!

Uncle Tai shook his head helplessly, and he had to report the matter, but he reported the matter to the facts without concealment.

There was no fighting next, Zhao Yuande simply returned to his own inner world and began to make drunk dream wine.

He has a lot of material for drunk dream wine, and finally brewed 150 bottles before he stopped because of lack of materials.

This drunk dream wine needs a fermentation period of about 30 days, and Zhao Yuande transferred them all to the Time Fairy Palace.

Two hundred times the time flow rate, these drunk dream wines will soon be fermented!

A bottle of drunk dream wine is 10 million, 150 bottles, a full 1.5 billion!

Although Zhao Yuande already has a net worth of 3 billion yuan, who would despise many of his immortal jade!

Just when Zhao Yuande successfully walked out of the Time Fairy Palace, he saw Sun Yang Zheng waiting for him with anxious face.

"Brother Sun, what's wrong?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help asking when he saw his face.

"Ling Tianxiong, Ling Tianxiong's younger brother, is here!" Sun Yang's face was a little unsightly.

"Come and come! The soldiers will cover the water and the earth, and I will meet the 62nd person in this list!" Zhao Yuande motioned to lead Sun Yang.

"Don't be impulsive! Ling Tianxiong's grandpa and a few old guys come together. Ling Tianxiong's grandpa is a fairy peak powerhouse, and he is negotiating with Taishu Pa's predecessor, asking him to surrender you! Taishu Pa at this time Feeling a lot of pressure, let me tell you not to go out!" Sun Yang stopped Zhao Yuande, and there was a trace of sadness on his face. "I just contacted the old ancestor, but I haven't been able to contact him. The ancestor went there."

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande frowned slightly, and Ling's family was coming in fiercely. If this uncle can't stop it, I'm afraid I have to think of another way!

Do you reveal your identity directly?