Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1548

Chapter 1548: God Of Heaven

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"Yes!" Zhao Yuande nodded without explaining too much.

"Do you have any disciples of Xianhong City?" Zhao Yuande suddenly glanced at the people watching around.

"I'm from Xianhong City!" A woman with a somewhat arrogant face came out and looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes with a little puzzlement.

"Oh! I want to ask the girl to do a favor!" Zhao Yuande looked at the girl.

"What's busy?" The woman didn't talk much, but she was very decisive.

"I want you to help me contact the Heavenly Fairy Fairy King of Xianhong City!" Zhao Yuande did not speak directly, but sent a voice to her.

"Tianyi Xianjun!" The woman looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably. How could the other party know this Xianjun master.

"Why? Is it difficult?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"No! Tianxian Xianjun is in the anti-demon base not far away. I will be able to contact his old man soon! But should I say that?" the woman asked.

"You said that he had something to do with the man who had made an appointment! If he asked about the appointment, you would tell him a word "Zhou"!" Zhao Yuande replied.

"Good!" The woman nodded.

The people around didn't know what they were talking about, but they all turned their eyes to them.

They could vaguely guess that this Zhao Xie's slashing of the Ling family's baby bumps will inevitably attract the Ling's anger. Zhao Xie must be looking for shelter!

But I don't know why he didn't look for the Sun family, but went to Xianhong City!

However, they soon relieved themselves, because it is very simple to think of the genius of the other party, if they want to find someone to shelter, but obviously the other party chose Xianhong City, which has always been famous!

Xianhong City is not only famous in Xifengzhou, but also gradually overwhelms the Xiandi Palace, and even the Central Xian Palace is very concerned about them!

Because he has several very powerful geniuses in Xianhong City!

The Fairy Feather Fairy at the pinnacle of the fairy, has been cultivated to this state in more than one hundred years, let alone Xifengzhou, even the entire fairy world is very rare!

There are several people who are not as good as Feiyu Fairy, but they are all outstanding figures in Xifengzhou!

Choosing such an asylum is definitely the right choice.

"Tianxiao! Tianxiao!"

At this moment, bursts of screams suddenly came from the sky.

Everyone saw that Ling Cangyun did not care about the attack of the old woman behind him, and was rushing down from Jiutian insane.

When he saw Ling Tianxiao at the foot of Zhao Yuande, a pair of eyeballs turned blood red!

"You dare to kill my grandchildren, I will tear you alive!" Ling Cangyun rushed towards Zhao Yuande with a roar.

Zhao Yuande felt the terrifying breath from the other person, and even he could not help shaking his body slightly, ready to sacrifice his life-saving cards at any time.

"Old things, Hugh is going to succeed!" The old woman with the figure of Ryan flashed in front of Zhao Yuande, blocking Ling Cangyun's crazy attack.

To know that Zhao Yuande is the key to whether these people can be promoted to fairy monarch, how can the old lady let him hurt Zhao Yuande!

"Old Mad Lady, dare you to stop me, are you going to die with our Ling family?" Ling Cangyun's eyes are splitting, trying to catch Zhao Yuande but he can't rush past the old woman.

"Humph!" The old lady didn't even care about the other party!

As long as they can be promoted to the realm of immortals, they still care about the threat of Ling Family!

Moreover, Taishuba and these five people have a very good relationship. It can be said that they are the best friends to honor and shame. At this time, two of them have successfully promoted to Xianjun Realm. If all six of them are promoted to Xianjun Realm, even Ling Family dare not treat them!

Six immortals are a huge force!

What's more, they all have their own family, although they were not valued in the fairy land, but if they were promoted to the fairy monarch, the family would immediately raise their status. This is the future fairy emperor!

Ling Cangyun was yelled by the old woman, but the old woman's power was indeed a little stronger than him, and at this time his state of mind was already chaotic, and he could not exert his original strength at all. Powerful!

"Brother! Tian Xiao is dead! What are you doing!" At this time, Ling Cangyun tried his best to roar into the void.

"What! Who dares to kill Tian Xiao! Tian Xiao is dead, you don't want to live anymore!" There was an angry roar from the void, and he had been probing down from the void all at once with a big hand, and he would directly take the whole seat. The battleship is smashed!

Everyone couldn't help but change their face, they watched the big hands in the void, and they couldn't bear any resistance at all.

At this time, even Zhao Yuande felt that his body was suddenly suppressed by an invisible terror force, and he couldn't even move a little finger!

Do you want to sacrifice the time immortal palace?

At this time, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but see this idea in his heart. Now he can only save himself if only the soul of the **** has not been completely suppressed, and only the treasure of the Time Fairy Palace.

But when this thing is exposed, I am afraid that the Emperor Emperor will be jealous. Maybe he will be killed by the Emperor Emperor with a finger!

As he said, he didn't provoke these immortal emperors, but for the sake of the Ninth Grade Immortal Treasures, the immortal emperors didn't care what his identity was.

Just when he was hesitant, the big hand was about to come down, and suddenly a distant hand came to the horizon, and the big hand of Ling Cangqiang was snapped away.

"Dare you want to directly destroy the battleship against the demons in the fairyland, and want to murder the warriors against the demons! Ling Cangqiang, do you want to die?" Next moment, a kind-hearted old man appeared on the battleship, but at this time His face was a bit gloomy.

"Yes... It's the God of Heaven!"

"Have seen the fairy king!"

Many disciples saluted the old man respectfully.

At this time several figures in the sky fell, it was the uncle tyrants them!

They felt the cultivation of the coming people, so they did not dare to create again, so they stopped the fearless struggle.

"What the **** happened?" The old man of Tianyi swept across the crowd, but he stayed on Taishuba for an extra moment, with a slight difference in his eyes.

"Senior Providence! Uncle Tai is a group of people who are deceiving people too much. They allow people to beat my Ling family disciples. I brought someone to ask him, but I didn't expect that even Ling Tianxiao of my Ling family was killed!" Ling Cangqiong Although proud, but when facing the old man who may be promoted to the fairy emperor realm at any time, he also had to show respect.

"What the **** is going on?" The old man of Tianyi turned to look at Taishuba again.

His heart was slightly shocked!