Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1546

Chapter 1546: I Guessed It Long Ago

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"Humph! It's a fool's dream!"

Zhao Yuande sneered, his body flashed into a golden light, dodged the opponent's overbearing momentum at an incredible speed, the golden light swept across, but instead steadily cut between the opponent's chest and abdomen, trying to cut it off.

"You want to attack me, you are too naive! King Kong body!"

Ling Tianxiao's face was slightly surprised, but then there was a sneer.

His body suddenly burst into golden light, and the whole body was several times taller at once, and a phantom of a Buddha appeared behind him.

The phantom of this buddha is also gleaming with golden light, and countless strange texts rotate around the phantom, as if holding the power of the phantom at home.


The golden light transformed by Zhao Yuande Kunpeng's real body came into contact with the opponent's body, and there was a sound of golden iron symphony!

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be slightly surprised. The opponent's supernatural power was obviously a Buddhist supernatural power, and his defense was indeed terrible.

"Is this the only trick? Then let me die!" Ling Tianxiao's eyes shone with golden light, and a large golden hand slowly photographed from the void.

The falling speed of the big hand is obviously very slow, but it suddenly appeared on the top of Zhao Yuande's head.

Zhao Yuande can even see the clear lines on the big hands, one after another, it seems to be a huge gully!

But Zhao Yuande smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth.

The flash of his body disappeared out of thin air. At the same time as he disappeared, the temperature seemed to drop to Baidu at once, and the air began to sway down its goose feathers.

In an instant, the entire void seemed to be frozen in an instant, and everything stopped running, as if even time was stuck at this moment.

A frosty big hand with a terrible cold suddenly came out of the void, and the big golden hand shot in the sky was a fierce shot.


The two palms intersect, and suddenly a tremendous loud noise of terrifying power is emitted.

With the two palms as the center, the void around the four instantaneously shattered, and the dense black cracks above the void seemed to spread continuously towards the four sides like a spider web!

"What a terrible blow!" Many people watching the battle not only felt a burst of scalp burst!

At this time, all the powerful players in Xianshi Realm ran to the sky to watch the battle between Uncle Pa and Ling Cangqiang.

And the rest are only the disciples of the Divine Emperor Realm, who have been deeply shocked by the battle between the two.

"I think they can already regret the powerhouses in the early stage of fairyland!"

"Absolutely! To know that Ling Tianxiao is ranked 62nd in the list of people, now you should have the ability to be strong and hard to be with the fairyland!"

"Where did this Zhao 14 come from, and like us, all of them are cultivation practices of the Divine Emperor Realm, but can they confront Ling Tianxiao?"

"But with this blow just now, he can enter the top 100 in the list! With his realm added, I think I can even rank in the top 80!"

"Did he hide the cultivation base?"

"No... Impossible! This is under the control of the Immortal Emperor, and it is impossible to conceal cultivation!


Just as everyone was discussing, both figures flew back under the tremendous impact.

At this time, even the rest of their battleships made an overwhelming click.

You know, this is a large Sipin Xianbao, although it is only used to carry people, but the defense will not be worse!

At least the battle under the fairyland cannot destroy it.

The shock on Ling Tianxiao's face was difficult to conceal while flying back, but this was one of his strongest moves!

The other party is only a person of God Emperor Realm, why can he block his own move?

However, at this time, Zhao Yuande was extremely excited. He used this trick of the glacier hand easily, and even cooperated with the Void Avenue to produce an unexpected effect.

"Eating my palm!"

Zhao Yuande's body flew back and disappeared in an instant!

At the next moment, Ling Tianxiao felt the icy cold in the void around him, and his face suddenly appeared dignified.

A frosty big hand with a terrible coldness peeped out quietly from behind him and slapped fiercely towards Ling Tianxiao's head.

"I guessed it already!"

The golden light appeared again on Ling Tianxiao's body, and the phantom of the big Buddha appeared again. This time, he raised his palm and greeted Frost's big hand.


Frost's big hands shattered, and a figure flickered and disappeared again!

"Boom! Boom!"

Zhao Yuande regarded the opponent as a target for testing the hand of the glacier, constantly showing the horrible frost hand.

Ling Tianxiao started to be at ease, but gradually he felt a while of pressure. The other party seemed to be more and more proficient in this kind of magical power, and he was more powerful. He gradually had a feeling of overwhelming!

And the other party's spiritual power seems to be endless. This kind of supernatural power has been performed hundreds of times in a row, and the other party does not have the slightest exhaustion.

At this time, Ling Tianxiao was already gasping for breath. He felt that he would persevere like this. I am afraid he had already exhausted himself before he had defeated his opponent!

This is the benefit of Zhao Yuande's endless blood sea. The spiritual power stored in the blood sea is almost endless, and he can't consume even three days and three nights in this level of battle.

The other party was obviously anxious when he was in the blood sea state. The blood sea does not have enough capacity, and now he feels a disadvantage when fighting.

"Haha! Happiness! Eat me another palm!" Zhao Yuande was fighting to Xing's head at this time, and the hand of the glacier was exhibited again, as if it had turned into a snow-white sky and was crushed down directly.


After this blow, the phantom of the big Buddha behind Ling Tianxiao suddenly split, and his entire person flew out of Baizhang, continuously rolling dozens of heels in the void, which stabilized his figure.

"This... this guy is so powerful!"

"He is like a bull, he never knows tired!"

"I think Ling Tianxiao is going to suffer this time! Not only does the ranking of the sixty-two person in the rankings are not guaranteed, but even if you fail, you will be thrown here!"

"He really dared to kill Ling Tianxiao? This is a little unlikely! Ling Tianxiao said this is the future hope of the Ling family!"

"Others are the Sun family! The Ling family is powerful, do you dare to go to Baihezhou and the Suns to challenge? Isn't that the death?"


Many people's comments have entered Ling Tianxiao's ears, and Ling Tianxiao's face suddenly became very unsightly.

He knew that he wouldn't take out his cards anymore, and he might really be here today!

This hole card has been hidden by him, and he has been silently preparing for the challenge of Ji Mingzhen who is preparing to challenge the 51st in the list!

He originally wanted to make a blockbuster with this hole card, but now he has no choice but to expose it!