Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1544

Chapter 1544: Fairyland

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"Breakthrough! Really breakthrough! Really..." The old man with white beard sounded like a dream, looking at the brilliance that was rising on the black-faced old man, his eyes were involuntarily left with tears of excitement.

Tens of thousands of years of hard work, tens of thousands of years of suffering, even today saw the hope, how to make him unhappy, how to make them not excited.

The expressions of the other people are basically the same as those of the old man with white beards. At this time, they once again turned their blazing eyes on Zhao Yuande. The kind of glaring eyes can burn people up.

The black-faced old man suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes were shining brightly, looking at the uncle overbearingly, "I'm going to cross the robbery!"

"Well! You have a lot of hatreds. Don't attract too many people's attention! Do you need me to protect you?" Tai Shuba asked.

"No! I have a set of yin and yang upside down, enough to protect me!" The black-faced old man shook his head.

"We are waiting for your good news!" Everyone cast their envious glances at the black-faced old man.

"Leave!" The black-faced old man's body disappeared into the palace in a flash.

As soon as the old man of Hemi walked away, everyone's eyes immediately looked at Zhao Yuande.

"You all look at what I do, hurry and try to drink!" Zhao Yuande was seen by this group of old ladies and the whole body was a little hairy, and said quickly.

"Oh! Right, right!" Everyone nodded.

But at this time, everyone heard a surly laugh from the distant place.

"What happened?" Uncle Tai frowned, and he thought the laugh was familiar.

"Who the **** is it? It seems to be very powerful, as if it is a strong man in the fairy land!" The old man with white beard just about to drink changed his face slightly.

"Go! Don't worry, let's go out and see first!" Uncle Tai stopped everyone from drinking, and he felt that the comer was not good.

Although everyone is anxious, if someone makes trouble, they can't feel quiet at all. Fifty million yuan of wine can't be wasted in vain.

When they walked out of the palace, they saw a huge palace flying in the sky in the distance. Several powerful old men stood outside the palace. One of them was the bald old man of the Ling family.

There are still a few old men beside him who are bald, and they are all fairyland!

And standing before these old men is a middle-aged man in a purple robe,

The middle-aged man has a restrained atmosphere and stands in front of a group of elders. Although he has not released a strong momentum, it makes people feel a coercive pressure from the depths of the soul!

Seeing this man, Taishu Ba couldn't help but frown slightly, but he suddenly remembered something, and suddenly a smile appeared on his face.

At this time on the deck, there were still more than a dozen Xianshi Realm strongmen who did not leave and were chatting with many disciples under the uncle's overlord.

These elders are the elders of these disciples. At this time, they are exploring the origin of Zhao Yuande, and the kind of wine...

However, their enquiry was ultimately unanswered, because these disciples were also confused.

It was at this time that Taishuba and several of them came out of the palace, and the strong men in the fairy land hurried up.

"Hey! Brother Uncle! Did Brother Qian go there?" Suddenly someone found out that the black-faced old man was no longer inquisitive.

"Brother Qian Qiang is slightly sentimental and is retreating in the palace." Taishu Ba smiled faintly.

"Oh! Brother Uncle, can you tell this the case?" someone asked eagerly.

"Yeah! Yeah! Brother Uncle talk about it!"


"All of you! Everyone! Someone is coming to see us in trouble, let me send them away first!" Uncle Tai pointed to the palace where the speed had slowed down and approached the battleship.

Everyone looked at it in unison, and many people saw the middle-aged man in purple robe, but his face changed slightly.

"That was Ling Cang of the Ling Family, the strong man at the beginning of the fairy king!"

"They seem to be bad comers!"

"What do they want to do? Are you looking for our trouble?"

"Huh! Although Ling Cangqiang is very strong, but..."


Ling Cangqiong and other members of the Ling family naturally felt the eyes of everyone.

Even Ling Cangqiong couldn't help but frown slightly.

"Cang Yun, what's going on here? What are these people doing here? Did the uncle you said come to help?" Ling Cangqiang glanced at these people, and there was a trace of contempt on his face. .

"Brother! They are the masters of these advance warships, and they have no deep friendship with Uncle Ty. It should not be a help!" Ling Cangyun, the bald old man, wiped the cold sweat on the bald head, not sure.

Although Ling Cangqiong felt a faint imperfection, but they came here today to discuss an argument, and they would definitely not flinch because of the large number of other people!

It was at this time that Uncle Ba all came out of the palace and turned their eyes to Ling Cangqiang and their side.

"Huh! How could there be a strong fairy, and the breath is so strong!" Ling Cangqiang's face slightly changed.

"That man... that man..." When Ling Cangyun saw Taishuba, he couldn't even speak, but just stuttered and repeated these two words!

"Who is that man? How can there be a fairy strong man here?" Ling Cang's face looked very bad.

Although he is also the pinnacle of the early fairy king, it does not mean that he wants to offend a strong man in the fairy king realm. However, the strong man in the fairy king realm has the possibility of becoming an immortal emperor. It is very unwise to make enmity with such a person.

"That man is... Taishuba! He... has been promoted to fairy land!" Ling Cangyun replied in a stammered voice, and the cold sweat on his forehead rushed.

"What... you dare to compete with a strong man in the fairy land, do you know that you are inviting disasters for the family? Are you tired of it!" Ling Cangqiang gave Ling Cangyun a big ear in the backhand .

Although this slap photon was not heavy, it turned Ling Cangyun a few times, and his face suddenly swelled up.

When several old people saw this situation, they couldn't help but all their faces changed, and the body took a step back involuntarily.

"Grandpa! Actually, you can't blame Grandpa at this time. When we came earlier, the other party was indeed a fairyland!" Ling Tianxiao, who had been standing behind him at this time, saw Grandpa slapped and hurriedly explained.

"Oh!" Ling Cangqiong's face calmed down.

He is very optimistic about Ling Tianxiao. The other party can enter the 62nd place in the list at this age, which shows that his qualifications are against the sky. In the future, the Ling family will really rely on him to support it!

"In this way, did this uncle break through this time? That's nothing. Although he is already an immortal king, he has to speak a rationale in front of so many fellows! Let me talk to him "" Ling Cangqiong got the news, and his face eased down.