Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1541

Chapter 1541: Going To Break

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"Brother Zhao? What's the matter about drunk dream wine, why have I never heard from you?" Sun Yang smelled the wine and couldn't help but his nose shook. He felt like there was a worm in the stomach constantly pouring, and he was also greedy!

"Oh! I forgot Brother Sun!" Zhao Yuande slapped his head and took out another bottle and handed it to Sun Yangdao. "Hold, this bottle of wine is very valuable, don't waste it. After drinking, you will... "

Zhao Yuande helped Sun Yang explain carefully, and said many of his own experiences. Sun Yang's straight face was full of excitement.

The uncle Tai on the side naturally heard Zhao Yuande's words and couldn't help but hold back the urge to drink and listened to Zhao Yuande's speech.

"Okay! You drink the bar first! I will protect the Fa for you!" Zhao Yuande made a gesture of invitation.


The two could no longer resist the temptation of the wine, and at the same time, they looked up and poured wine into their mouths.

After this filling, most of the bottles went down. At the same time, the two felt a hot breath falling into their abdomen along their esophagus, and a burning sensation seemed to cover them instantly.

A trace of black impurities spilled out of his pores and instantly dyed their skin black.

Especially Sun Yang, although he is a Qianyuan fairy body, but his body is still far away from Taishuba and Zhao Yuande, so his skin is even darker!

The next moment they felt the wonderful feeling that Zhao Yuande said.

Time passed quickly, and three hours passed in an instant.

The expressions of the two are different, and Tai Shuba's face is full of joy, as if he is undergoing some kind of magical transformation.

At this time, Sun Yang was sweating heavily, and his hands and feet were unconsciously dancing, as if he were practicing mysterious exercises in his eyes.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but see the performance of Sun Yang, if he could use this method to cultivate supernatural powers, wouldn't it also have such a huge effect.

This is something he didn't think of for the time being.

From this he not only thought of alchemy, alchemy, fortune-telling, even fighting...

All of these can be previewed, then the value of this wine is even greater!

Just when Zhao Yuande was cranky, Sun Yang woke up from a drunk dream.

At this time Sun Yang's face showed an ecstatic expression!

"Haha! I succeeded! Success..." Sun Yang shouted excitedly.

"Hush! Keep it quiet!" Zhao Yuande grabbed him and pointed his finger at the black dirt on his body. "I'll clean it up before I talk!"

"Oh!" Sun Yang looked down, and suddenly an embarrassed look appeared on his face, and the body hurried in a hurry. The powerful power instantly shook those black dirts into powder, and fell to the ground.

"Tell me! What did you succeed in?" Zhao Yuande came up and asked curiously.

"My successful cultivation has become a great handprint of my Sun family's supernatural powers!" Sun Yang's voice became much smaller, but the excited expression on his face still could not be concealed.

"Congratulations!" Zhao Yuande naturally heard of the prestige of the handprint of the world of destruction. This is one of the strongest magical powers of the Sun family.

"Brother Zhao, this kind of wine..." Sun Yang's words were not finished yet, and suddenly the uncle Tai, who was not far away, opened his eyes.

As soon as Uncle Ba opened his eyes, he rushed towards Zhao Yuande anxiously!

Taishubas eyes were filled with extreme excitement and expectation, and he said anxiously, "Im almost there, and Ill be able to make a breakthrough. Ten million bottles are really not expensive! Really not expensive!"

Speaking of Taishuzhong, he threw a storage ring and said, "Quick! Give me a few more bottles!"

Zhao Yuande didn't have time to look at the fairy jade in the ring, but took out ten bottles and handed it to the other party.

He knew that the time to practice such a thing was fleeting and he couldn't delay it!

Taishuzhong took the wine and opened five bottles in a row, and all the whales sucked into the mouth like a cow.

"Brother Sun, what did you say just now?" Zhao Yuande remembered what Sun Yang had just interrupted.

"How much wine do I have, I also want to buy some for the family!" Sun Yang originally wanted a few bottles, but when he heard that the price of 10 million was changed to buy suddenly.

"What else do we say to buy or not to buy! As long as you need, I can give you an unlimited amount!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and continued, "But if other people in the Sun family need it, they need to let them buy Xianyu , Know that this cost is very high!"

"Haha! That's nature, that's nature!" Sun Yang heard Zhao Yuande say this, and he couldn't help showing a happy expression on his face, "But Brother Zhao, the price of this kind of wine is really a bit low! I think that even if its a hundred million yuan product, there will be a lot of people rushing to buy it!"

"Well! I know this, but even Uncle Tai's brother, I won't lose 10 million bottles to him!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

In fact, the cost of this drunk dream wine is only 50-60 thousand immortal jade. Selling 10 million is still a big profit!

After a few more hours, just when Zhao Yuande and the two were in a hurry, the uncle Tai, who had been drunk in his dream not long ago, suddenly burst into horrible power.

"Go away!"

Zhao Yuande didn't hesitate, grabbed Sun Yang, stepped into the void next moment, and appeared again in the void above the deck.


Zhao Yuande's room was on the third floor below the deck. A violent explosion came from his room, and a huge hole suddenly appeared on the deck.

Immediately above the battle armor, numerous white lights enveloped the entire battleship. This was the formation of the battleship activated by the explosion.

All the people on the battleship escaped in an embarrassed atmosphere, and even the unlucky ones were seriously injured by the explosion and almost died in the room.

Some people saw Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang in the air and their faces full of seriousness. They immediately flew to them and asked.

"Brother Zhao, what happened just now? Why did it explode?"

"Yes! Senior Uncle went there?"

"Is there a demon attack?"

"Stupid! Can the Demon attack our warship alone?"


"It's Brother Uncle is about to break through!" Zhao Yuande glanced at everyone and said lightly.

"What! Senior Uncle is about to break through! How is this possible! He has been trapped in this state for 40,000 years..."

"Yes! How can Senior Uncle break through at this time?"

"If Senior Uncle really made a breakthrough, it would be a swift dragon! Fairy King! That's a high presence, Shou Yuan is infinite, and sooner or later he can enter the realm of fairy emperor!"


Zhao Yuande's words suddenly boiled everyone again, but most of these people's faces were an incredible expression.