Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1540

Chapter 1540: Free Delivery

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This idea is indeed okay. I had a contract with Taishuzhong's family before, and I also had contact with the Xianhongcheng lord. These two families can completely protect themselves.

If so, he would also face the powerful opponent of Immortal Emperor Palace, which he now does not want to face.

And if he appeared in the fairy world, how did he leave the twelve ascendant city? This matter is even harder to explain!

So revealing your identity is the next best thing!

At this time, someone hurriedly greeted Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang slightly: "Senior Uncle asked you not to go out, just wait for him in the house, he has something to explain to you!"

This man is one of those thousand people, very loyal and fanatical to Taishuzhong!

"Oh! That's fine!" Zhao Yuande nodded in silence for a while. He wanted to see how this uncle would handle this matter in the end. Will he hand over himself? Will still save himself.

Of course, this is also related to Zhao Yuande's attitude towards the uncle's family. If the other party is courageous, it is naturally a joy to keep themselves. If you hand it over directly, then the connection between him and the uncle's family is even considered to be Clearly, everyone will meet each other in the future!

"Brother Zhao, don't worry, I will keep in touch with the ancestors, as long as the ancestors come, everything is not a problem!" Sun Yang patted Zhao Yuande on the shoulder.

"Relax! I'm fine, don't forget what I am, and don't dare to show me how bold they are!" Zhao Yuande relieved each other, then turned and walked into the room.

Back in the room, he had nothing to do, and took out the drunk dream wine he had just brewed,

Smelling the charming fragrance from the wine, he couldn't help but take a small sip.

A tremendously sweet liquor ran down his throat and flowed into his stomach. He suddenly felt hot all over his body. He spiced sweat all over his body, and some black impurities overflowed with the pores.

"Oh! There is even the effect of washing the body!" Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up.

Although that kind of spiciness made him feel the burning heat, but it was accompanied by a kind of incomparable Shutai, his mood suddenly seemed to have entered a wonderful state, he had a kind of want The feeling of fluttering.

He felt as if he had drifted to the cloud all at once, and his body seemed to be undergoing a wonderful change.

He feels that he can freely control everything, cultivate, promote, and even feel these processes subtly!

However, when Zhao Yuande felt very miraculous, the result was to wake up suddenly.

Zhao Yuande will know immediately! The reason is too little!

Just as Zhao Yuande was experimenting with drunk dream wine, in that palace, Tai Shuba was shouting very harshly with a few old men.

"Prince Uncle! You have to give me a reasonable explanation, why my grandson will be abolished under your hands, who is so cruel!" A bald old man looked at Uncle Ty's face with anger.

"A reasonable explanation? Your grandson has gone too far and wants to kill, but they just abolished his cultivation behavior. I think it is already very kind. What else do you need to explain?" Uncle Tai replied coldly.

"Benevolence! It's called kindness to abandon cultivation practice, and it's called kindness? Would you speak? Uncle Taiba!" The bald old man was angry, "I don't care what you say, if you don't give up this brave boy today, My Ling family and you are endless!"

"Hand over the murderer! Otherwise, we can find someone from your fairy palace to negotiate with you!"

"As long as you hand over the murderer, we won't be verbose here, we will only pay for his blood!"

Several other old men also showed indignation on their faces.

"You, this matter is just a contradiction between juniors. You solve it with juniors. I have no opinion at all! If you want to bully juniors by relying on the old and selling the old, my uncle is not afraid of things, and our uncle's family will not be afraid of things! "Uncle Tai heard more and more of the other party's words, and he couldn't help getting angry.

"Okay! You're not afraid of things!" The bald old man looked at the uncle's tough tone, knowing that the matter was going on here is useless. It seems that looking for a stronger person to come and let him succumb!

"Let's go!" The bald old man glared fiercely at Uncle Ty, and turned away vigorously and left.

Uncle Tai looked at the back of the crowd leaving, and could not help bursting out a bitter smile on his face.

He knew that although he temporarily suppressed this matter, he couldn't suppress it for a long time.

He also turned away from the palace and walked towards Zhao Yuande's room.

"Senior Uncle, you are here!" Sun Yang saw the figure of Uncle Ty from afar, and could not help but bowed slightly to him.

"Well! What is that kid doing?" Taishu Pa asked lightly.

"I don't know, I'm probably practicing!" Sun Yang just knocked on the door, but found that they pushed away from it all at once!

Zhao Yuande stood in front of the two men with a smile, a smile on his lips.

"I knew Brother Uncle would not be so ruthless!" Zhao Yuande gestured to the two of them.

"Hey! I can make you suffer! For you and the Ling family, some old guys have fallen out. Although they are gone now, they don't know when they will come back. The next time they might not come with me. Its the same fairy land, maybe its a fairy king, Im afraid I wont be able to suppress it at that time! You still have to find a way yourself!" Tai Shuzhong looked at Zhao Yuande and sighed slightly.

"Oh! Don't worry at this time!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, but took a wine bottle from the storage ring and handed it to the other party. "Brother Uncle, try this."

"Now there is still a mood to drink!"

Although Taishuba said so in his mouth, he was attracted by a scent of wine and could not help reaching out to take the wine bottle into his hands.

"It's so fragrant! It's more fragrant than Sansheng wine!" Uncle Tai smelled the wine, and suddenly all the spirits came up, and his eyes lit up, looking at Zhao Yuande with expectation, "This... ...This will not be the drunk dream bar you said!"

"Hehe! It's drunk dream wine!" Zhao Yuande nodded with a smile. He had just tried the magical feeling, and that feeling is still vivid in the memory, as if it had been true for a while!

"I... Can I try it first!" Tai Shuba heard the drunk dream wine and couldn't help but start to tremble, and he stuttered with the words.

"Brother Uncle, please feel free to give me this bottle for free!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.