Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Escape From The Pond

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"You can't escape!" Guo Tiannan sneered, taking his cultivation as if to let a kid in the realm of the blood-sea **** escape, where would he put an old face.

Zhao Yuande is very familiar with the sunset canyon. Seeing a deep pool of water not far away, his eyes suddenly lit up.

It is an endless pool. It is said that the depth of the pool is unpredictable. No one can explore how deep it is. Even the strongest in the world cannot go deep into the pool. According to his estimation, this pool will definitely be connected to other underground The entrance of the river channel, as long as it enters the cave, may be able to get rid of Guo Tiannan's pursuit.

Of course, he has other options, such as crushing the jade amulet that Ming Ming gave him, and inspiring Jingyuan's clever avatar. However, he feels that it is too wasteful to deal with such a powerful person in this field. Use these methods.

His body jumped up and down and appeared in the blink of an eye over the water in a blink of an eye, piercing his head towards the water.

"Some interest received now!" The big hand has been piercing the space and appeared behind Zhao Yuande, slapping it **** his back.

The terrible power almost stunned Zhao Yuande directly. If he was not a chaotic holy body, the flesh was comparable to the top grade spirit treasure. Even if he could not kill him in this blow, he would be directly shot in half.


Zhao Yuande spouted a mouthful of blood and plunged into the waterhole.

Almost all of his internal organs were cracked, and the terrible force invaded his body, constantly destroying his meridians and vessels, making his body seem to have a more terrible storm.


The majestic blood in Zhao Yuande's body of blood filled his body in an instant. In just a blink of an eye, he suffered a terrible injury in his body. The average person's cultivator has to rest for several months to recover from the injury. , Even recovered within a few blinks!

Zhao Yuande adjusted his direction in the water, swimming desperately towards the dark depth below.

Guo Tiannan, who had been confidently waiting for the seriously injured Zhao Yuande to surface, suddenly changed his face. In his soul-sensing reaction, the kid seemed to have not suffered a little injury, and it was faster than fish in the water!

Guo Tiannan's big hand shot towards the empty water of Tanshui, and the terrible forces of Heavenly King Realm erupted, almost disturbing the entire deep pool.

Zhao Yuande was almost crushed under the pressure of terror under water, and a group of spirits went deep into the pool water with the force of the explosion, and began to search for Zhao Yuande's traces.

Zhao Yuande forced down the tumbling blood in his chest and abdomen, knowing that if the other party really came back for a few more times, I am afraid that he had not fled into the bottom of the pool, and he would be tossed back and forth to death.

Simply use the last trick directly, his soul spread directly around him, blocking the other party's spirit exploration, and he directly entered the copper furnace space.

At this time, Zhu Yan in the copper furnace space was scratching his ears with boredom.

Seeing Zhao Yuande coming in, he came to his side immediately.

Don't worry about your business, but now my life is at stake!

He controlled the center of the formation of the copper furnace, and he could change the shape of the copper furnace at will, and now it just came in handy.

The original slap-sized copper furnace instantly turned into a little dust and fluttered in the water. It was not a super powerful person who looked at this area, and could not find the existence of the copper furnace.

And Guo Tiannan did not belong to that category, he only felt that there was something under the water that blocked his soul, and then the kid disappeared out of thin air!

He rushed into the pool of water unbelievingly and dived down all the way, but he dived a thousand feet deep and found no shadow of Zhao Yuande.

And the bottom of the water has become muddy and unclear. He always has a terrible dark shadow watching him in secret, even if he also feels a sense of inexplicable thrill.


A strange cry came out of the darkness below, and a grisly and huge snake head rushed out of the darkness, biting towards Guo Tiannan!

"Blackwater Black Snake!"

Guo Tiannan was shocked when he saw the snake head. This turned out to be an eighth-order beast of black water black snake. He didn't expect to hide such a terrible monster in this thousand feet of deep water.

Although he is the last of the six-level realm in the field, his combat power is even comparable to that of the eighth-order beast, but the opponent has a natural advantage under this water. He is definitely not the opponent of this black water mysterious snake!

And according to his guess, the kid might have just sneaked into the depths of the pool and was already eaten by the black water mysterious snake!

For the death of the two elders, he already had an account of the league, so now the only thing to do is to rush out of the water and leave this place.

But the Black Water Profound Snake wouldn't let him leave so easily at this time, and the huge body shuddered toward Guo Tiannan.

After chasing and fleeing, the two strong men quickly rushed out of the water and launched a tremendous battle on the water.

At this time, Zhao Yuande had been rushed into the deepest part of the water pool by the undercurrent of the water. Near the bottom of the pool, he saw a pile of bones, several spirit grasses shimmering with blue light, and a slow climbing The huge plant at the bottom of the whole lake.

"Bishui Youlan grass, food can improve the fit of the cultivator and the properties of water...Middle-level ingredients, matching the recipe "Yuqing Dao body" has a chance to promote the water physical constitution to the body of Yuqing, list of ingredients..."

Zhao Yuande almost jumped with excitement when he saw the result of the appraisal. This was just prepared for Ji Yuling. This time I must give her this surprise!

The other weird plant turned out to be a series of question marks under his identification!

What does this mean! This shows that the level of this plant is too high, beyond the range he can identify!

For the practitioner, he can cross three realms to identify, and the elixir spirit material can cross four realms, and now this plant is obviously above the eighth level, making him unable to confirm.

Since he couldnt confirm it, he didnt bother to pick it. We must know that some elixir has very harsh conditions. In case of failure, this rare spirit will become waste, and if his realm is raised in the future, Or if you find out what this spirit is, you must come here again and take it away.

After picking a few clear water plants, he still dared not go out, so he bored close to the strange plant to observe carefully.

Unexpectedly, he had just manipulated the dust from the copper furnace close to the plant, and he felt a powerful force of attraction from the roots of the plant.

He was shocked in his heart, and he just wanted to leave the copper bush of grass, but it was too late, and a huge vortex appeared to directly engulf him.


Zhao Yuande only felt that he was sucked into a huge black hole. After a strange feeling of sun and moon sinking upside down, his eyes suddenly lit up. He was surprised to find that he entered another strange world.

He appeared in a blood-red world. The ground was covered with blood-red stones. A large river with bright red rivers did not know where it came from. A group of huge bodies, like hippos, lying on the red river. Cross-strait.

"Ghost Hippo, with super strong defense, cannot be easily killed, and is infested by the Ghost Blood River. It is extremely toxic in the body and cannot be used as food..."

Above the Red River, there is a stone bridge across the banks.