Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1545

Chapter 1545: Genius

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At this time, the palace was close to the battleship, and Ling Cangqiong's big sleeves swept the crowd and fell onto the battleship.

The palace behind him turned into a ray of light and sank into his body.

Many people looked at Ling Cangqiang with awe, and they even gave him salutes.

Ling Cangqiong saw a lot of smiles on his face.

"Congratulations to Uncle Tai's promotion to Fairy Monarch Realm!" Ling Cangqiong didn't want to tear his face with the other party as soon as he came up, but instead was very polite.

"Thank you, Brother Ling!" Uncle Tai clasped his fists, but his face was expressionless.

He naturally knew that the other party was in trouble, but this was how he behaved when he saw his promotion to the fairy land.

"I don't know what Brother Ling is doing here for thousands of miles? Is it just to congratulate?" Taishuba looked at the other party.

"It's really something to say!" Ling Cangqiong turned to look at Ling Cangyun, his eyes sharp, "What are you still doing, let's talk about things!"

"Oh!" Ling Cangyun just took a slap just now, and was shocked by the sharp eyesight.

He hurried forward and looked at Taishuba in awe, then gritted his teeth and said: "We came this time, it was still for my grandson Ling Tianxiong, he was abandoned, he always gave us an account of the Ling family. !"

He turned around and nodded at Ling Tianxiao.

Ling Tianxiao took notice and hurriedly released Ling Tianxiong, who was still half-cut, from the inner world.

As soon as Ling Tianxiong appeared, he stared at Zhao Yuande.

"Grandpa, that kid! It's him... He's so vicious! In the normal competition, he suddenly slammed his hands and abandoned me! Grandpa must get justice for me!" Ling Tianxiong pointed at Zhao Yuande, The teeth are almost broken!

Ling Cangqiong looked in the direction pointed by Ling Tianxiong, and she really saw a young man with outstanding temperament and light wind standing behind Taishuba.

"Brother Uncle, you say it! This person's bad behavior, what should I do! Did you punish yourself, or teach us the Ling family? Otherwise, if I report it to the Immortal Emperor, everyone's face is not good-looking "Ling Cangqiong looked at Taishuba, although his tone was plain, but there was persecution in it.

"Really?" Taishuba just smiled disdainfully. "Then you go quickly! But when you go, you will know that it's just to shame yourself!"

When Tai Chiba said this, he immediately tore his face.

"Okay! Uncle Pa! I originally wanted to give you a face, but I didn't expect you to shame your face!" Ling Cangqiong's face finally became somber at this time, and his momentum was also rising.

Suddenly, there seemed to be a hurricane in the entire space, and everyone couldn't help but fall back and forth.

A big hand of Ling Cangqiang suddenly turned into a sky, and he directly photographed Zhao Yuande behind the uncle.

This catch made everyone have a terrible force that could not be resisted. Even the strong in the fairyland felt the suppression of his chest for a while!

And Zhao Yuande was targeted at this time, and suddenly there was a feeling that the annihilation of the sun was about to come, and he was about to die soon.

But he didn't panic, because he knew that Taishuba wouldn't watch him get caught by the other party.

"Leng Cangqiang, you are too rampant! How dare you slam the wilderness on my warship and leave me away!" Uncle Tai will naturally not be polite with the other party, too. 'S long knife, straight towards the big hand in the sky!


The big hand was cut in half by a long knife, Ling Cangqiang's body slightly swayed, but his face showed a very dignified look.

He felt that the opponent's strength did not have to be weak. It seems that if he wants to succeed in regaining his face today, he will go all out!

"Okay! Uncle Pa! Today I will share a game with you!" Ling Cangqiang has a long sword in his hand, and the sword is suddenly shot in the field, a terrible sharp air is around him. Within a ten-mile range, a huge sword field was formed. In the sword field package, he could attack any area at will.

Seeing this terrifying sword territory, Zhao Yuande not only felt no fear, but felt a faint excitement!

This is the realm after the sword momentum, sword domain!

Sword intention, sword potential, sword domain, sword world... This is the gradual sublimation of a person's understanding of sword!

This person can comprehend the realm of Sword Realm, and the combat power will raise a realm out of thin air. I dont know if Taishuba can live in a low-end?

"Haha! Sword domain? I will too, but mine is the sword domain!" Taishuba is a fighting madman. After being promoted to Fairy King Realm, he met such a well-matched opponent, which made him excited. Among them!

"You still don't do it, take the kid to me!" Ling Cangqiang saw that he would not be able to end the fight at one and a half, and shouted at the same people.

Several people in Ling Cangyun are also strong in the fairyland. After hearing Ling Cangqiong's words, they all acted and rushed towards Zhao Yuande!

"Are you Ling Family rebelling! It's even a trouble here!" How can the four people including Baishu Senior let Zhao Yuande have an accident, and they suddenly won, blocking several Ling Family members.

Others were staring at it now, so why did they just say a few words?

They don't want to fall into this senseless battle, and they all rush back!

This group of immortals, immortal warriors, might be destroyed by the mighty war, but this battleship is not their private ownership, but the immortal world is refined to fight against the demons. If the battleship is damaged, it is not them Affordable.

So their war quickly shifted their positions, and they all flew into the air.

At this time, Ling Tianxiao's ear heard the voice of Ling Cangqiang: "You go up and take that kid to me!"

Ling Tianxiao was a little tempted at first, and when he heard the grandfather's orders, his eyes flickered and flew towards Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande naturally also felt the hostility from the other party, but his heart was faintly excited.

He has to look at the genius who is known as the 62nd in the list of people.

Ling Tianxiao also used a sword, but he did not realize the realm of the sword domain, but reached the second realm of the sword.

His sword is powerful and overbearing, as if an ancient warrior has been suppressed from the sky, giving a terrifying feeling of dominance.

Zhao Yuande knew immediately that the other party was a very rare type of overbearing sword, the most overbearing and fierce, and the endless urge to attack and the overwhelming, and the most restrained people who were lower than their own cultivation level!

The other party apparently saw that he was only the realm of the Divine Emperor, so he wanted to suppress himself with the domineering power.